domingo, 31 de março de 2013

Generating the dreams of God !!!

Part I 

You and I are dreams made of God's heart 

"But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered the heart of man what God has prepared for those who love him." (1 Cor 2:9) Every time I am willing to read this word, my heart trembles. I feel my insides burn when I read such a profound revelation of God's heart for us. Not just pretty words. It's not demagoguery, false advertising or mere poetry. Truly, supernaturally tremendous and marvelous are the dreams that God's heart has fueled our respect. I would say more: for starters, you and I are already fulfilled dreams of God's heart. Hallelujah!Will, by faith, I can hear you shouting a loud and euphoric "glory to God", from where you are now? 

Well, God has reserved tremendous dreams in your heart for this land, for this precious time in which we live. Why, what time is it?Time of spiritual awakening, revival time, time of the Church of the Lord Jesus - you and me - get up to prepare the earth for around the Bridegroom, Jesus. 

However, for those who have dreams and fruitful life God needs tools that are willing to be used to bring them into the world, that is, God is looking for "spiritual wombs" to design, generate, give 'light' and care for the dreams of your heart. It is a strong word, I know. "Uterus spiritual? I? What madness. " 

It's true. Words like these seem even follies. But they are foolishness of God. We must understand that we are not of this world. As God's chosen children, yes we are citizens of Heaven We are spiritual beings, not carnal. We are a spirit, we have a soul and inhabit a body. This needs to be clear within us. And to understand the things of God, we need to think "in the spirit" and not in the flesh. The things of the Lord and His mysteries only spiritually discerned (1 Cor 2.14). Amen? 

I want to ask you a question: What is your biggest dream? Or rather, what are your dreams? Well, inside you may reply that his dream is to get married, buy a house, buy a car, have your own business, go to college, get a good job ... Or maybe, who knows, your dream is to record a CD, a book, see your church grow and brighten, the salvation of your family or a loved one especially. I'm going further: his dream could be something very simple to the human eye, however, the grand spiritual eyes how to know God in His intimacy, for example. 

Whatever your dream, what really matters is whether, indeed, this dream comes from the heart of God for your life. If not, I tell you from experience: not worth dreaming. Beloved, human dreams rob us time, effort and cost that tears will only produce frustration and sadness. Only the realization of a dream of God can bring joy to the heart of a true worshiper. 

Understand something: your wish is your dream full of God our Father, then, "contradictorily" I want to tell you that it is not yours.He belongs to the Lord and you are an instrument that He wants to use to give life to it. It pleased God to give him a home, convert your family, or give him a fruitful ministry. First of all, understand that. Dreams of God belong to Him alone. We do not pass instruments for the manifestation of the glory of the Father by performing them. 

You know, dear, one day I had the privilege of spending a lot of time in the presence of the Lord. There really is no better place to live than a worshiper there, at the feet of the Master. There, in that position of dependence and humiliation, God vai broken our hearts, mortifying our flesh, and revealed to us its mysteries. 

And that's exactly what I feel Jesus have done for me. He feel mortified my own desires, and began to generate in my inner most beautiful dreams He has for me. Something deep he told me. Something very strong Jesus ministered to my heart. He told me with His matchless words, of course: "Daughter, my dreams are like 'spiritual sons.' And children to come into the world, to have life, need to be designed, produced, created and brought to light for them to grow in stature and grace, being able to timely produce and fruit other dreams even bigger. " 

That's when I felt my insides burn, spiritually speaking. My heart burning certain that at that moment I was 'spiritually pregnant' most precious of my children, or I was finally 'pregnant' God's dream for me.  
Beloved, as a Christian you are an heir of God and a joint heir with Christ all the promises heavenly! (Rom. 8:17; Tg. 2.5) 

Can you understand that? God has a great promise for your life. It was declared by him in the spirit world even before his birth. And now you are here, alive, standing, reading these words because He wants you to understand that the time has come for you to conceive, create and give birth to the dreams of the heart to Him your life and that of everyone around you. 

I'm saying exactly what you're thinking, my dear brother. Literally I'm telling you it's time to stand up and take your position Church, beloved bride of Jesus and live the dreams that are most tremendous reserved for you. The promise has been made in God's Word! And Jesus, His Son, on the cross for us has won the right to live it! 

Within the direction the Holy Spirit - through the Word itself - gave me, today I see clearly that the process of realization of a dream that is similar to a pregnancy. A dream is like a son. A dream of God is a 'spiritual son'. So if you want to, as I believe that yes, experience the joy of beholding the Lord's faithfulness in this respect, what you need to do before anything is to design this "son". That is, you have to dream the dreams of God for your life. 

But before anything, I mean something which can be heavier than is the purest truth. We who are in Christ, we were crucified with Him and die to ourselves. I no longer live, but Christ lives in me (Gal. 2.20). So your heart can not flood the dreams of God are full of their designs purely human and carnal.  
The truth of God is clear. We deny our desires and purely human flesh, things that do not bring glory to the name of the Lord, cleanse our "spiritual womb" (the heart) and design, that is, to take possession of the promise of God's dream. 

This is the first step. Designing. As Ana (1 Sam 1.9-20), in prayer, and believed God had a son who longed Tues 

To design, beloved, is to hear the Lord's promise, believe it and take possession. Do it today, right now. Touch by faith in your womb and spiritual declare with faith, courage and authority: "I take possession of all the promises and dreams of God for my life. Now, in the name of Jesus, I'm 'pregnant' from my victory, my blessing. Already conceived in Jesus Christ, God's dreams for my life. Amen! " 

Now you're ready to hear what the Lord has to say about His dreams for your life. 

God bless you mightily, and gives you a 'spiritual womb' to generate and give birth to many, many dreams and victories! 

Part II 

We believe in miracles, but wait for them seated is not the right attitude 

Beloved, I have cried to the Lord a lot these days. Since I received the visitation of the Spirit which bore fruit in the message "Generating the dreams of God - Part I" (which you may have read), I've lived experiences very strong with the Father I feel God really wanted me to spend for certain situations , whether of joy or pain. They were days of great learning. Praise the Father for that! Learn from it is always worth it, regardless of the medium that he, in his wisdom, uses to teach us what it wants us to learn. 

The fact that we as worshipers children, we can be instruments for the great purposes of God shall be designed, generated and have life on this earth is like a flame that burns in my heart continuously. And you, my brother, also need to believe it. You can live in God the joy of having a dream, great as it is held. Just believe and you put yourself at his disposal to generate it. Amen? 

Previously, we shared that the first step to generate and 'give' birth to a dream of God's design. That is, receiving the vision, believe and take possession. This is not difficult. It's just an act of faith. It just depends on how much we wish, whether it is of God and how we believe. You want? This is from God? Do you believe? 

Already with the dream planted in us, we enter the second step which is the same pregnancy. Now that's a little more difficult, because it depends much more to us than the Lord. During pregnancy a dream of God come into the scene to make the part that fits in: fight. It's our turn. 

One of the biggest dreams of God's heart was the conquest of the promised land - Canaan - by Israel. When Joshua took the leadership of God's people in the struggle for the land, the Lord told him a powerful word of encouragement (Joshua 1.1-9). And in this text, we see that one of the things that the Lord was over repeated to Joshua: "Be strong." The Lord promised to be with him at all times. However, if he had tried. The project was grand, God made it clear to his servant, he would need to do their part.And as part of our "spiritual wombs" that generate the dreams of the Lord during pregnancy is, among many things, diving into the dream. We need to roll up our sleeves and work. 

In the first book of Kings, we read about the construction of the first temple to the Lord. When God allowed Solomon to realize the dream of his father, David. He was not sitting waiting for lightning to come down from heaven and the temple was ready.No, he was an example to us. He called people from all corners to work, study and do the best for the Lord. He devoted time, money and, of course, much study because the temple followed the pattern given by God to Moses. 

Beloved, if you are 'pregnant' dream of going to college, the gestation of this dream goes beyond the same prayer. You need to study. If a home, work and save. If a good job, then work, take courses, hone in your area. If you are 'pregnant' dream of recording a CD, study music, enhance your gift, read books about his ministry, do seminars ... Whatever dream that you are 'pregnant' by faith in the Lord, rather than spiritual preparation is necessary to devote to it. Pregnancy is also dedication. And make it clear to the beloved, which I do not mean purely financial investments. What I mean is that within our terms of time, finances etc.., We devote ourselves on commitment to the dreams God gives us to generate. 

We believe in the miracles of the Lord, but wait for them seated attitude is not worthy of a true worshiper, a warrior of God as I believe you are. Moses, for example, creates, but he did his part.Often, narrowly, did not have to give your life. He put her at risk, facing Pharaoh. If we study the book of Exodus, we would marvel at all that this man was able to do to fulfill the ultimate purpose of the Lord God Almighty. 

There is still much to learn about generating the dreams of God for us, but right now I want to ask you to pray with me: "Lord, I believe that through faith in Christ Jesus, that I am 'pregnant' spiritually of your dreams for me . I praise you and adore you for it! But today I learned that in order to generate them and watch them being made, I need to do my part. Forgive me for my accommodation. Forgive me for often find that people around me to help myself. Forgive me for thinking that the Lord has an obligation to do all my wills. Forgive me for often only get you to have the things I want! Forgive my hardened heart, and sometimes acted selfishly. With all my heart I ask Dad, forgive me. From now on I want to be different. Help me Lord to dive into your dreams! I believe in you, I love you, praise you and give myself into your hands. In Jesus' name, amen! " 

You need to dive into God's dream for your life. Think of it as a big river to cross. The Lord sends the boat, but we let who paddles him. Amen? God bless you mightily and give "strong arms" to work for him. Himself tells us in love: "Be strong and of good courage, for you shall cause this people to inherit the land I swore to their fathers to give them" (Josh. 1.6.) 

Part III 

Eating food that comes from God 

"But thou, son of man, hear what I say, do not be rebellious like that rebellious house: open thy mouth, and eat what I give you." (Ez 2:8) 

We will continue now to talk about the process of God so we can be invaluable tools that generate and bring to light His dreams within the second step above the previous word, ie pregnancy.We talked about the need to dive in dreams, devoting ourselves entirely and doing our part. This message to be alive in our hearts at all times. 

Well, there is also another step pregnancy dream of God for our lives. This, exceedingly important. I'm talking about the power of dreams. We know that you have something that all pregnant women need to do is to eat well, healthily. For us, we generate spiritually dreams of Lord's heart is no different. 

The difference is that, unlike what happens in the physical, spiritual plane in our food comes not from men, but from the Lord.And not only received by mouth. In fact, our spiritual food goes in all directions. Spiritually, dear, we eat too by entering through our eyes, the ears, the mind and heart. And I think that deserves further consideration on our part. 

We, beloved, understand that as "spiritual wombs" that generate the dreams of God, we have a huge responsibility and we can not play with it. A pregnant naturally knows he must choose well what you eat not to harm and even kill the child. The same principle works with us. What "ate" will define the health and even the lives of God's dream. We see many servants of God abortions big dreams and projects to feed themselves than they should not. 

In fact, doing more comparison, we're all like birds. What sets us apart is the species. Some are like canaries, sparrows. They are there in the warm nest eating that food harvested and prepared lovingly by my mother. Others like real vultures, looking and eating carrion. Mercy! 

Unfortunately beloved, we see many people in this sad condition.Deceived by the enemy of our souls (Gen. 3:1-13), walking like vultures eating rotten flesh as if it were manna from heaven. They feed on gossip, hours and hours in front of horrendous TV shows, music possessed by spirits of violence, sensuality and breaking family and social values, of family grudges and grievances; undue magazine; dubious friendships ... Finally, a plethora of rotten food offered by the world around us. 

I'll say something serious, basing myself in perfect words of Jesus (Mt 4:4), and I want you to watch: 

Our food is the Word of God and all that it teaches us to do. The food needs to be fresh worshiper, who comes straight from the mouth of God and not the warm bread, baked by the devil in hell. 

You are even spiritually pregnant? It has a beautiful dream of God's heart beating inside you there? "Yes, in the name of Jesus I believe," many may be responding. Praise God for that! But do not forget: food undue kill children even before they come into the world. Do not abort the dreams of God. Feed them with life and life in abundance (John 6:35). 

Well, there are those who, in fact, to the glory of God, have freed themselves from the evil foods I mentioned above. Have no pleasure in the things that the devil offers. However, if you do not eat forbidden fruit, do not eat manna. That is, despite doing the right that is not food is spoiled things, also do not eat what God wants to give them as food. Want an example? Have you seen those women in very poor countries or even in Brazil, street girls, finally, those pregnant by not having anything to eat are skinny, skinny, bone and belly? Well, many children of God go well.Totally spiritually stunted by not seeking food from the Lord. Do not pray (I Thessalonians 5:17), do not read or study the Word (Psalm 1), not fast (Mt 6:17), do not take pleasure in closing the bedroom door and spend time alone with the Father in worship (Mt 6:6). Many overlook even the "congregate" (Heb 10:25) going to the little house of the Lord as if he needed to be with his brothers, learning and even worshiping the Lord with them. 

I myself, for a long time in my life, in the beginning of my adolescence, so unfortunately lived. But one day, the Lord's love reached me. And my heart was filled with a hunger and thirst for God's presence that I was never the same. And not only have been transformed every day in the presence of the Lord, but also through my life (I say this with all humility of one who knows that depends on God even to breathe) many have been touched.Today I'm 20, and I'm still a little girl who needs to be in the arms of Jesus everyday drinking their powerful sources (Jn 4:14). How I need you, Lord! 

Truly, it is always so when the glory of God reaches us. Become true bare wires on rainy days. Oh glory! Who plays lead shock.Clash of life, shock, fire, shock of holiness, healing shock, shock power, hallelujah, finally, shock of love, the matchless love of the Lord God, our Father 

Beloved, as a parent of a spiritual dream of God, you need to learn that too needs to feed him. The Word says that Jesus is the bread of life and not only bread but also the fountain of living waters. All our sources are in Him (Psalm 87:7). 

The spiritual children, or rather the dreams that He has entrusted us to generate must be watered with the waters flowing from the throne of God and fed with manna that this same God sends us every day. "And how do I do it?" It's simple. Our God is the God's simple. And the Word, there is an answer for everything, everything, everything. 

- Apply your thoughts on eating pure foods (Phil. 4:8). 

- Apply your heart to eat pure foods (Mt 5:8, James 4:8). 

- Apply your eyes in a pure vision (Mt 6:22,23). 

- Apply your hands on pure works (Eph 4:28, James 4:8). 

- Apply your feet in pure paths (Mt 18:8, Lk 1:7,9 and Isaiah 35:8) 

- Apply on your lips, pure words (James 4:11, Eph 4:29). 

Amen beloved? With God, the surface does not work. He is thorough. In the depths of our being, He wants to live and act freely. And He cares about things that seem insignificant minimum and even to our eyes. He wants us to be holy as He is holy, we are strong and healthy. Fruit trees in His presence.Flowerpots and honor! 

To generate a healthy dream and watch it be brought forth as a perfect child, no holes, stains, illnesses or disabilities, we need to eat well. Make a real "prenatal" being monitored daily by the Great Physician, the Lord Jesus. 

Eat the bread of God with pleasure. Farte is the Bread of life, my brother! Feed your dreams praying for them, fasted for them, worshiping the Lord for them and trying to feed themselves solidly in the Word in order to be strong and know that the Father wishes to him, his spiritual son, his dream. 

What you hear on this day the sweet voice of the Father to tell him in the ear: 

"If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land. Shall eat in plenty and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your God, who dealt wondrously with you: and my people shall never be ashamed!" (Isaiah 1:19 and Joel 2:26)