quinta-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2013

The Barrier of Promises.

I told him, but the angel, Fear not, Zacharias: for thy prayer is heard, and your wife Elizabeth, will bear you a son, to whom you will give the name John? Then Zechariah asked the angel, How shall I know this? For I am an old man and my wife well stricken in years. The angel said to him: I am Gabriel, who stand before God, and am sent to speak unto thee, and bring thee these glad tidings. However, it will be silent and unable to speak until the day that these things will take place, because you did not believe my words, which, in time, will be fulfilled.? Luke 1: 13, 18-20.

Promises! There are over 7000 promises written in the Word of the Lord. In each book and chapter cover to cover we get face to face with the promises that were made many years ago, but they are the same promises today. The Lord promises to be with us always (Genesis 28:15); promises cures for diseases and soul (James 5:15); promises victory (John 16:23), and even promises a future and we want an end (Jeremiah 29: 11). He promises to be our Pastor, and also promises that nothing fail us (Psalm 23:1).

But little brother (a), there is still something that we keep the promise of being procured. It is simply nothing more than our doubt. The Lord says you will prosper, and you ask: Really? The Lord says that if you plant a seed, it will grow, but you ask: Really? God says he will release his son from drugs, which will give salvation to his daughter, who will restore your home but you still say? Will? For single (a), the Lord says to trust Him, wait on Him and delight in Him that He would send the same anointed servant or handmaiden blessed. ? But God is?

A short time ago, a month say, my cat was sick. My mother took him to the vet, and they did tests. The next day they called home and said that the problem of Guga (the cat) was that he had the heart worm, and a very serious kidney problem. It looks funny, but I prayed to the Lord, asking the cure. I prayed for two weeks, asked for prayer in class EBD, and some close friends to pray for him. Guga was not eating, only drinking water, because of his kidney problem. The first time I prayed, I said,? Lord, heal Guga. Your Word says that the prayer of faith heals the sick.? And waited.

He spent a day and the cat just drinking water. On the second day, the same thing. So it was for a week. I was impatient! In my last prayer, I said, 'God, I've prayed, I've asked and I know that You have heard me. I hand in your hands now. Let it be Thy will, not mine.? Then I stopped to ask for healing Guga. That same week, he began to eat normally. My mother came screaming? Thaty! Guga is eating! Come see!!? ? Amen, Lord! Thank you for hearing my prayers?, I said to the Lord pesamento. As he's eating, he started to gain weight again. When I realized this, I said,? Swelling Is he inside? Brother (sister), said that when the Holy Spirit of the Lord touched me. He spoke very softly in my heart. How hurt! I was questioning the Lord's promise. I did not believe, did not have the faith to believe that the Lord would heal. That's when I stopped and thought about how our doubts often prevents us seize the blessing that comes with the promise of the Lord.

But why the doubt? Simple: It causes a shock on the human mind and heart. One dubious barely anywhere. It gives more wheels and wheel to about the same extent, and often does not reach a solution! This is the same question since the beginning, back in the Garden of Eden. Satan lies to Eve about the tree in the middle of the garden that the Lord had forbidden her how much to Adam to eat. Satan, sagacious, says to Eve that God was lying, that she would not die, and that would be knowledgeable of good and evil. Hence Eva is in crisis. Trust or not the words of God? Who is right? God or the snake? You know bro (a), doubt generates disobedience.

Eva was in doubt. A person who is in doubt is that while presionada by someone, always ends badly. One dubious circumstances by being presionada always end up making the wrong choice. A girl who doubts the promise of a Christian husband and a home blessed by the Lord, being presionada by an unequal yoke, always ends up suffering. A boy who doubts the Lord's blessing on the marriage because he kept his body clean, ie, by not having sex before marriage, always ends with a troubled marriage. And let me tell you, troubled marriage generates troubled children. And then you have another problem in your life, because you doubt, and doubt generated disobedience, and disobedience led to consequences. So, Eve eats the fruit (not an apple) and pro gives her husband, they realize they are naked and hide themselves from God.

How often will you hide from God? I mean, trying to hide from God. How many times bro (a)? Then God asks? Where are you? and Adam responds that she was afraid and hid it. And finally, you already know: The fall of man! What God hath created to be perfect, sinless, the best in the world falls down the drain simply because of the doubt. Doubt the Word of the Lord. Doubt what God says, but will it happen. God said I would take the tribulation? But when, Lord? '. God said He would give you refuge, that none of the strands of your hair fall without His permission? But Lord, is it true? Jesus promised is with you every day of your life? But do not feel God on my side. Does he really here?

Brother (sister), drop the question and decide on what you want to believe. Believing the promises or chance? You want to believe that God really works or not? Have you ever seen an acrobat walking on a rope that is attached to two poles over 10 feet tall? Have you seen how his concentration? Or he walks the rope, or he falls and dies. Then he opens his arms, or not carries a stick to balance and reach the other side. If he looks down, he loses concentration. The target is to get him on the other side, then he fixed his eyes on the end of the rope. And vai walking. Takes one step, two, three, and never stops. Beloved (a) we are like an acrobat. We have only two options: Look down, doubting the promises and fall, or look the target, which is Jesus Christ, believe and expect the promises and reach the end of the rope.

Hence, little brother (a), as the acrobat open arms or use a stick to keep the balance, if you do not open the Word of the Lord, open your heart and decide to believe all the promises, you lose your balance. And let me tell you more, as well as the acrobat eyes fixed on your target, so we should do. For Peter, the passage from Matthew 14: 22-33, after Jesus told the disciples not to be afraid because it was he who walked on water, Peter doubted and asked Jesus to also walk on water. Jesus took the hand of Peter and Peter walked.

But the Bible says in verse 30 that? Repairing, however, the force of the wind, [Peter] was afraid, and beginning to sink, cried: Save me, Lord? Do you know why Peter sank? Because he noticed the wind strength rather than repair in Christ. Because he doubted the word of the Lord when Jesus said? Be of good cheer! Me. Fear not!? One of the definitions of the word? Repair? is observed. When you look at how things are ugly around when the bill reached the light and you do not have money to pay, when it appears that his girlfriend (the) does not like you anymore, you stop. Because who says something, stop to see. Stopping to see the circumstances, you notice the difficulties and stops to repair the promises of the Lord.

Beloved (a), today is the day to start believing. Believing that the Lord's promises not stayed behind, was not only for Abraham, Isaac, Jacob or Isabella. Believing that those who promised is faithful, and in His own time, will fulfill his promises. The Lord's people are a people blessed because the Lord's hand is upon him. You need and should be able to believe, let your doubts aside. Scratch the question? Be? your mental dictionary. Believe, trust! God is not crazy to promise you something and do not comply. He promised you an abundant life, take possession! He promised you a happy home, take possession! He promised you eternal life, take possession! The victory is already yours thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise His Name! Brother (sister), go on believing that the promise of the Lord are not just words, but? A? Living Word that becomes a reality.

Not a dream is a reality. But only becomes reality for those who believe in it. Stop notice the difficulties. ? Ahh, Jesus, where is my blessing? My husband has not yet become? My daughter does not go to church? Do not have enough boys in the church? There's no girl that pleases my heart back in my church? Exalt the Lord for His promise; fix your eyes on Christ; believe that fulfill His word. And finally, wait. Wait for the right time the Lord will open the right door. He will fulfill yes, but in His time. Perhaps the time is not yet, but wait, because God is faithful! David experienced wait on the Lord, and look at the result. ? Waited confidently [patiently] the LORD: he inclined to me and heard my cry.? Psalm 40:1

? He believed the LORD, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness.? Genesis 15:6

I bless you in Jesus name! Believe, keep your eyes on Christ, wait and see, God is faithful!
I am praying for you! Pray for me.