domingo, 30 de junho de 2013

The three councils


(Pv.1: 5) "A wise man will hear and increase learning, and understanding will acquire wise counsel;"


This is not a common message, but I have had testimony that she has changed lives for many places. So now, after deliver it in some pulpits decided to put into words what the Lord gave me. There is a popular saying: "If it was good advice anyone gave; sold." But I want to go against this word, for the word of God teaches us that growth brings knowledge and advice are for those who have understanding. So I want to believe that at this point you dear reader, just to show a person that you want understanding and knowledge. We must remember that faith comes by hearing the word of God (Rm-10: 17), and if you open your heart, the Holy Spirit will speak to you through this message. So once again I want to say that this advice will change your life and for sure you will win in your life. Was searching the internet when I saw a story that caught my attention. This story spoke of a couple. And when you read it, I was touched, and then the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart: "My son! Take this message where it is, because this is my will. " But for you to receive the message, you need to read the story.


A newly married couple, was very poor and lived in a place of favors. One day her husband made a proposal to his wife: "Honey I'm leaving home and I will travel to far away, get a job and work until I'm able to come back and give you a better life and comfortable." I do not know how long I'll be away from home, I ask only one thing: you wait for me, and while I'm gone, be faithful to me, because I'll be true to you. So the young man left. Walked many days walk until he found a farmer who was in need of someone to help on his farm. He offered to work with, and was accepted. So the young man proposed a pact to the boss: Boss I ask only one thing to the Lord. Let me work for as long as I want and when I find that I must leave the Lord relieve me of my duties. Do not want to receive my salary. I want the Lord to keep as savings until the day I leave here. On the day I left the Lord gives me the money and I'll go my way. All combined, the young man worked hard, no holidays and no rest. After long twenty he came to his boss and told him Sir I want my money because I am returning to my home. The boss said to him: All right, we made a deal and I will comply. But before I want to make a proposal. Curious he asks his boss what was proposed, and your boss tells you: I give you all your money and you go away or I'll give you three boards and not give you the money and away you go. If I give you money I do not give advice, and if I give you the advice does not give you the money. Go to your room, think and then give me the answer. The boy thought for two days and then went to the boss and told him I want three advice. If I give you the advice I did not give you the money. Said the boss. I want advice. Replied the boy. The boss then told him, these are the three councils:

First Council


Second Council


Third Council


After giving three advices the boss told the boy that was no longer so young: Here you have three loaves, two are for you to eat during the trip and the third is to eat with your wife when you get home. The boy went on his way back home after twenty years away from home and the wife he loved so much. Walked during the first day and found a traveler who greeted him and asked him: Where are you going? I go to a place that is far to many days of walking on this road. Boy, this is way too long, I know a shortcut that is ten times smaller and you will arrive in a few days. The boy was happy and began to follow the trail, when he remembered the first advice of his boss: "Never take shortcuts in your life, shortest paths unknown and may cost you your life." So she turned and went his way. Days later he learned that it was an ambush. Burglars expect people to steal them and kills them. After a few days of travel, found a roadside inn where he could stay. But at dawn woke with a scream and very terrifying noise. He rose to his feet and just went to the door to leave. When reminded of the second piece of advice: "Never be curious as to what is evil, since evil pro curiosity can be deadly." Then again, he lay down and slept. At dawn, after taking coffee, the owner of the host asked him if he had not heard a scream and he said yes. So why not see what it was, was not curious? He said no. Then the host told him: You are the only one here gets out alive, crazy cried at night when guests leave and he killed them. The boy went on his way and after many days and nights of walking, now at dusk, saw the smoke through the trees of his house, and then walked through the bushes saw the silhouette of his wife. The day was dark, but he could see that his wife was not alone. He walked a little more and saw that she had sat on the lap of a man who was stroking her hair. Seeing that scene his heart was filled with hatred and bitterness and he decided to kill them both mercilessly. Hurried steps, when he remembered the third piece of advice: "Never take decisions in times of hate and pain because you can repent and be too late." Then he paused, reflected and decided to sleep that night right there. At dawn, now with a cool head he said: I will not kill my wife nor his mistress. I'm going back to my boss and ask him to take me back. But before I want to tell my wife that I was faithful to her. He went to the front door and knocked. When you open the door wife recognizes her husband and throws herself on his neck and hugs him affectionately. He tries to push her away, but not her such happiness. Then with tears he says: I was faithful to you and you betrayed me. How? __ It still amazed says: 'I did not betray you, I waited during those twenty years. And that man was stroking you yesterday evening? Said the husband. That man is our son. When you left I found out I was pregnant and today he is twenty years old. Then he met and embraced his son, told them their entire history. While his wife was preparing the coffee they sat down to eat bread last. After a prayer of thanks and tears of emotion he breaks the bread, and broke it, there was all the money, the money twenty years of work ...!


Maybe when you read this story, my friend, brother, if you've moved, but still many are wrong because the Bible itself says that the people suffer for lack of understanding. But I want to add something more to the story, something that will show us even more than the word of God is still salvation for all mankind, and salvation for all who believe. "The LORD give thee wisdom and understanding only, and give thee charge concerning Israel, that to keep the law of the LORD thy God." (ICo22: 12). Let's all get THREE TIPS from the Lord



Shortcuts seems to be the best solution, many times in our lives. But we forget that to get to a place of honor and highlights, we need to learn, because no one can hold a place of honor or highlight if not wisdom, knowledge, or his fall will be greater than the ascent. And we must add that human psychology teaches us that we give very little value on things we have achieved without effort, ie those that do not pay a price. I wonder at this point, people who are now suffering for choosing the shortcuts that the world offers, and so ended up losing their families, their businesses, their friends, and much more. Pastors who had a calling and prefer shortcuts, lost everything, church, ministry. Learn something, there will always be people to show you shortcuts, but they actually want to see her fall, the opposite of our great God who paid a high price for our souls. Imagine if the boy had history of taking that shortcut and despised the first board. Surely the result would be death, and he would never see his beloved family. You may still be waiting for someone.



They say that "curiosity killed the cat", but do you know why? Look, the cat went to see what was inside the pot and ended up falling into the boiling water and dying. So is the man, always curious to evil things, never seeking the things of God, or else you think that our young people are on drugs why? Pure curiosity. We are curious to anything that does not pay, but the word curious also has as one of its definitions, "one who has the desire to know." Well then why do not we be curious to know what is above the throne of God. If God himself says: "Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the LORD: his output, as the morning, is right, and he shall come unto us as the rain, like the spring rains that water the earth." (Hosea 6 : 3) Maybe you know someone (I know) that ended up giving bad for being curious to what is evil. Rise up and be curious to know God and all its magnitude, because if "In Draw near unto God, He will draw near to you." (James-4: 8). And as the board itself says, the curiosity for what is evil, can be deadly. It can kill your family, it can kill your spiritual life, his ministry, and when we kill ourselves something God did, all is lost. Now, you my brother thought the man in the story was curious to evil things, again, his life was cut short by a possessed, but prefer to follow the second advice, it turns out to save himself, because it proved thirsty for knowledge to what is good. Your life is important to someone. We arrive then at the last council, that old master, the young man's boss, gives, he will return to his beloved wife. But we know that all three councils this message are important, and can not be isolated. Or we nourish by every word that comes from the Lord, or die spiritually dry in this fleeting life.



Well! This is the advice that unlike the other two, the consequences would not be caused by third parties but for himself as to disobey or disregard this advice, he would take the lives of others, in which case it was his wife and son. Often we look for a stroller for a prostitute, or even for a young drug addict on the streets and even imagine that in a second of your life, decisions taken at the time of anger, rage and pain, and consequently are thrown in the streets or incarcerated in a prison. And what about sheep which come unto those who should embrace them, ended up being hurt and mistreated by men living ministries pain because they use the stands to hit and not to heal or to kill or not to give life . Even in moments of being in pain or will, which is not sin, because Paul tells us, "Be ye angry, and sin not" (Eph.-4: 26), we must keep our minds sober, free from sin, why God loves the sinner but hates the sin. Do not destroy what God gave you, be it your family, your company, your friends, your trade, whatever never let hate fill your heart, never forget the story of the two wolves inside us. Remember Jacob, who in one of the most difficult moments of his life, when he fled from his brother Esau, got stopped by a stone placed pillow and slept. Have you ever wondered if that boy in his moment of anger and pain, had taken the attitude that says contrary to the advice. Surely the damage would be irreparable. So I say: FOLLOW THESE THREE TIPS


To accept, obey, assimilate, live and practice the three councils, the boy ultimately receive three rewards. And we know that to obey is better than sacrifice.

You see the reward for the righteous:

1. He can enjoy the real fidelity of his wife.

2. He can see and embrace his son.

3. He may have the reward of his twenty years' salary.

Maybe this time you're whining for something lost, but know. If placed at the feet of the Lord Jesus, may still be a chance for you. The Bible says that all things are possible to them that believe. Believe these councils and live each and see that your life will change. And may God bless thee, and keep thee free.