segunda-feira, 24 de junho de 2013

God deliver us from every affliction!!!

Romans 8:33: "Who will bring any charge against God's elect? It is God who justifies.

A good rule to know when we are (or not) in the presence of God is justice. Where is the injustice, God is no longer. The closest that God can pass this time, is releasing his permissive will (as happened with the Lord Jesus, who suffered injustice throughout the world in order to get into your account my sin). But even when injustice comes, God is attentive to REFUND the righteous, when they were all stolen.

Therefore, beloved, if someone is treating you unfairly, believe that God will not let the opponent prevail.


In 1 Samuel 30.1-26 witnessed a spectacle of justice practiced by David. It is no coincidence that David is called (in the Bible itself) of "The man after God's own heart."

Man is men do not cry! (but the man who can cry is fair, because the Lord wipes her tears)

When the righteous are in an inferior position to his followers speak of stoning him 6. At that time we found that even if the man proves unfaithful, our God remains faithful, even in their greatest affliction, the fair does not despise the needy - vv 11,12. "Is THAT THERE EYES OF GOD GET THE LOOK WITH HIGHER INTEREST" - Isaiah 48:10.

And when God enters battle, it's time for restitution. The redemption is not partial redemption is complete. Arriving at the presence of God, comes the abundance of peace