sexta-feira, 7 de junho de 2013


(I Corinthians 12:4-11)

Corinth was a city in Greece, seaport, a kind of point of cultures. As in every port, people from all countries went through there. A city very debauched, morally lost, and within a Christian community appears very fervent. The apostle Paul, in a way, encourages, saying that where the Spirit is freedom, and people actually indulged the spiritual delusions. There is a great ferment of charisms. Paul takes a fright and tries to moderate them ...
There was a very large room. It seems the Brazil! There were classes. The poor spent all day working and could only conclude the evening or later, when they returned home. Meanwhile, those who did not work and lived their property, they could celebrate, eat, drink. Paul realized that there was this disproportion and starts to worry. On the one hand, encouraged the talents, gifts, qualities, how exactly does the neoliberal system. Encouraged the most of the qualities of people, so that they can develop and produce more efficiently, more competently. It's the culture, par excellence, of sanity, of the value, the qualities, the triumph of the elites, the pure, the best ...
Suddenly Paul takes a scare. This had nothing to do with Jesus, in his profound experience. Admittedly, I have to appreciate the talent, but if it turns out to individual personal to my joy, my reputation, my reputation, my honor, my power, it is not Jesus ... Jesus, that's when all this is put at the service of the community.
At this point, Paul is the key that will illuminate both worlds - an interpretive key of the different talents of people. We can then ask:
If anyone creates different talents in people is God, that He will want the difference? It will be the cause of having such talented people and not others? Some rich, some so poor. A swimming in happiness and other carrying very heavy loads ... Is God the source, the origin of all this?
Paul goes on to say that faith is alienating. She honors the powerful, the glorified, the talented and despise the rabble, the masses, the excluded. Is that what Jesus came to teach us?
Paul says no. Every talent, every quality, all is well for the growth of the community. If it is a spiritual talent - that is for the spiritual growth of the community. If you are an intellectual talent - that is for the intellectual growth of the community. If a skill - it helps the community so that everyone can enjoy. People who have no talent, feel called to share it. Thus, there is no danger because diversity is the most beautiful thing there is. It would be terrible if the world were a pure equality. It would be a unique monotony! All gray, no color. The black, white, to blue, if you need it. Each color has its place, every beauty has its place, each difference has its place. All this, so that the assembly can be richer - all communities to be in unison in the same way. For this, the Apostle Paul calls us:
"Let us put our talents available to the common good, as always will be the purpose of our wonderful God."

God Bless All ...!!

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