quarta-feira, 8 de maio de 2013

The Anxiety of Sustenance!!!

Luke 24:29 - Do not ask, therefore, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink, and walk not restless.

Jesus lived a life devoid of material things. And he wanted to pass these values ​​to His disciples when He said, "Do not look forward to what to eat or drink, do not worry about it." (Luke 12:29).

The Master never recommends idleness. To / he was always a need to work. He himself said: "My Father worketh hitherto and I work." Jesus' emphasis lies in the motivation of those who work: if the Christian works because you are afraid of running out of money to provide enough, is where Christ interferes. A Christian, for less wealthy it may be, has to assimilate the truth: the sustenance and protection depend on the Lord always. Get anxious in life is the result of relying on their own efforts to ensure the basics of existence. Work is good. Working anxious is not good.

For Jesus, the reason is simple. The Heavenly Father, who holds all things in the universe, knows much every one of us, His children. Aware of our fears of not having enough, Jesus came to the small details, to teach about divine providence. He said, for example, that the Lord counts every hair that falls on our heads! And then finally made ​​a big statement, "Father knows that you need these things. The Father knows about our medical bills. The Father knows about the rising price of schools. The Father knows about the cost of our house. We do not know that he knows. Jesus, therefore, insists that we rest in God's promises that He will take care of us. Really, it is not mandatory to have anxiety for our sustenance. It's worth talking to the Lord about it.