segunda-feira, 12 de novembro de 2012

False Prophet !!!

On Friday afternoon (12), the Military Police of Piauí invaded the property that housed the group of people waiting for the end of the world. With the threat of neighbors lynch the group leader, the "prophet" Luiz Pereira dos Santos, the police took him to a Flagrant Center, where he is imprisoned for embezzlement. Police said he used the money for his followers to keep the house where they were held the meetings. The police were already surrounding the property and raided the place 10 minutes before the scheduled "end of the world," he announced. The goal was to ensure that no attacks would occur the lives of followers. The neighbors had already begun to throw stones and threatened to invade the property. To stop them, the police threw tear gas and used pepper spray. Even after the arrest of the leader, the followers continued chanting prayers and waiting for the end of the world. There are about two years Pereira began advertising that had been visited by an angel who told him doomsday. He said that "the wild beast" would appear on Friday and his followers would be saved.

He gathered more than a hundred people, including children, youth, adults and seniors who were confined in a building without having contact with the outside world. The place was called the "ark of salvation". His followers were encouraged to move away from family, quit their jobs and give him all the goods they had.

More than 24 hours later, still remain inside the house people who lived there and others who returned after the riot. But there are no children, because all were taken to shelters and are in the custody of the guardian council of the city. Luiz Pereira can be charged with abandonment intellectual, because children who lived there were forbidden to attend school.

The colonel PM, Sa Junior, explains that the reason some people stay in the house despite not achieving the end of the world is due to the persuasiveness of the prophet. "The poor people have to cling to something and he managed to indoctrinate these people so that yesterday we had difficulty to remove them from there." On Saturday morning, some followers of the sect was asked to withdraw the police motorcycles and other goods that are inside the residence.

The Military Police will remain in place to prevent new riots or even the depredations of the house. During the raid no drugs were found, but there was a lot of rat poison.

Therefore, the police hypothesized that there would be a mass suicide attempt. The Civil Police investigating the veracity of the testimony of a witness that the Prophet, a former vigilante condo, wore blood of rats poisoned to make a drink that was used to cure diseases of people. The testimony was given by the husband of a woman who joined the sect. According to the affidavit, the rats were poisoned and then had blood drawn to make the substance. Two members of the group have died after consuming the substance to cure diseases.

During his testimony at the police station, Luís Pereira dos Santos said that God had punished. Still, the former vigilante assured that will continue preaching the word of God and believes that in the final judgment. He believes he needs to "prepare people of pure heart" to be saved in the final judgment.

Source: Gospel Prime with information UOL and The Globe