domingo, 30 de junho de 2013

Five tips to have a life of victory

(Nehemiah 1:2-11)


God, he is always willing and ready to help us. Nehemiah knew very well enjoy this provision of the Lord. In this text we will learn five tips to have a life of victory.

First Council


When Hanani, Nehemiah's brother, came with certain men of Judah, Nehemiah wonder how they were living Jews who had escaped and were not taken into exile, and also what was the status of Jerusalem. Hanani enformou that Jews were living in great affliction and reproach and that the walls of Jerusalem were broken down and the gates were still burned. When I heard this news, Nehemiah was sad and cried a lot, spent days mourning. More Nehemiah did not just whining, he made a decision and was seeking God in the answer and solution to your problem. I do not know that news came to his knowledge, he took his peace, you do not know what it is to sleep night's sleep, the news that came to his knowledge, very messed with you and took your tranquility, one more thing I want to say, "Use the strategy of prayer, because God will reveal secrets that will make you win." Nehemiah prayed for the mercy of the Lord God, God help him before the king. (Ne.2: 4) "He told me the King: What dost thou make request? So I prayed to the God of heaven. " See Nehemiah prayed to God for the mercy of God. And what have mercy? What is the meaning of the word mercy? Mercy means: Love loyal, steadfast and faithful and emphasizes the mutual possession of two people involved in a love relationship. When Nehemiah asks for the mercy of the Lord, he is God saying to look at the cause for your problem, and the situation of the people of God, stop the Lord act with love, loyalty, steadfastness and loyalty, emphasizing the two sides, one side is God and the other side was Nehemiah and the people of God. Given the raging sea, you must claim the mercy of the Lord, as did Nehemiah, because God will act on your life, about your question about your needs with love, firmness and he will show you that He is faithful in his life. If you want to have a victorious life, go to a life of prayer, use this strategy, because the Lord will reveal secrets for your life, for you to use and practice against the enemy and you will emerge victorious from this battle, as against power of prayer, not walls or barriers and problems, struggles that can resist.

Second Council


Nehemiah met several men to rebuild the walls. All kinds of people participated in the reconstruction. Priests (Ne.3: 1), Goldsmith and perfumers (Ne.3: 8), Leaders and women (Ne.3: 12), Levitas (3:17) and merchants (3:32), and had an unexpected result with only 52 working days the walls were already erected. (Ne.6: 15). Complete the construction of the walls in 52 days was a tremendous feat, something recognized as proof of God's power. It is a lesson for us all wonderful. God's people must unite, sometimes you do not want to blend in, not to get involved with the work of God, wants to do everything yourself, the more time the union is necessary because: "One swallow alone does not make a summer . " This means, if you isolate will be easy for the enemy to destroy you, but when you get together with others and together seek God in the solution, this union will produce unexpected results, because the power of God will be poured, and the supernatural anointing Lord, destroy the plans of the enemy and the Lord shall give thee the victory.

Third Council


When Sanballat heard that Nehemiah, along with the people were building the wall, he was wroth and angry, scorned and mocked the people of God. Tobias, who was along with Sanballat, said: "Although edify, if a fox down their stone wall." (Ne.4: 3) Nehemiah prayed, presented the problems and continued the work, so they built a wall to close to half. Sanballat, Tobiah, and the Arabians, and the Ammonites and Ashdod, when they heard that the repairs of the wall of Jerusalem was going forward and is already beginning to close his gaps, were exceedingly angry and gathered together to attack Jerusalem. But the people prayed to God for protection and put guards over the walls day and night. Also in the lower places and open and behind the wall were placed men with swords, spears and bows. Chargers with one hand doing the work, and with the other held a weapon. Builders, working with their swords at the waist. Nehemiah also put a man playing a trumpet, so if enemies try to invade and attack the city, was played the trumpet and all the people ran a couple local invasion to fight against the enemy. By doing so, with prudence and vigilance, Nehemiah frustou with the plans of his opponent. The enemy has made plans to end his life, to prevent the blessings of the Lord will reach, but do like Nehemiah, do not be afraid, it is a (a) servant (a) vigilant, pray to God, that the Lord will empower you and give you strategy to confront and defeat the enemy. Watch for their actions, watch your words, watch for his works, closing all loopholes, all areas and sectors that are vulnerable in their life, to prevent Satan will infiltrate. By doing so, you will be watching and keeping with the action of the enemy invasion. Taking these steps, and being cautious, you'll be closer to reaching your victory, because the Lord will be contending for you.

Board Room


When Sanballat, Tobiah, and Geshem Arabian, and the rest of the enemy of Nehemiah knew that the wall had been built and that there was no breach in the wall, Sanballat and Geshem, plotted to kill Nehemiah, and made them a proposal so that Nehemiah would find them in the plain of Ono. Nehemiah knew and learned as he sent word to Sanballat and Geshem he was doing a great work and could not stop. " (Ne.6: 3). The work that God has placed in your hands it is urgent, and you do not have time to listen to the proposals of the enemy, you have no time to listen to the grievances of the enemy, you have no time to lose, because you are doing a great work, and Satan knowing it will launch several proposals before you, and many of them are indecent and without malice no other, seemingly harmless. But we do not have time to get involved with things of this earth. Nehemiah faced his enemy and did not surrender, not prostrated, not accept the insults, the mockery, slander, with conspiracy and treason very least, most Nehemiah prayed for the Lord's protection and prepared to face the enemy. Be brave, do not listen to the grievances of the enemy, facing the problem, not worships the difficulty, the more lift the head and trust in the Lord's deliverance. By doing so, you will achieve your victory.

Fifth Council


Nehemiah had a definite purpose, was returning to the city where he was the sepulcher of his fathers, or to return to Jerusalem and build it and build the city wall and put the doors in place. Another purpose was that he asked letters to the king, presented to the governors of the region of the Euphrates to allowing its entry into Judah As well cards to Asaph, keeper of the king's forest, that this timber for beams of city ​​gate to the walls and the house in which he lived deviria. Ie, it was not enough just to have the king released back of Nehemiah. If he had not intended to ask the cards, he probably would have trouble following face. You have to have definite purposes in your life, if you want your life of victory and success. Not simply just want more you have to struggle, strive and move face. Whatever your dreams, your projects the enemy will not have the power to prevent, God will pour out the anointing of providence and you will see the glory of God and the hands of the Lord acting and performing miracles and your life. Keep purposes before God, as this will be crucial for you to achieve victory.


Nehemiah had a life of victory, because he knew seek and trust in God's providence. He left us a great example of how to overcome the obstacles and difficulties they impose on us and the enemy puts in our path. The lessons that were left in Nehemiah: Prayer is the greatest secret strategy to have a life of victory, the union produces unexpected results in our lives to achieve victory, vigilance to prevent the action of invasion of the enemy, and brings you closer victory, be courageous, facing the enemy, not accept your proposal, and you reached the victory, having defined purposes is fundamental to achieve victory.