quinta-feira, 11 de outubro de 2012

Courage to Change !!!

Many of the conflicts that afflict humans derive behavioral patterns that he adopts in his earthly journey. It is common to copy models of the world, who are enthusiastic for a short time, without analyzing the consequences that these behavioral modes can result.

No one has given due importance to the growth and progress of individual beings. Some believe that even the mistakes are smaller than the errors of others. Others assume that while time passes for all, will not pass the same way for them. Delude themselves in the sense that the severity of the laws of conscience only reach others.

Intoxicated by pride and selfishness let yourself go by the madness of the crowd without thinking about what is really necessary to get up. It is time that we, spirits stage of progress on Earth, we must seek to overcome, so true, disguised selfishness in search of urgent renovation.

Triggered by that perversity is rife, we act quietly, through prayer that protects us tranquility. We spend our energies in excess activity and focused on true fraternal charity.

Cultivate patience and await the blessing of all time wins.

Let us continue the commitment embraced without dismay, without vain illusions, always trusting in the value of the property.

It is very easy to give up the noble effort, delight himself for a moment, become equal to others in its lower manifestations.

However, the stimuli and joys of today, the field of ungoverned passions, characterized by the flavor of the spices that convert to acid and bile, after the first moments.

Let us learn to control our evil inclinations and win future achievement if we persevere in the good fight. We convert light into shadows. Modifiquemos habits harmful in any area of ​​life, starting with those that seem easier to defeat. Whenever the opportunity arises, let us do good, however insignificant it may seem our act. The moment we generate useful and aproveitemo it. We are not to wait for great achievements, nor can we expect glorification by our successes.

The highest recognition that can be to do what is right is a clear conscience. Every ascent requires effort, sacrifice and adaptation, while every fall results in injury, disenchantment and restart. Let's work our own intimacy, overcoming limitations and obstacles imposed, often by the same node. We value our achievements, without letting embevecer and mislead by these victories.

There are many landscapes, still, to go and many paths to tread.

Only the inner reform grant us peace and happiness we desire. A change for the better is urgent, but it is up to each of us, individually and courageous, from deciding when and how it will happen.

Jesus Christ is the force for the necessary changes in our lives, that he perfects us and makes us walk duarante our life story.

Peace be with you in Jesus name.