sábado, 20 de abril de 2013

The last day of life

That morning, she wanted to sleep a little longer. He was tired because the night before had gone to bed very late. Also had not slept well.

Had a restless sleep. But soon abandoned the idea of ​​staying a little longer in bed and got up, thinking the mountain of things I needed to do in the company.

He washed his face and shaved running automatically. Not watched the tired face or in dark circles, resulting from sleepless nights. Even noticed a cluster of the stubborn who escaped razor blade. "Life is a sequence of empty days to fill that need," she thought as she threw her clothes over the body.

Swallowed her breakfast and went softly muttering a "good day", without conviction. Despised the lips of his wife, who offered to kiss you goodbye.

Not noticed that her eyes still kept the sweetness of woman in love, even after many years of marriage. Did not understand why she complained much of his absence and lived longer claiming to be together.

He was able to maintain the high standard of living of the family, was not he? That was not enough? Of course not had time to warm the car or smile when the dog, cheerful, wagged his tail. Started the engine and accelerated.

Turned on the radio, which played an old song of Roberto Carlos, "such small details of us ..." He thought he had more time to enjoy such small details of life.

He picked up the phone and called his daughter. He smiled when he learned that his grandson had taken the first steps.

Sobered when his daughter reminded him that there are times he appeared to see his grandson and invited him to lunch. He resisted a lot: I knew you'd enjoy being with her grandson, but could not, on that day, give yourself the luxury of leaving the company. Thanked for the invitation, but said it would be impossible. Maybe next weekend? She insisted, said he felt very homesick and wish I could be with him at lunch. But he was adamant: actually, it was impossible.

Came to the company and barely greeted people. The schedule was fully booked, and it was very important to start soon meet its commitments, for I had full conviction that people value not waste your time with small talk.

In what would be their lunch hour, the secretary asked to bring a sandwich and a diet soda. The cholesterol was high, had to do a check up, but this would be for the following month. Started eating while reading some papers that would at the afternoon meeting.

Noted that neither type of snack was chewing. While swallowing related phone calls that should give, felt a little dizziness, blurred the view. He remembered the doctor warned him a few days before, when he had the same symptoms, that it was time for a check-up. But he soon concluded that it was a malaise passenger.

After the "lunch", brushed his teeth and went back to his desk. "Life goes on," he thought. More papers to read, more decisions to make more commitments to fulfill. Not everything went as he wanted. Started yelling at the manager, demanding that promised fulfilled. After all, he was being pressured by the board. Had to show results. Does the manager could not understand it?

Came to the meeting already half late. Not wait for the elevator. Down the stairs skipping every two steps.

It seemed that the garage was miles away, nestled in the core of the earth, and not in the basement of the building.

Got into the car, started it and when would engage first gear, again felt the malaise. Now there was a severe chest pain. The air began to miss ... the pain was increasing ... the car disappeared ... other cars too ... The pillars, the walls, the door, the light from the street, the ceiling lights, everything was fading before his eyes, while scenes that appeared in a movie he knew well. It was as if the VCR were running in slow motion. Frame by frame, he saw his wife, the grandson, daughter and, one after another, all the people who


Why had not even gone to lunch with her daughter and grandson? Whatever she had said at the doorstep when he was coming out this morning? Why was not fishing with friends last holiday? The chest pain persisted, but now another pain began to disturb him: that of repentance. He could not tell which was the strongest, the clogged coronary or tearing your soul.

He heard the sound of something breaking inside your heart, and with silent tears streamed down his eyes.

I wanted to live, wanted to have one more chance, I would go home and kiss his wife, hugging her daughter playing with her grandson ...

wanted ... wanted ... but there was not time.

How is your life? What time is dedicated to the little things, but important in life? And God, in what place you put him? Does ...?

Remember, there are few people who have a second, "new opportunity" to change life and ... Think about it.