sábado, 23 de junho de 2012

History of the Child into the abyss.

Base Text: I Corinthians 10: 4
History of the Child into the abyss:
When we speak of Prosperity, in being winners, we cried (hallelujah, glory to God, wow, I want that for me, but when we talk about Spiritual Warfare, or Prayer, we say .......So, so I can get something I need to do this? ... then I think I'll never win.
No point in you coming to church, listen, listen, and then you go back to your home and act the same way, acted the same way as before, and all that you learned you left the Church and not in his heart, and when you need in the church you come to use it.
Tell your brother: You need to change, now say I NEED CHANGE(Something you noticed it, it's much easier to say to his brother, you need to change! ...)
Skill, cunning, influence, wealth, organizational capacity these are:INADEQUATE ARMS P / destroy the strongholds of Satan.
If we use the carnal weapons as philosophies, psychologies, customs, we will be withsure and SLAUGHTERED DUE BY POWERS OF DARKNESS.
II COR. 10:5 .... What is up against the knowledge of God, taking captive (attached) ....The Devil does WALLS, BARRIERS in our mind, we do not understand God's will, leaving us captive to their will. (When you do the will of Satan, is because you are captive, bound to it.)
THE MIND IS A BATTLEFIELD, some thoughts have their origin in ourselves and others come directly from the enemy. (OWN DOMAIN, BALANCE, HIGH FIELD)
There is a war between Human Nature and the satanic forces, which is why we REJECT all thoughts that do not come from God.
HOW WON THE FIGHTS? - Response: PRAY ....
BUT WHAT IS PRAYER? - Answer: Allow God, God does nothing without your permission, God has a beginning "FREE WILL"
God does not need his permission, but let's PRAY that God has in your life.Example: (... House Rental The house is the owner. From the owner, but he can only enter yourPermission).
The time of prayer you have with God, look how many BLESSINGS you're missing ...WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ORA? ...

1) - HEAVEN IS OPEN (Nothing can hold the POWER of God)2) - ESP. HOLY DOWN ON YOUR LIFE (The presence of esp. Gives Holy Peace)3) - YOU HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD (God brings spiritual strategies)
But many, when they need to take some very important decisions in their lives, find iteasy to get a list of phone book and call a prophet (BROTHER 6 hours), which is whydial the 900 bursts to sell because everyone is wondering if their future and canleave the house today. (Call now ... to charge off now ...)
God loves you and He does not want REPRESENTATIVES, He wants to hear your voice ..When something goes wrong, we say, because the Lord God let this happen, and thereAllah will say MY SON, I tried to warn, BUT DID IT! ...
We know many TINBRES VOICE .... (Father, mother, boyfriend etc ...) but forget theGod ... there are people who confuse the voice of God WITH THE DEVIL, when you think of the Devilwhich is of God, and when God thinks it's the Devil ... (LACK INTIMACY) God nevergot throat problems ...
God will not criticize you, God will reach out to help you! ...Many feel that God has a great flypaper in their hands, and he does a red down here on earth, and when the person passes the laugh red, He ZAPT, send disease on the person, ZAPT He sends financial problems etc ... God is not castrating
MATTHEW 26:41 ... Lest he fall into temptation .... What a temptation? .... Temptation to give up, watch the Devil will not quit on us, he will fight against you, will put people to criticize you, humiliate you, even despise you, but beware, COMING OUT OF YOUR MOUTH IS WHY YOUR HEART IS FULL, are in trouble your heart is sick, leave your lips murmuring, but if you fellowship, you prophesy victories.
1) - FALSE PEACE - (John 14:26-27)2) - Prosperity (Psalm 128)3) - FALSE JOY (JOHN 16:20 to 16:22) JOY IS IN ESP. JOHN