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 "Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful" (Psalm 1:1).

Happiness, joy and prosperity are what everyone wants. However, you must know what means to achieve them. Unfortunately many people are not aware of how it all starts. This psalm describes two kinds of people from the standpoint of God: the wicked and the righteous.

The paths of the wicked
Ungodly people have no commitment to God or to his word, his advice completely contradict the commandments of the Lord, are fatal and destructive; their ideas are conformed to the world, so we should never share with them (Ps. 1.1 b .) Three things to avoid: Walking with the wicked, stop them in his way and sit in the seat of mockers.

"A righteous man is cautious in friendship, but the way of the wicked leads them astray" Prov 12:26.

"Enter not into the path of the wicked, nor follow the path of evil. Avoid it, pass not by it, turn from it, and pass away, because not sleep if they do evil, robbed of sleep unless they make someone fall; "(Prov. 4:14-16)

"Do not be deceived. Bad company corrupts good morals "I Corinthians 15:33.

"Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness? ... (2 Cor 6:14-18).

Our friendships or partnerships with bad people negatively affect our attitudes, physical wellbeing and spiritual, ie, we are influenced, for better or worse, by those with whom we associate, so beware!

The consequences
The wicked are like the chaff which the wind scatters. They may even prosper financially because material goods are also fruits of labor: yet God's blessings fall upon the wicked, but they do not recognize, and therefore fall outside the realm of God.

The Fair and your pleasure
The Fair is characterized by righteousness and the love of God in obedience to his word, he is known for their separation in a sinful world. People who are friends of the world become enemies of God (James 4:4, I John 2.15,16; Jn 15:19), so that separation is necessary. The wicked walk in darkness, or in the darkness of sin, so there is no partnership between darkness and light (2 Cor 6.14-17; 7.1). The Fair has its delight in the law of the Lord, he has all the time to meditate in His commandments (Ps. 119.97,98). The recommendation of God to Joshua was key to its success in the mission (Joshua 1:7-8). Faithfulness to God leads to a life of prosperity, not the one desired by many, with no commitment to the truth of God, because anyone can experience the divine blessings, without, however walk in truth. The text of Joshua reveals the only way to preserve our free life and free from contamination by sin, and live in full meditation in word and communion with God.

Fruit trees
The Lord compares the fair a tree planted by the river of water, source of life and food, water, action of God's Spirit that gives life, so it will be fair, its fruits and leaves are conditional on their obedience to God. The expression "whatsoever he doeth shall prosper" does not mean that Christians never have problems, but he will understand that God's will is sovereign over your life.

            God wants everyone to enjoy true happiness, but it is necessary to be cautious in relation to friendships, because our way of living does not conform to the world system, as said the apostle Paul (Rom. 12:2). The wicked have no complete happiness; may even have the feeling that may have riches, but the fair still has nothing, possess everything feels (2 Cor 6.4-10). The vision focused on wealth prevents the wicked to serve God, for no one can serve God and mammon. The presence of God in the heart is who produces all the joy and satisfaction of living.



First we should know what is and what is the Seventh day Sabbath.


Gêneses.2: 2 ... "And when God finished the seventh day his work which he had done, he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.

Notice that God rested on the Seventh Day, He commanded Adam to do this, and read the verse carefully.

God rested on the seventh day, not in order to finish all the activity, but in the end the creative activity. For anything more needed to be created.

But a terrible accident happened in Eden.

What accident?

Sin entered the world and now looked like this:

(Jo.5: 17) .. "And Jesus answered them, My Father worketh hitherto, and I work.

Ie God after the fall of man works 24 hours a day.

However, observing the Day of Rest, men remember that God is the Creator, and take time to worship him.

As Jesus rose on the first day, and resurrection of Christ is greater than the creation, because all will be restored from the resurrection.

For without Christ's resurrection the situation would be chaotic to the point of being all destroyed.

Like in our country the First Day of the week is payable by law, we use this day to rest and serve the Lord with more time.

But do not keep the first day as the Jews kept the Jewish Sabbath.

For Shabbat was just a figure of Jesus today rest in Jesus,

But there is still the Final Rest, it will still be saved in the eternal state, when there will be no more sin in Eden and out.





The Old Covenant was given to Israel out of Egypt, at Mount Sinai.

The Israelites, in turn, accepted the terms of the Old Covenant that way was made between God and Israel.

- God purposed (Ex.19 :3-6), Israel accepted (Ex.24 :3-8), was not addressed to all men (Sl.147: 19,20).

- How the people was not faithful to the demands of the Old covenant, God promised to establish a New Covenant (Jr.3: 16; Jr.31 :31-34; Zc.11: 10, Mt.27 :3-10; Jr. 3, 16).

This new covenant was instituted by Jesus, as stated by the writer of Hebrews (cf.Hb.8 :6-13; Hb.10 :7-9).

In (2Cor.3; 3.14), Paul confirms the abolition of the Old Covenant.


SHABBAT as fixed day of rest was part of the covenant between God and Israel alone:

Question, where is that written??

1. First Proof: (Exodus 31:13) - And thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel, saying, Verily my sabbaths: for it is a sign between me and you throughout your generations, that you may know that I am the LORD, who sanctify you.

2 - Second Proof: (Exodus 31:17) - Between Me and the children of Israel shall be a sign for ever: for in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, and on the seventh day he rested, and was refreshed.

3 - Third Test, THE LAW WAS GIVEN TO ISRAEL. (Ezekiel 20:12) - And also I gave them my Sabbaths, to be a sign between me and them, that they might know that I am the LORD that sanctify them.

4 - Fourth Proof: (Ezekiel 20:20) - And hallow My Sabbaths, and they shall be a sign between me and you, that ye may know that I am the LORD your God.

5 - Fifth Test, And To finish this item, Nehemiah says that the Law was given to the Israelites (Nehemiah 8:1) - ARRIVED AND the seventh month, and being the children of Israel in their cities, all the people gathered themselves together as one man in the square before the Water Gate, and they spake unto Ezra the scribe to bring the BOOK OF THE LAW OF MOSES, THE LORD had commanded to Israel.

(EXODO. 16:22-30) .... This passage shows that Israel was commanded to keep the Sabbath, not reaping the Manna.

This ordinance was given before the people come to Sinai, where he came to be written the Ten Commandments.

BUT INSIST ON THE GIRLFRIEND CAN SAY THAT ....... Shabbat was given before Sinai, the obligation to keep it there since the beginning of the world.

Now, before Sinai does not necessarily mean "Since the beginning of the world."

a) God who brought Israel out of Egypt, began educating him, giving him his Law (Ex.16: 4).

b) The V.5 reveals how God gives instruction to Moses to command the people to reap double the manna on the 6th day, not Having to do it on the 7th day.

c) In (Ex.15: 25), when the people was in Mara, in the desert, it says that God "Ali gave them a statute and an ordinance," was not the Principle of the world.

d) In (Ex.20 :10-12) God says that Israel took EGYPT AND GAVE YOU (NOT RESTORED) Shabbat as a sign (between God and Israel).

When out of Egypt (V.10).

Where? Desert (V.11).

Besides mentioning the date and place of delivery of the Law, in this text we have an indication of the people to whom the law was given.

e) This passage settles it if the friend can understand: (Deuteronomy). 5:15) SAYS God commanded the guard of Shabbat in memory of the liberation of the people of Egypt, and not of Eden.
(Deuteronomy 5:15) - Because thou shalt remember that thou wast a servant in the land of Egypt, and the LORD thy God brought thee out thence through a mighty hand and an outstretched arm: therefore the LORD thy God commanded thee to keep the sabbath day.

This shows that Sabbath keeping is EXCLUSIVELY Jewish: 6 - Evidence Friday, the OT Law was not addressed to all people:
(Psalms 147:19-20) - shows his word to Jacob, his statutes and his judgments to Israel. (V.20) - Did not do so with any nation: and as for his judgments, they have not known. Praise the LORD.


1 - The Sabbath was given to Israel with manna, after leaving Egypt.

2-45 Days after God entered the Sabbath in the Decalogue. (So ​​God said: - Remember)

3 - It was a Sabbath to the Jews. (Hence we say Jewish Sabbath).

4 - God ordained this law to the Jews and proselytes of the time.

5 - God did not do this with any other nation.

6 - He was given the place and date of when the Sabbath was given to Israel, please study it.

If your friend does not accept the Bible dictates because of the vision of Ellen, so I should answer the following:

Where is it written that these men kept the Seventh Day Sabbath or Jewish:
1 - Adam and Eve
2 - Seven.
3 - Enoch.
4 - Noah
5 - Abraham.
6 - Isaac.
7 - Jacob
8 - Joseph
9 - Moises, this until you receive the bill, after that I know that Moses kept the Sabbath.

Nowhere in the Bible we find the Patriarchs keeping the Sabbath.


There once was a boy who was very ill at school. His grades and behavior were a disappointment to his parents, as good Christians, dreamed of seeing him and formed successful.

A BEAUTIFUL DAY, GOOD FATHER YOU PROPOSED AGREEMENT: - If you, my son, change behavior, focus on academics and be able to pass the entrance exam for medical school, then a car will give you a gift. Because car, the boy has changed water to wine. Began to study how and never be exemplary. The father was happy, but had a concern. Knew that changing the boy was not the result of a sincere conversion, but only the interest in obtaining the car. That was bad! The boy continued his studies and was awaiting the outcome of their efforts.

So the big day has arrived! Been approved for medical school. As promised, the father invited family and friends to a celebration party. The boy had a right to the party his father would give him automóvel.Quando asked to speak, the father praised the result obtained by the son and handed him to hand a gift box, believing that there were car keys, the boy opened moved package.

To his surprise it was a Bible. The boy was visibly disappointed and nothing disse.A From that day, the silence and distance separating father and son. The young man felt betrayed and was now struggling to be independent. Left the parental home and went to live in the University Campus. Rarely sent news to the family. Time passed, he graduated he got a job in a good hospital and completely missed father. All attempts by the father to resume ties were in vain. Until one day old, very sad about the situation, fell ill and could not resist. PASSED AWAY ...

At the funeral, the mother gave the child, indifferent, BIBLE who had been the last gift of the father and who had been left behind. Back at home, the boy, who had never forgiven his father, when he put the book on a shelf, he noticed that there was an envelope within Him. Opening it, he found a letter and a check. A LETTER SAID: "My dear son, I know how much you want to have a car and I promised here's a check for you to choose the one that suits you. However, made sure to give her a present even better: The HOLY BIBLE .

Learn it LOVE GOD and to do good, not for the pleasure of reward, but by gratitude and duty of conscience. "Corroded of remorse, the son fell into a deep pranto.EA LETTER SO finished:" How sad life of who can not forgive. This leads to terrible mistakes and an end even worse. Before it's too late, forgive one whom you think you have done wrong. Maybe if you look carefully, you will see that there is also a check hidden. "Before making any judgment, think, reflect, sleep on the issue, because the rainfall may betray us and rob us of the most precious treasures we have.

LEARN TODAY Thus saith the Lord: Love.

1 Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am become as a bell that rings or as a dish clanging.
2 And though I have the gift of prophecy, understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.
3 If I give to the poor all that I possess and surrender my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing.
4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, is not proud.
5 It is not rude, not self-seeking, not easily angered, do not hold grudges.
6 Love does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices with the truth.
7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
8 Love never dies, but disappear prophecies, tongues will cease, knowledge will pass.
9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part;
10 but when that which is perfect comes, the imperfect disappears.
11 When I was a child, I spake as a child, I thought like a child, and reasoned like a child. When I became a man I left behind childish things.
12 Now therefore we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known that.
13 So now these three remain: faith, hope and love. The biggest one, however, is love.

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"The sense of the word disposable BE, which was typical of prostitutes, is now experienced by most teenagers.
The boys bet, between them, to know who gets more girls in one night.
The next day, they do not even know their names, which means that this person, who 'was' not worth anything.
The problem is serious and affects teens and tweens "
The question must be asked.
The "stay" is God?
Of course not.
Until when we will see that this feeling is invading disposable homes, schools and families?
Cherish your body, enhances its character, value their dreams.
Nothing is so sad for a person to feel as used and forgotten, so do not expect anyone to give you value, endear themselves before being the next to be forgotten with a child in her arms.


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The biggest disappointments and frustrations in our lives happen because of overconfidence we devote to some people.

We open our lives and our innermost who does not deserve a good day on the street.

At the moment of pain or weakness forget prudence and vigilance and expose ourselves who, maliciously, you can try to take advantage of our wrongs.

In our life, there are many doors through which we build and our history.

All aim to find an open door to a good study for a stable job and promising to financial success in life, for a wedding that guarantees happiness and many others.


The most important door that we go through is the door of salvation. Jesus Christ is that door for her and when we find life and life in abundance.

The experience of an encounter with the Lord opens for us all other ports.

The love we receive from God and faith, each of which will guide our steps, fill us with confidence and we can rest quiet.

Jesus Christ, the Door of abundant life, protect us from the snares of evil and fill our hearts with peace even though the dangers are all around us.

"I am the door, if anyone enters through me will be saved, and will go out, and find pasture" (John 10:9)

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Pão da vida !!!

"Declarou-lhes, pois, Jesus: Eu sou o pão da vida: o que vem a mim jamais terá fome; e o que crê em mim jamais terá sede" (Jo 6:35)

Jesus assumiu a responsabilidade de nos satisfazer plenamente, matar a nossa fome e saciar a nossa sede. Quando vamos a Ele recebemos o sustento e, no sustento a satisfação.

As vezes me pego insatisfeito, irritado, tomado pelo tédio. É como se eu quisesse ser quem não sou; como se quisesse ter o que não tenho e fazer o que não faço. Onde ficou a promessa de Jesus nesses momentos?
Ficou esquecida. Não por Ele, mas por mim. Sempre que nos ausentamos da Sua Presença temos fome e sede. A insatisfação toma conta de nós. Em ocasiões assim até podemos sentir vontade de matar a fome e
saciar a sede em outros lugares. Se não o fazemos é porque a graça de Deus nos chama de volta. Ele não quer nossa ausência, mas sim, a nossa presença em Sua Presença.
O amor de Deus fez descer do céu o Pão da vida para nos alimentar. É Nele que saciamos nossas necessidades e encontramos sustento e satisfação. Senhor, fecha meus olhos para as outras fontes de suprimento. Mesmo que pareçam atrativas, não são verdadeiras. Transforme minhas ausências
temporárias em constante presença na Tua Presença. 

Assim Seja!

Are You on the Battlefield (Ephesians 6:10-22)

- Paul wrote the letter to the Ephesians when he was imprisoned in Rome.
- His intention was to comfort those who knew of his prison, that doubts did not take account of your thoughts. EF: 3.13

(But God called Paul to preach the gospel, because it is stuck?)
(But God has blessed me, because I'm having problems?)

Ephesians 1.3 - God has blessed us with all sorts of spiritual blessings in heavenly places, we would put opponents on our walk.

- And our enemies would not carnal, but spiritual.
- Then Paul warns us to be careful a Christian life, because all armor is needed to address the oppositions Satanic arise because Satan tries to keep us from advancing in our Christian race.
- We must keep in mind that Jesus did not bring us out of the world to be punching bags devil.
- We were called to the army of God, ie, we are soldiers of YOUR army. To combat the evil and proclaim the good news to the world.

You are in the middle of the battlefield, choose your option:

1 Samuel 17:4-21: David was in the middle of the battlefield and chose to fight.

Fight as a soldier or keep running for the rest of his life.

You are a soldier of the army of God.

- So today, we must wake up to the spiritual battle that has already begun.
- Spiritual warfare is similar to a Spiritual Warfare.

Sports, volleyball, basketball, football, always have a gap to breathe when the ball goes out, for example.

- In the sport of wrestling has no breath, no inattention is fatal.

In our life there is different because SPIRITUAL BATTLE equals a fight. For Satan does not let us breathe to continue to attack. Any our inattention, he seizes.

Most often, people are not seeing where the attack comes even more difficult.

We must be constantly vigilant and spiritual eyes wide open, because the weapons he uses are the most dishonest possible.

- Satan is the adversary that can be dirtier.
- He is the one opponent that when the wrestler falls to the ground, it goes up and continues beating mercilessly.

The more dishonest is better for him.

We must be vigilant. For the battle has begun, and God called us to be part of His army. You are a soldier of the army of God.

3 Attitudes of a Soldier of the Army of God.

Respects superior orders.

a) God sends strengthen us in His strength. (Eph: 6:10)

- Seeking God at all times
- 2 Corinthians 12: 7? 10 (Let us seek the grace of God)
- Joel 3.10

b) God tells us to stand firm. (EF: 6, 11,13,14)

- Three times Paul repeats the same thing (You are strong) because the devil wants to weaken us.
- Who is HE will strengthen us, hold on.

c) God sends us put on the whole armor of God. (Eph: 6:11) The

- We should seek every day the Holy Spirit
- Fruit of the Spirit (who has a has all)
- Dons will be spilled according to our need.

Is always ready for war.

a) The good soldier carries the right weapons. (Eph: 6:11)

- Breastplate of righteousness (protects the heart)
- Wearing the feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace (language)
- Shield of Faith (protects against darts)
- Helmet of Salvation (protects the mind)

b) The good soldier knows his opponent.

Chinese Proverb

- If we know ourselves and to know our enemy, fight 100 battles and win them all.
- If we know ourselves, and we do not know our enemy, fight 100 battles and win some.
- If we do not know ourselves and we do not know our enemy, fight 100 battles and lose all.

c) The Good Soldier has spiritual eyes.

- Ef: 6.12 (We must ask God to open our eyes)
- Remove the sale (because with no one sees selling your enemy attack)
- In the eyes must have spiritual ears (for the enemy constantly tries to distort the truth)

Knows that the best defense is attack.

a) The Christian soldier knows how to attack.

- Ef: 6.17 B - Preaching the word to others.
- Eph 6: 18 A - Praying without ceasing. (1 Thessalonians 5:17)
- Using the correct ammunition (BLOOD OF JESUS)


No use trying to cheat, thinking that the devil will not attack you. Because his enemy is God, and therefore all those who serve.

We must be vigilant at all times, because it is not a joke, but a fight where our enemy spares no effort to attack us.

Never despair as our commander is Christ and He will not leave us alone in this SPIRITUAL BATTLE. (Eph 1,3).



HIM EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IS SUBJECT (FP: 2:10-11; MC.16.17, LC: 10:19; AT :3.1-9).



Armadura ou Arma?

"Porque , ainda que vivamos na carne, não militamos segundo a carne. Não são carnais as armas com que lutamos. São poderosas, em Deus, capazes de arrasar fortificações. Nós aniquilamos todo raciocínio e todo orgulho que se levanta contra o conhecimento de Deus, e cativamos todo pensamento e o reduzimos à obediência a Cristo". 2 Co 10.3-5 

Partindo da ideia que basta estar vivo para que haja a necessidade de lutar, percebemos que lutamos diariamente por tudo em nossa existência, lutamos pelo pão, pela família, pela igreja, pela saúde, etc.

Contudo na vida de um cristão além da diária luta material, ou seja no “mundo” físico; há uma luta espiritual. Temos batalhas que são travadas no reino espiritual, num ambiente invisível, às vezes silencioso, mas real. A bíblia diz isso em Ef. 6.12

Nesta batalha espiritual que se trava ao nosso redor, não adianta lutar segundo a carne, não é a nossa inteligência, capacidade, saúde, dinheiro e qualquer tipo de esforço físico ou mental que nos trará a vitória. Apostolo Paulo diz que são as “armas poderosas em Deus”.

Eu e você sabemos a diferença entre a sabedoria do mundo e a sabedoria espiritual? Nós cristãos, os soldados de Cristo não nos iludimos ou nos enganamos com a aparente sabedoria do mundo?

Nossas armas são poderosas em Deus, para derrotarmos as fortalezas diz a bíblia.

A questão é saber que armas poderosas são essas, que estão acima das nossas forças físicas e nos faz vitoriosos no mundo espiritual.

O fato é que na nossa batalha contra o mal, deveríamos usar as armas espirituais de Deus que nos capacitam para vencer.

Quando um soldado sai para uma guerra tem que estar equipado, preparado, treinado para o combate, no mundo espiritual também. Como? Certamente a bíblia, a Palavra de Deus nos dá esta e outras respostas.

Antes vamos esclarecer as armas que o inimigo usa para nos confundir e paralisar são: o engano, sofismas, ignorância, cegueira e morte. Satanás não brinca de MATAR, ROUBAR E DESTRUIR. Está é a sua missão, e ele é obstinado em cumpri-lo.

Outra situação a esclarecer é que devemos distinguir entre ARMAS E ARMADURAS. Um fator interessante de se ressaltar, é que muitos pensam e até ensinam que para entrar na batalha basta se revestir com a armadura de Deus descrita em Ef. 6. Com isso temos visto muitos crentes entrar e sair de uma batalha espiritual literalmente arrebentado. Porque?

Porque armadura é equipamento de proteção e não arma.

Que armas poderosas são essas?

1- SUBMISSÃO A DEUS; vida de retidão

2- DEDICAÇÃO A VERDADE- A Palavra de Deus – buscar no Senhor sua Presença e seu Poder;


4- COBERTURA ESPIRITUAL - Sangue de Jesus- Atesta p/ o fim do senhorio de Satanás como o grande acusador. (Ap.12:12)Reflete o furor de uma batalha e a grandiosidade da vitória. “Venceram pelo sangue”(Ap.12:7-11)

5- O ESPIRITO SANTO- Numa batalha espiritual não se vence sozinho. Deus nos deu o Seu Espírito que é residente em todo aquele que passou pela experiência do novo nascimento.

6- ORAÇÃO PERSEVERANTE- Além da sua importância como instrumento de contato entre nós e Deus, a oração é também uma arma do cristão na guerra espiritual. Use essa arma poderosa que Deus colocou em nossas mãos. Faça da sua vida uma vida de oração e adoração a Deus.

7- FÉ- é uma tremenda arma espiritual. Porque está firmada em Deus e na Sua Palavra e na obra de Cristo por nós. A fé é expressada na palavra que sai da nossa boca: cremos, agimos e liberamos a Palavra. (At.16:18; Hb.11:6).

Conclusão: Na batalha contra fortalezas o crente necessita de ARMAS E ARMADURAS. Sem as quais é impossível estamos firmes contra o ataque do diabo e é por isso que somos atingidos. O soldado romano quando saia à guerra estava totalmente equipado para enfrentar o inimigo. Tinha sobre si a armadura e as armas para se proteger contra o inimigo.

Assim é o crente quando desce ao campo de batalha. Deus não nos envia sem a devida proteção. Ele nos proveu toda a armadura espiritual para que possamos VENCER e permanecer INABALÁVEL.( couraça da justiça;calçar os pés com a preparação do evangelho da paz; escudo da fé;capacete da salvação e a espada do Espirito)Não sabemos quando o inimigo vem nos atacar. Outra arma que Satanás não conhece a linguagem da mansidão. Invista-se de toda autoridade e o enfrente com rigor, com uma palavra dura, na autoridade, unção e poder do Espírito Santo, nosso Ajudador. E diante destas armas ele vai recuar.

Dança - Atitude de Louvor !!!

Nos dias de hoje temos muitos conceitos sobre dança, sendo em sua maioria o de que ela induz a expressões carnais, o que não é verdade quando há uma atitude pura, feita no espírito diante do Senhor. 

A dança é o reflexo de sentimentos contidos em nosso ser e acontece em várias ocasiões:

Quando Davi foi ungido por Samuel (I Sam 16:13), o Espírito do Senhor se apossou dele e desde aquele dia foi cheio do Espírito.

Em II Samuel 6: 12 - 16, Davi extravasa toda sua alegria dançando diante do Senhor por estar transportando a Arca para Jerusalém, que representava a presença de Deus no meio deles.

"Então disseram a Davi: O Senhor abençoou a casa de Obede-Edom, e tudo o que tem, por causa da arca de Deus. Assim foi Davi, com alegria. Quando os que levavam a arca do Senhor tinham dado seis passos ele sacrificava bois e carneiros cevados. Davi dançava com todas as suas forças diante do Senhor, e estava Davi cingido de uma estola sacerdotal de linho. Assim Davi e toda a casa de Israel subiam, trazendo a arca do Senhor com júbilo e ao som de trombetas.

Quando a arca do Senhor entrava na cidade de Davi, Mical, a filha de Saul, estava olhando pela janela. E vendo ao rei Davi, que ia saltando e dançando diante do Senhor, o desprezou no seu coração".

Vemos aqui o exemplo de um homem segundo o coração de Deus, cheio do poder e do Espírito, expressando toda sua alegria dançando na presença do Senhor.

Em Êxodo 15:20 e 21, vemos Miriã, uma profetisa com muitas mulheres saírem com tamborins e com danças cantando ao Senhor pela vitória de Israel, pelo povo que saíra ileso do Egito, terra onde eram escravos.

Miriã, a profetisa (os profetas eram pessoas cheias do Espírito de Deus) dançou pela vitória do seu povo.

"Então Miriã, a profetisa, irmã de Arão, tomou um tamborim, e todas as mulheres saíram atrás dela com tamborins e com danças. E Miriã lhes respondia: Cantai ao Senhor, pois sumamente se exaltou, lançou no mar o cavalo e o seu cavaleiro".

As mulheres hebraicas exprimiam por meio da dança os seus sentimentos; quando seus maridos ou pessoas amigas voltavam a suas casas, vindo do combate pela vida e pela pátria, saíam elas ao seu encontro com danças de triunfo.

Nos nossos dias não deve ser diferente. Podemos e devemos também ser cheios do Espírito Santo de Deus e dançar diante dEle, extravasando a nossa alegria, saltando, dançando diante do Senhor pela vitória de Jesus na cruz derrotando todo principado, potestade e dominadores deste século que eram contra nós ( Col. 2:15), nos libertando do mundo e nos transportando para um reino de luz, purificando nossa consciência pelo sangue do Cordeiro e nos dando a esperança da vida eterna.

As danças não param por aí. Em I Samuel 18:6 e 7, temos outro exemplo:

"Quando os soldados retornavam para casa, depois de Davi ter ferido o filisteu, as mulheres de todas as cidades de Israel saíram ao encontro do rei Saul, cantando e dançando alegremente, com tambores e com instrumentos de música. As mulheres, dançando, cantavam umas para as outras, dizendo: Saul feriu os seus milhares, porém Davi os seus dez milhares".

Jesus citou em uma parábola a dança como louvor e ações de graças por um filho que se havia perdido e foi achado (Lucas 15:25 - parábola do filho pródigo).

Existe uma razão específica do povo de Deus em dançar: a de que Ele se alegra com isto. Deus se alegra de que seus filhos dancem na sua presença, pois Ele próprio promete restaurar as danças de seu povo.

O Precioso Sangue de Jesus

"Sabendo que não foi com coisas corruptíveis, como prata ou ouro, que fostes resgatados da vossa vã maneira de viver, que por tradição recebestes dos vossos pais, Mas com o precioso sangue de Cristo, como de um cordeiro imaculado e incontaminado," (I Pe. 1 .18-19).

A palavra que me foi dada, diz respeito ao poder do sangue de Jesus, um conhecimento mais amplo e detalhado sobre o seu significado e representação. Tornou-se muito comum entre nós e acabou virando uma frase evangélica muito corriqueira, dizer que o SANGUE DE JESUS TEM PODER, mas afinal, qual o real significado do sangue de Jesus para nós cristãos. Na mensagem de hoje, nos iremos aprender juntos, eu e você, passo a passo, com base nas sagradas escrituras, o real significado do poder do sangue de Jesus.
Ao mergulhar nesse oceano profundo que é a palavra de Deus, separei 10 (dez) verdades a serem analisadas sobre o valor, poder e representação do sangue de Jesus para nas nossas vidas.

10 (dez) verdades acerca do sangue de Jesus:
Foi o valor do preço pago pelos nossos pecados;

"Olhai, pois, por vós, e por todo o rebanho, sobre que o Espírito Santo vos constituiu bispos, para apascentardes a igreja de Deus, que ele resgatou com seu próprio sangue." (At. 20.28)

O sangue de Cristo foi o valor pago a Deus em sacrifício pelos nossos pecados, o sangue de Deus em forma de homem, de valor incalculável, capaz de comprar a salvação de todos. O valor do sangue de Cristo não tem preço, é inestimável, pois foi com ele que a minha vida foi comprada. Você já parou pra pensar quanto vale a sua vida?

Representa a nova aliança entre Deus e o homem;

"Porque isto é o meu sangue, o sangue do Novo Testamento, que é derramado por muitos, para remissão dos pecados." (Mt. 26.28)

O Sangue de Cristo vertido na cruz do calvário é agora o sangue da nova aliança entre Deus e o homem, já que a velha aliança foi desfeita pela incapacidade do homem em cumprir a Lei Divina, os sacrifícios de animais já não eram mais agradáveis ao Senhor, Deus já não tinha mais prazer nesses sacrifícios, à purificação pelos pecados havia se tornado mais um cerimonial religioso, um ritual mecânico, o homem pecava e não se arrependia verdadeiramente em seu coração, seu sacrifício era vão, e pela lei do Senhor só pode haver remissão de pecados com derramamento de sangue, e o único sangue capaz de atender completamente a essa exigência foi o sangue de Cristo,

O sangue de Jesus justifica;

"Logo, muito mais agora, sendo justificados pelo seu sangue, seremos por ele salvos da ira." (Rm. 5.9)

O sangue de Cristo tem o poder de justificar os nossos pecados, porque foi com ele que nos fomos comprados, pois só com derramamento de sangue é que pode haver a remissão da culpa, eu aprendo que o sangue de Cristo justifica, porque foi o sangue de Jesus, o Cordeiro de Deus oferecido em sacrifício pela humanidade me comprou, a minha culpa foi transferida pra Ele, eu fui justificado, inocentado, livre da minha dívida.

O sangue de Jesus Purifica;

"Mas, se andarmos na luz, como ele na luz está, temos comunhão uns com os outros, e o sangue de Jesus Cristo, seu Filho, nos purifica de todo o pecado' (I Jo. 1.7)

Eu aprendo que o sangue de Jesus nos purifica de todo pecado, porque Jesus foi o sacrifício perfeito, puro, santo, justo, por isso seu sangue tem poder para purificar a minha vida e transformar meu pecado em perdão, porém existe uma condição necessária, temos que estar na luz, ou seja em comunhão com Deus para que o poder purificador do sangue de Cristo tenha efeito sobre as nossas vidas.

O sangue de Jesus santifica (separa);

"E por isso, também, Jesus, para santificar o povo pelo seu próprio sangue, padeceu fora da porta." (Hb. 13.12).

O sangue de Jesus santifica, ou seja, ele nos separa, nos guarda, a palavra santificar que dizer separar, nos somos separados por Deus, o sangue de Cristo nos separa do pecado, nos separa da condenação, nos separa do mal e da morte. O exemplo mais rico sobre este assunto, nos vamos encontrar em Êxodo 12.23, quando Moises anunciou a 10ª praga a faraó, a dos primogênitos, o anjo destruidor enviado da parte de Deus veio por todo Egito para exterminar os primogênitos dos homens e animais, e só não tinha autoridade pra tocar nas casa que tivesse por sobre os umbrais das portas a marca do sangue, o qual Deus mandou que assim fizessem. O sangue e sinal de segurança, o inimigo não tem poder sobre a tua vida, porque ele olha pra você e vê a marca do sangue de Jesus, você é coberto pelo sangue, EU APRENDO AQUI, QUE 

O sangue de Jesus traz reconciliação e paz;

"E que, havendo por ele feito a paz, pelo sangue da sua cruz, por meio dele reconciliasse consigo mesmo todas as coisas, tanto as que estão na terra, como as que estão nos céus." (Col. 1 .20)

Eu aprendo que o sangue de Jesus trouce a reconciliação entre Deus e o homem, restabelecendo a comunhão perdida, e por sua vez trazendo a paz ao coração dos homens, o que já havia sido anunciado pelos anjos quando Jesus nasceu. Esta paz só foi possível com a morte de Cristo na cruz.

O sangue de Jesus Lava e Branqueia nossas vestes;

"E eu disse-lhe: Senhor, tu sabes. E ele disse-me: Estes são os que vieram de grande tribulação, e lavaram os seus vestidos e os branquearam no sangue do Cordeiro." (Ap. 7.14)

O Sangue de Jesus é melhor do que qualquer sabão em pó ou detergente, para limpar, porque ele lava e branqueia nossas vestes celestiais, que serão usadas no dia do arrebatamento, o nosso corpo será transformado e semelhante ao do Cristo ressuscitado, e usaremos essas vestes para grande festa a ser celebrada no céu, a lavagem e o branqueamento representam a limpeza, a purificação, e a santificação da nossa alma.

O sangue de Cristo nos aproximou de Deus, e deu acesso ao Santo dos Santos.

"Mas agora, em Cristo Jesus, vós, que antes estáveis longe, já pelo sangue de Cristo chegastes perto." (Ef. 2.13)

"Tendo, pois, irmãos, ousadia para entrar no santuário, pelo sangue de Jesus" (Hb. 10.19)

Aqui eu consigo entender que o sangue de Jesus me aproxima de Deus em duas etapas progressivas, eu estava longe do caminho da salvação e pelo sangue de Cristo fui levado até a presença de Deus, pelo seu sacrifício de sangue fez com que o véu do templo se rasgasse, quebrando a barreira entre homem e Deus, agora temos total liberdade e comunhão através do sangue de Cristo, não existem mais barreiras, o sangue de Cristo rompeu todas. EU APRENDO AQUI IRMÃO, QUE NÃO BASTA ESTAR PERTO DE JESUS, EU TENHO QUE IR MAIS ALEM, TER PLENA COMUNHÃO, O SANTO DOS SANTOS REPRESENTA ISSO, TOTAL COMUNHÃO COM DEUS.

O sangue de Jesus é alimento para alma (Jo. 6. 54-55)

"Quem come a minha carne, e bebe o meu sangue, tem a vida eterna, e eu o ressuscitarei no último dia; Porque a minha carne verdadeiramente é comida, e o meu sangue verdadeiramente é bebida." (Jo. 6. 54-55)

Eu aprendo que o sangue de Jesus e alimento para minha alma, ele nutre o meu espírito e cada vez que tomo parte no corpo e no sangue de Cristo, eu tenho mais comunhão com Ele.

O Sangue de Jesus dá a vitória (Ap. 12.11)

"E eles o venceram, pelo sangue do Cordeiro e pela palavra do seu testemunho; e não amaram as suas vidas até à morte." (Ap. 12.11)

Eu aprendo que o sangue do Cordeiro me garante a vitória, pois me dá proteção, essa é uma profecia que ainda vai se cumprir e nós temos que tomar posse dela, e nos fazer valer do sangue poderoso de Jesus para nos proteger e nos dá a vitória final que é a concretização da nossa salvação, nos vivemos à primeira etapa da salvação que é aqui na terra, a segunda que finaliza a obra completa de Cristo é reinar com ele no céu de glória.

Conclusão: Após analisar cada verdade acerca do sangue de Jesus eu aprendo que o sangue de Cristo não é apenas um símbolo de sofrimento e morte, ou de salvação, nem tão pouco uma mera frase de efeito, ele representa a proteção divina sobre a minha vida, nos temos a marca do seu sangue impressa na nossa alma, e a certeza da vitória final, então nos aprendemos que o sangue de Cristo:

É o Preço da Minha Vida;
Representa a Nova Aliança;
Reconcilia e Traz Paz;
Lava e Branqueia Vestes;
Aproxima e dá Acesso;
É Alimento Pra Alma;
Garante a Vitória Final.

A Armadura de Deus...


"No demais, irmãos meus, fortalecei-vos no Senhor e na força do seu poder. 
Revesti-vos de toda a armadura de Deus, para que possais estar firmes contra as astutas ciladas do diabo.
Porque não temos que lutar contra a carne e o sangue, mas, sim, contra os principados, contra as potestades, contra os príncipes das trevas deste século, contra as hostes espirituais da maldade, nos lugares celestiais.
Portanto, tomai toda a armadura de Deus, para que possais resistir no dia mau e, havendo feito tudo, ficar firmes.
Estai, pois, firmes, tendo cingidos os vossos lombos com a verdade, e vestida a couraça da justiça;
E calçados os pés na preparação do evangelho da paz;
Tomando sobretudo o escudo da fé, com o qual podereis apagar todos os dardos inflamados do maligno.
Tomai também o capacete da salvação, e a espada do Espírito, que é a palavra de Deus;"
Efésios 6.10-17

Esse interessante texto foi uma analogia usada por Paulo para dar o exemplo da operação do Espírito Santo na vida do servo de Deus. Esta armadura representa a aparelhagem que o Espírito Santo nos dá para fazer a sua obra. Notemos que para cada peça da armadura existe uma comparação especial, vejamos:

- cingidos (preso por cinta) os vossos lombos com a verdade - As armaduras antigas eram usadas por cima das vestes presa ao corpo com cintas, não se colocava a armadura sobre a carne nua, pois poderia ferir o próprio usuário da armadura. Paulo está falando aqui que antes de vestir a armadura do Espírito, devemos ter uma vida cristã verdadeira, sem falsidade, sem ter do que se envergonhar. Se usarmos a armadura do Espírito sem uma vida cristã verdadeira poderemos nos ferir.

- couraça da justiça - Essa parte da armadura é a principal, ela cobria o peito e o abdomen do guerreiro, a ela Paulo acrescenta o adjetivo "justiça", que alude a retidão, fazer o que é certo, andar corretamente não tendo do que ser acusado. Essa couraça protegia contra golpes de espada e flechadas, atualmente o guerreiro de Cristo que tiver revestido da couraça da justiça, está protegido das acusações de Satanás e do mundo, que são como golpes de espada contra o peito do soldado de Jesus, o crente deve pagar seus impostos e fazer o que é certo. 

- E calçados os pés na preparação do evangelho da paz - Uma parte da armadura que proporcionava deslocamentos a longas distancias, era o calçado do guerreiro, esse tinha que ser leve e resistente para proteger os pés, aqui esse calçado se chama "preparação do evangelho da paz", isso aponta para a missão do soldado de Cristo, que é levar o evangelho até os confins da Terra, e para fazer isso é necessário ter os pés calçados com essa peça importantíssima. Uma armadura não serve de nada se o guerreiro estiver descalço, ele não vai sair do lugar, e a ordem do nosso General é sair para o combate. Crente que só fica dentro das quatro paredes da igreja é porque não calçou ainda os pés com a preparação do evangelho da paz. 

- escudo da fé - O escudo era uma peça grande que o soldado usava preso ao braço, defendia além dos golpes de espadas e flechas, também de "dardos" arremessados do território do inimigo, esse dardo podia atravessar uma couraça, por isso era necessário o guerreiro usar o escudo. Os dardo inflamados representam as obras do inimigo contra a vida de alguém, obras de macumba, bruxaria, magia e etc. Para apagar esses dardos inflamados temos que ter o escudo da fé, crente que tem medo de despacho com o seu nome, ou de magia feita contra a sua família é porque não está usando o escudo da fé, ou seja não sabe o poder que Deus tem. 

- capacete da salvação - O capacete servia para proteger a cabeça onde fica o cérebro que coordena todo o corpo, aqui Paulo o chama de capacete da salvação. Assim como o capacete protegia o cérebro, a certeza da salvação protege a mente dos crentes. As setas de Satanás são direcionadas para lançar dúvidas na mente dos crentes e tirar-lhes a disposição mental, mas o servo de Deus que tem a certeza da salvação pela cruz de Cristo, está com a cabeça protegida por esse capacete e nenhuma palavra maligna penetrará em sua mente. 

- espada do Espírito - Essa era a única peça usada para o ataque, não adianta armadura sem espada, sem poder de ataque, Paulo afirma que essa espada é a Palavra de Deus, ela é a única arma que temos para combater as investidas do maligno, foi com a Palavra que Jesus combatia as tentações do inimigo em Mt 4.1-10. Infelizmente existem crentes hoje que tem a armadura mas não empunham a espada e outros até tem a espada, mas não sabem como manejar corretamente. 

Por último lembramos que antes de falar dessa armadura Paulo alertou no versículo 12, que a nossa luta não era contra a carne nem contra o sangue. Infelizmente existem crentes que se esquecem disso e usam a armadura contra os próprios irmãos em Cristo. Medite nisto.

Tesouro em Vasos de Barro.

"Temos, porém, este tesouro em vasos de barro, para que a excelência do poder seja de Deus, e não de nós." 2 Co 4.7

Esse texto escrito por Paulo é uma belíssima revelação de como o Senhor opera no ser humano a sua revelação. O tesouro aqui de acordo com os versículos 5 e 6 é a revelação de Cristo dada por Deus aos homens veja:

"Porque Deus, que disse que das trevas resplandecesse a luz, é quem resplandeceu em nossos corações, para iluminação do conhecimento da glória de Deus, na face de Jesus Cristo. 2 Co 4.6

Dessa forma o vaso de barro somos nós que sendo falhos guardamos a revelação de glória de Cristo Jesus. Veja que na segunda parte do verso 7 temos o motivo pelo qual Deus opera dessa forma:

"...para que a excelência do poder seja de Deus, e não de nós." 2 Co 4.7b

Segundo o manual bíblico da SBB, Paulo provavelmente faz uma alusão a um certo costume dos cortejos romanos que conduziam as riquezas em vasos de barros para ressaltar o contraste com o conteúdo dos recipientes.

Matheu Henri afirma que o Senhor poderia ter escolhido os anjos com suas forças para levarem aos homens o conhecimento da revelação de Cristo, mas Ele escolheu os ministros mais humildes e sujeitos as mesmas fraquezas que os demais homens. Dessa maneira toda a glória vai para Deus e não para o vaso.

Algo interessante é que a partir do versículo 8 até ao 12 Paulo fala como somos perseguidos e como estamos entregues a morte por amor de Jesus Cristo.

E nesse contexto observo que as usinas siderúrgicas utilizam o barro como recipientes para conter o ferro derretido pelo fogo na produção do aço, pois o barro é o material que quanto mais calor lhe for aplicado, mais ele fica resistente.

Assim somos nós vasos de barro, que quanto mais passamos pelo fogo das provações, mais ficamos resistentes para guardar e passar aos outros o tesouro da revelação de Cristo Jesus.


Spiritual warfare is now a universal language, all believers have heard at least once this term is not fad evangelism and missions, absolutely is a battle we fought constantly against Satan.

* We are soldiers enlisted for this great spiritual battle, a soldier is a fighter, a champion, so a winner (2 Tim 2:3) "Thou therefore endure hardness as a good soldier of Christ Jesus." A soldier is part of a body that can be called garrison, detachment, battalion or regiment.

In (Jl 2.2be 5b) "a people great and powerful, never was, nor will be after him for years of many generations: ... as a strong people set in battle array." Here we find two features striking the army of God. Because greater is he that is in us (1 Jn 4.4) "Little children, you are from God and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world." Never say I'm just as the Lord Jesus states categorically: (Matt. 28:20) "... and lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of time. Never say: I can not, for it is written (Phil. 4:13) "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Let's look at objectively, the various positions to be occupied in the army of God:

Are those who are on the front line, basically in melee with the enemy: unseating powers, casting out demons, personally invading enemy territory, treading this territory and taking possession in the name of the great general - Shabaot Jehovah (Lord of Hosts) . Example: David put Uriah in the infantry. As well as missionaries.

It consists of the group that uses ranged weapons, such as: Intercession, spiritual warfare on a large scale, supernatural faith and words of authority. Example: Elisha (2 Kings 6:18) "When they came down to him, Elisha prayed unto the LORD, and said, Smite this people with blindness, I pray thee. And he smote them with blindness according to the word of Elisha. "Jesus (Mt 8.8b)" ... but speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed. "The primary purpose of artillery is to weaken the enemy forces, reaching targets selected as principalities, powers, rulers of this dark world. (2 Corinthians 10.4,5; Eph 6:12) "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds," bombarding the enemy strongholds, the job is made easier for infants who are at the forefront which, plunder the enemy, taking her precious lives and transporting them to the kingdom of light. (Isaiah 49.25) "... Certainly the captives will be taken from the mighty, and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered: for I will contend with those who contend with you, and your children I will save."

Groups are using the big war equipment to reach the masses. Example: The radio, television, large seminars, your main goal is to launch at once tonnes of seed of God's word. (Is 40.9) "Thou bringest good tidings to Zion, go up on a high mountain. Thou bringest good tidings to Jerusalem, lift up thy voice with strength, lift it up, fear not, and say unto the cities of Judah, Behold your God. "

It is the group with a special ability to engineer, architect, plan ways in which increased, facilitating and expanding the firepower of the army of God. Are the special techniques and tactics of the Holy Spirit (The Great Teacher), and through the Holy Spirit that we receive every strategy of war for this fight, He makes us know the territory of the enemy, he is the great revealer of this battle, we have to determine our ears to hear it.

The element of this group is to promote the necessary communications support to those who rely or depend on it. There are both active communications that give guidelines attack, as passive, aimed at preserving the imminent danger. In both cases, God often uses his prophets, according to (3.7 Am) "Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets." And no less frequently his word (Heb. 1:1) "God, who at sundry times and in divers manners to the fathers by the prophets," example: the strategy through Jahaziel (2 Chronicles 20.14-17); notice through Elisha (2 Kings 6:6).
Within a battle, we must be attentive to the voice of God through the prophets, but also witness these spirits, everything always in the direction of God.

Aims to promote regular supply and extraordinary, both the basic need for survival and welfare of the soldier, as, equipment and ammunition used by him. Example: David, before he became king, watched their brothers in battle with groceries (1 Sm 17.15,17,18). But God wanted David was in the middle of the battle as a soldier.
Let us pray to God that he will bring us disciples that you can help us during the battle taking care of us

This fight against darkness involves all believers, whatever your gift or vocation. Do evangelism is to make war against the darkness of spiritual blindness is taking the captives of Satan. (2 Corinthians 4.)

Building FAMILY!!!


The Four Seasons of Marriage: Summer

The summer begins on December 21, is at this time when we take vacations, we filled the coast, hotels and farms. The days are warm, bright and full of colors. To soften a bit the summer heat is also a rainy weather, but nothing that hinders the holidays or the delights of the warm weather.

For the kids is the period without classes, where the houses of the grandmothers are full of joy and life, too much delicious food, corn in some places jabuticabas Brazilian and other delicacies. Within marriage when the summer comes back also his joy. With the arrival of Christmas and New Year, then have family parties, gifts, in many homes is the period in which it can purchase goods for the extras. As in some states have "summer time" where the clock ahead one hour, we can have a night light for a longer time. So is a period in which couples can enjoy out, enjoy each other. Like what has been achieved throughout the year that has passed.

The wedding is in the summer when it is marked by joyful emotions, accomplishments, achievements together. It is the perfect harmony between the couple. For many couples the beginning of the year is not easy, the money has not spent a bit larger than in normal times. But when tribulation comes the summer passes, bringing sunshine on the problems, the view opens, we see the solution more clearly, dialogue lasts longer because it takes the sun to set. To have a summer that is necessary rested throughout last year there planning and planting, after all there is no harvest but there are seeds planted.

Ignore failures. This is a key phrase for keeping a lasting marriage and happy in midsummer. No use we get our eyes staring defects and emotions, we need to ignore them and go often for life with everything. Being happy and enjoying the sun when the rain comes washing the soul and let go with a barrage ills and pains of the previous days. Let the sun in our memories for ending the mold, bad smell, bringing new life and hope. A gorgeous sunset walk in the crevice of our minds.

Pass the flaws is like contemplating a rosebush summer. They are beautiful, fragrant, you want a spoon and put them in a jar to decorate your home, but you will have to face the thorns. If you fix your gaze on the thorns will fail to contain harvest them, but if you lay your eyes on the desire of the flower spikes will not be a barrier. See the best of the worst and let the other side, learn to live with the defects and qualities, are part of a total human being. Easy? Never will be, but possible yes. Depends on our desire to win each barrier. Our desire to be together even through cloudy periods without sun.

Summer has its downside too. As the sun is too hot if we are not careful we will lose and burned for days on the beach or the joyful day. We account for ointments and painkillers. So is the wedding in the summer. If we are not careful we will talk what need not end up with the party and the days become cloudy instead of enjoying the heat. So before you get the summer we need to ask God in Christ Jesus you go in shaping and showing us what needs to be restored and changed, so that when summer comes we can rejoice and say: come our day of joy we celebrate.

Ecclesiastes is a very interesting topic that fits well in marriage and says: "Everything has its own time, and a time to every purpose under heaven. A time to be born, and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot what is planted [...] time to love and a time to hate; wartime and peacetime. a time to weep, and a time to laugh, a time to mourn, and a time to dance; [...] "(Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8)


The Four Seasons: Autumn [2nd part)

Autumn is the time of the yellowing trees, indicating the passage of a warm climate to another milder. The temperature drops enough, the rains come in March to close the summer and fall takes place.

In this period the winds begin tearing down flowers and fruits, the time will be cooler and somewhat less beautiful. The leaves are falling through the air, floating, wandering through the wind and then fall in places where they will be trampled and will return to dust.

Your morning breezes will call in a day with their joys and sorrows as well as marriage. Who looks far may even want to be there, but the couple knows it's not an easy time, it's time to change, adjustments. There are hours of loneliness, cold and the leaves were leaving the discovery tree, its twigs. As the wind is disoriented marriage is temporary disorientation.

With the fall of the leaves and return them to the ground they become fertilizer, or to feed back the ground. So it goes in marriage, lost and leaves beautiful they return as fertilizer for a fresh start. A new food that is good for the couple and the family. Other leaves will come, beautiful, colorful and cover this time of drought. Other stories will arise in our lives, let the shame of nakedness temporary back and live our love strong new. It is the beginning of the period. It's the time of RENEWAL wedding.

This is where we let our emotions out, since the leaves have fallen. Arises between the couple silent awareness that things are not well, bother with the situation, but it is a time that has to pass, will be softened with time and love that surrounds them in difficult times.

There may be uncertainty as to which direction to take at this stage, we do not want to go through it, but you need to grow and find new paths and roads more enjoyable. What we can not overlook is the stage, stop fighting and go straight to the WINTER. The time gap needs to undergo this new growth comes where there are colors, smells, the two were reunited.

Watch your life together at this stage, is where we need to change where it is necessary to adjust, since we are exposed to weather and Bare covering errors and emotional pain. It's time to review concepts, attitudes and see the light even with cold winds and disorienting. Winter will come new day will be born full of hopes for a better future. So goes the marriage, phase, many hopes and joys, difficulties and always God blessing us and giving us new strength.


The Four Seasons of Marriage: Winter [part 3]

To reach the spring is necessary to pass by the intense cold of winter. "

Winter came, with it comes the cold tasty, where more pull over one another. Agarradinhos sleep in order to heat up. It is a period of hot foods, fizzy passions. Dating longer, less discussion because of the weather. Other need of heat from the body asks the other. The family seems much more united. We left home less, we interact more.
In many homes this stage is not good unfortunately. Couples isolate in your cold world. Let your heart freeze and do not see a way to keep warm unless in your loneliness and watch tv. It is a time where the bitterness arise if they try to talk seems more a chore than a dialogue.

What else takes a couple to face the winter is erroneously stiffness with each other. The lack of willingness to understand each situation and look only for yourself instead of looking for the couple. We all couples have problems, fights, arguments. But it is our choice wins them.

The bad winter in some marriages can happen soon after the honeymoon, honey, or some can last a lifetime. The cold can freeze a wedding and it does not grow, do not develop. The couple can then remain forever in the cold emotions or change the station.
How to shrink in the cold and into our little world in particular, we can let the negative emotions of a whole year to dominate us and take us to the end without getting the joy of spring. But this may be different if you wish. You can spend the cold emotions to what we talked about at the beginning, for the pleasure of being alone together and enjoy the chill snuggle under a nice blanket.

The attitude you will take in winter depends on the couple, as no one has to evaluate and provide feedback. You two are those who choose to go through this stage and remain there for the rest of the wedding. For various reasons can freeze in the winter, do not let other delicious seasons come and make a difference. Some want to hold another not to live other emotions, others by anger, hatred and jealousy. But not worth it, what matters is to live the two emotions of each season, knowing that all of them can live in beautiful, delicious and bad times together, but that we can all be more than conquerors in Christ Jesus.

If we let love can cover crowds of pain caused in winter. We can heal without booting the cones that bring blood back. Let love invade the cold season and the cold of our hearts close together and let's enjoy this good time for dating, eat and rejoice with the family.


The Four Seasons of Marriage: Spring [Part 4)

Once the wind is gone, the flowers fell, were down to earth and filled their feet of new nutrients reaches SPRING. New flowers appear in places where before there was only stems, trunks. Trees reappear as new in the landscape. New life enters day inside. The days are getting longer, the nights smaller, so we can enjoy the smells of flowers, leaves and love that will always be reborn.

The time spent reflections, the uncertainties were, is the beginning, is the new grass in the garden, new flowers in the corner of the wall. The streets seem more cheerful, people with colorful clothes, smile more easily, the heart seems to skip about willingness to review someone I love.

It is time for new alliances, new strengths and new loves in the air, not necessarily with another person, but to discover our new wedding flowers, new shoots and new life. When we got married we swore love in sickness, health, joy and pain. We can only experience this reality when we went through all phases of wedding seasons.

We can always go back to the spring of our marriages, just let things take their course without despair and precipitation. The seasons come and go each bringing their strengths and difficulties. In the spring we have intense feelings, living will and full of great joy, we are always smiling, it seems that everything fell into place in its proper place. The changes come as a gift of flowers. Can drop a few drops of water, or drizzle, but it always has been bringing new lives, no abundant waters.

Colourful butterflies seem to appear out of nowhere, but they also appear to have become so beautiful and colorful. So is marriage, becomes if we let God act every day situations and bringing the best and most enjoyable. Getting married is easy, good, beautiful, married but living is a personal choice and the couple. Living in Spring is beautiful, but it is necessary to pass it. Spring invites us to come out of the cocoon, strolling hand in hand.

The main function of the spring wedding is to nurture the couple, fill them with the firm hopes to walk in the steps that follow. The care should be taken in the spring is with outbursts that may arise between us, moments of joy can cause confusion for lack of observation. Are irritations that arise without heed. Like the thistles that also hope to get the spring born to the garden and the plants disrupt dear. If you do not withdraw takes care of everything and leave our flowers ugly and lifeless.

In most enjoy to send flowers, fruit and lingering spring that came together to marriage, each flower bud that is born is new hope that comes up in our relationship.