domingo, 21 de outubro de 2012

The Lesson of Tamarisk Desert!!

"The giant is far less than the hand of God"

"Flee, save your lives, and be like the heath in the desert," Jeremiah 48: 6.The judgment of God was being preached in various cities that were desolate, turned into a desert place. Because of the wickedness of the people, the hardness of heart and unbelief. The verse continues: "Flee .... because of confidence in thy works and in thy treasures, thou shalt also be taken "Jer 48: 7.

About Tamargueira

The tamarisk is a plant of slow growth, soft wood that develops as a shrub or small tree in soils where there is water near the surface. The tree is full of ridges of desert regions, with very small leaves shaped scales. The German botanist G. Ehrenberg states that the manna was not anything other than a secretion of the trees and shrubs of Tamarisk (Tamarix species Mannifera). According to him, when the native trees are chopped by cochineal, an insect found in Sinai, they produce a resinous secretion particular that would be the biblical manna. Even today this resin, taste insipid, is found in abundance in the Sinai Peninsula, the Arabian Desert and near the Dead Sea.

In many areas where watercourses are small or intermittent, it dominates the region, being able to severely limit the available water, or dry up a source of water. The tamarisk produces a type of date, receives sunlight and transforms mass. The more sun it gets, the more open your banners. She opens her tassels and grows upright (upward). Any other tree dies in the desert, but not tamarisk, she lives and produces its dates. It is highly resistant to being burned, it does not take long for new shoots emerge.

An Army of tamarisk

The trouble about to happen and that people were not prepared to fight, otherwise, the prophet Jeremiah would have walked to face the enemy army. This order came in to face many battles staged by Israel. God chose leaders and enabled them to stay ahead of the battles. So it was with Moses, Joshua and David who won supernaturally giants. By faith, trust in your God.

The advice was: "Flee, save your lives, and be like the heath in the desert" Jeremiah 48:6

Winning in adversity. Learning to trust God and realize that the help of man and material goods was vain. Tamarisk would be in isolation, reflection, separation: of sin, customs and mentality prevalent. An army of tamarisk in the desert was asked what the heart of God through the prophet Jeremiah. A nation that faces the rescue from above, the Source of strength and victory.

Who goes through a heath in the desert, you can extend your hands and get your fruit, feeding on them during the course of traveler in the desert. Tamarisk provide shade and food amid drought and famine. The secret is that they capture water from long distances and absorb the sunlight, turn your small fruits. Men tamarisk not cease its fruits in times of adversity and transform situations of defeat into food for themselves and for travelers. The tamarisk are wonders of God because only He can cause a plant to survive in a climate as hot as the desert. But He gives conditions for this.

Men tamarisk should not put faith in his fellow man, but rely entirely on God, He sustains so prodigious before any battle.

"Flee, save your lives, and be like the heath in the desert" Jeremiah 48:6

Escape To Next Time Later

The trail here does not indicate fear, cowardice, but growth. The heath in the desert teaches me that sometimes it is necessary to go back to win. The apostle Paul made sure, if played dead in the city of Iconium. "Stoned Paul and dragged him out of the city, supposing that he was dead," Acts 14:19. It was a leak situation, he found himself in a position to face the enemies, if it had gone that route, it would have truly died.

The tamarisk tells me I have to backtrack a few times to advance later times. It is necessary to strengthen themselves in the wilderness, in order to face the armies. Looking at the Bible, we see that those who prospered in their walk with God had time to "escape". Moses fled Egypt for shelter in media, there has been molded to become "the meekest man on earth", capable, prepared to be a leader. Num 12:3.

'm Tamargueira

Time in the wilderness is a time of growth. To fetch water at source with all the strength of the root. It's time to live the manna which is the Word of God and that same manna feed others. Tamarisk is a refuge, but it is sustained by a larger Refuge. So are we. Not despair when enemies turn against us, but flee near to God. Our life is not grounded in human strength, but the strength and providence of God. The tamarisk has high capacity for regeneration. God is longing to transform situations, regenerate and ensure victory: "My thoughts are upon you peace, to give you the good that you need" Jer 29:11. That in times of desolation, whether we like the heath in the desert.

In Christ Jesus, my deep affection for our beloved readers ...