domingo, 21 de outubro de 2012


1 Kings 5:17

"And the king commanded to bring large stones, and precious stones, and hewn stone to found the house" - I Kings 5:17

The building of the first temple in Jerusalem is a wonderful prophetic figure.
Solomon received from his father David the task of building a palace for God, a place that would reference the presence of the Lord, not only for his people but to all nations of the earth.

The Temple because of its decoration, was considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world ... was the most expensive work of the season, the most beautiful ...
But all that magnificent work that involved showed greatness and excellence. - That, because the "address of God" among men should express their character.

So every detail of the work was imbued with prophetic sense.

The temple of Solomon, as well as several other Old Testament figures, pointing to a greater reality.
In the New Covenant, God is no longer living in places and objects. He does not dwell in buildings made by human hands.
Preaching in the Municipality of Athens, Greece, the apostle Paul declared, "God who made the world and everything in it, is the Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in temples made by human beings." Trembling, no! (Acts 17:24).

Brothers: The time has come when worship is no longer restricted to Jerusalem, nor to any other place on Earth.
Jesus said this to the Samaritan woman (John 4:21,22): "The time will come when nobody will worship God neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem."

Because today, there is a grand temple being built with the same purpose of Solomon: being a reference to the presence of the Lord to the people.

Only now, the temple is alive, the stones are alive, the building is no longer made with sand, brick, inanimate matter. No, it's with us!
This is the great revelation that Peter brings to write his first letter: "Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house ..." (I Peter 2:5). The NTBH says, "You also, like living stones, let God use to build a spiritual temple."
Yes, you and I are the raw material with which God is raising up a grand palace for Him

The Bible says that Solomon "sent to bring large stones, and precious stones, and hewn stone to found the house" (I Kings 5:17).
What a wonderful parallel! It is this type of people who need God in our day to the temple, called the Church, is finally finished and his glory may come.

That's the revelation: We were saved, we were separated from sin, we have been bought, and now, God wants to use us to build His magnificent palace: the Church!
And the likeness of Solomon, God is ordering that they be brought large stones, gems and stones carved into his house to be built. Let's consider this!

First ... for the construction of the Palace of God:
We need to be and we need to prepare new believers to prove how "big rocks" in the House of the Lord.
I'm talking about people who think big, who sees great that large fruits.

Therefore, we must do fall down the "strongholds of narrow-mindedness" that the secular system planted in our minds and emotions.
What I call narrow-mindedness? Mentality ... that's "the way okay, okay"; culture "to improve, spoils" ... these things ... are strongholds that the devil got!

In the dictionary, is not narrow-minded far-sightedness in their ideas, is being narrow, small.
A drummer who always play the same way, without perfecting new methods, is narrow ... A dancer that does not enhance your steps with new moves, is narrow ... A preacher who always preaches in the same style, without venturing to new methods, is narrow ... A church that can not see beyond its walls, is narrow.
Many people have short sightedness! This is bad for work. A vision sick, makes life suffers.

Brethren, I speak in the name of the Lord: We can no longer accept a mentality underworld, ruled by feelings of inadequacy, inferiority and worthlessness.

The Lord has called us to a huge project - a project of conquest of nations. He said: "Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations"!

It's a great commission! It's a great work! Begin to conquer ... to Jesus, Baron Macaúbas (our neighborhood), then the city, then we advance, advancing, until the conquest of nations ... the work is great!

But for this, God lives need to be able to move in the power of His might, that support great weights on their shoulders, and walk as conquerors by nature. Amen?

You introduce yourself to this divine purpose?

Secondly, to build a palace for God:
We need to be prepared and new believers to be like "gems".
With that, I mean the people who bring excellence in character and therefore to reveal that character in stocks and fruits.

There is a prophetic voice of the church saying, "Enough of mediocrity!" The people of God can not be a more common people, given the sameness, content with God's little while ago Him, abundant life to be experienced!
I have a sad conclusion about some brothers I knew, because I passed the idea that there is in heaven, can not walk the streets of gold, but if they can stay in that Sludge roadside, be with it, very happy. They say: "What do I care? Business is entering heaven, is now entering business!" And ... well, will lead a life of believers very warm. That's mediocrity.

Jesus warned an entire church, the church of Laodicea, against this mentality by saying, "just because they are lukewarm, neither cold nor hot, I will vomit them right out of my mouth" (Rev. 3:16).

Brothers: our lives have to reveal everything in the standard of excellence of the heavens: the sky is beautiful, it is sublime, it's spectacular, it's an absolute holiness ... our lives must reflect that!
Our devotional practices, our ministry, our family, our health, our finances, our profession, everything we are and we need to bring the brand's precious, the higher, the better.

Of course this costs a price. You do not stumble on gems walking down the street. It is necessary to dig, dig, fetch with perseverance.

But I want to give you some good news: the excellence already planted in you! Yes, everyone who is born again is truly noble, is capable of designing things noble and nobility have to persevere. Amen?
I say this because God's best, is that Jesus is in you!

So, you need only remove the debris of the old nature, so that your life is a reference of what is best in the land.

Finally, to build a palace for God:
The Lord wants us to raise as "hewn stone" to build his house.
This speaks treatment, speaks of change in our lives, speaks of discipleship.

It is through the process of discipleship that we are transformed from rough stones in hewn stone, polished, ready for the work of God.

You know what is Discipleship?
Maybe my little list of differences to the BELIEVER DISCIPLE, can help. Every disciple is a believer, but not every believer is a disciple. Check it out:
The believer falls easily into the routine, the disciple is a revolutionary.
The believer depends cuddles his pastor, the student is determined to serve God.
The believer likes compliments, the disciple of the living sacrifice.
The believer delivery portion of your finances, the disciple delivers all his life.
The believer complains and murmurs, the disciple obeys and denies himself.
The believer requires others to visit, the visiting student.
The believer thinks of himself, the disciple thinks of others.
The believer sits to worship, the adoring disciple walks.
The goal of the believer is to go to heaven; disciple's goal is to win souls to populate heaven.
The believer asks others to pray for him, the disciple prays for others.
Altogether there are about 50 differences I have on my list. Someone sent me the internet!

The fact is that we need to be plowed into our character, polished character, molded in character, for the Lord - and discipleship is that it provides.
So that only those who submit to treatment, may finally be availed at key places of the House of the Lord.

Beloved, God is building a church, a palace for him! Noble thing, because God is noble!

Are you willing to walk this path?
Are you willing to resemble those stones that Solomon commanded to bring, large stones, precious and hewn to build the temple?

Will you allow those areas of your life that bring deformities are treated?

This can be very painful, but there is no way reveal the glory of God without first move on the path of renunciation and brokenness.

My prayer is that God is in you a living stone, ready to be part of the magnificent palace to God, who Himself is building at this time.