domingo, 21 de outubro de 2012

The lesson of the fable The Firefly and the Serpent

A snake started chasing a firefly. This quickly fled for fear of ferocious predator and the snake did not even think about quitting. He escaped one day, but the snake would not let go, two days and nothing ... On the third day, now powerless, the firefly stopped and said to the snake:

- Can I ask you three questions?

- I do not usually open to anyone that precedent, but since I'll devour it, you can ask ...

- I belong to a food chain?

- No.

- I made some wrong?

- No. - So you want to finish me?

- I can not stand to see you shine ...

  They say jealousy is a certificate of incompetence. It must be true.

The envious greed of others space and light, without recognizing the value it has. Did not realize that owns valuable space and can shine brightly with its own light on it.

God gave each of us space and light. Our space is this generation that we should strive to be useful to others. Light talents are innate, unique, intrinsic in our personality that shine when we use them spreading the Word of God.

Do not accept the certificate if it has been put into your hands, tear it and make good use of the talents that God gave him.