domingo, 7 de abril de 2013

"Concerning brotherly love".

"Concerning brotherly love, there is no need that I write unto you, inasmuch as ye yourselves are taught by God that should love one another"-I Thessalonians 4:9

Will today in the apostle could say the same? This church of Thessalonians understood the message of the cross, and practiced love as Jesus had taught. Do not know about you, but I at least have not seen many people welcoming the needy, aiding the poor and helping the helpless, starting with me. I see few people who give up their own interests to serve others. On the contrary, I have seen people increasingly immersed in their own interests especially when it comes to partisan politics. Selfishness has taken hold of the people, and without realizing they are putting aside obedience to the Lord. So we need to repent and cry out to God.

Lord God, my God and my Father, I acknowledge that I have practiced the love of Christ, and I'm sorry, so I beg you to have mercy on me and forgive me. Pour the Spirit of the Lord upon me, that Your love is in my heart, and so I can be a witness to life and the good news of Jesus' love. I pray in Jesus' name. Amen