domingo, 7 de abril de 2013

Love believes in Love.

Ask anyone who loves if he or she wishes to require the loved one, and the answer is "no." Ask a true Christian if he wants not need God, and he will say "no."

This is the fruit of love: the need to believe in love, not fear and suffer it or know it.

It is a tragedy that love can not be declared as life, as it is tragic that faith does not manifest itself as a work. No word beautiful or sweet can ensure that there is love in us. And neither our actions of kindness and help they can demonstrate, as angelic tongues can speak about love, without love, and I give my body to be burned, yet do so without love.

Thus, there is no work or good word by which one can say that another fact is loving. Love speaks only the language of the fruit, and that is the language of life, the seed that carries the nature of where it proceeds. The fruit of love depends on how each work is done, and that she carries nature at its purest.

Nobody, however, is convinced he's being loved if you can not believe in love. Thus, both the lover but also that which is the object of love, need to believe in love, otherwise, no love will be established as well.

Thus, love is love that believes in faith that performs acts that are true fruits of love itself.