domingo, 21 de julho de 2013

Building FAMILY!!!


The Four Seasons of Marriage: Summer

The summer begins on December 21, is at this time when we take vacations, we filled the coast, hotels and farms. The days are warm, bright and full of colors. To soften a bit the summer heat is also a rainy weather, but nothing that hinders the holidays or the delights of the warm weather.

For the kids is the period without classes, where the houses of the grandmothers are full of joy and life, too much delicious food, corn in some places jabuticabas Brazilian and other delicacies. Within marriage when the summer comes back also his joy. With the arrival of Christmas and New Year, then have family parties, gifts, in many homes is the period in which it can purchase goods for the extras. As in some states have "summer time" where the clock ahead one hour, we can have a night light for a longer time. So is a period in which couples can enjoy out, enjoy each other. Like what has been achieved throughout the year that has passed.

The wedding is in the summer when it is marked by joyful emotions, accomplishments, achievements together. It is the perfect harmony between the couple. For many couples the beginning of the year is not easy, the money has not spent a bit larger than in normal times. But when tribulation comes the summer passes, bringing sunshine on the problems, the view opens, we see the solution more clearly, dialogue lasts longer because it takes the sun to set. To have a summer that is necessary rested throughout last year there planning and planting, after all there is no harvest but there are seeds planted.

Ignore failures. This is a key phrase for keeping a lasting marriage and happy in midsummer. No use we get our eyes staring defects and emotions, we need to ignore them and go often for life with everything. Being happy and enjoying the sun when the rain comes washing the soul and let go with a barrage ills and pains of the previous days. Let the sun in our memories for ending the mold, bad smell, bringing new life and hope. A gorgeous sunset walk in the crevice of our minds.

Pass the flaws is like contemplating a rosebush summer. They are beautiful, fragrant, you want a spoon and put them in a jar to decorate your home, but you will have to face the thorns. If you fix your gaze on the thorns will fail to contain harvest them, but if you lay your eyes on the desire of the flower spikes will not be a barrier. See the best of the worst and let the other side, learn to live with the defects and qualities, are part of a total human being. Easy? Never will be, but possible yes. Depends on our desire to win each barrier. Our desire to be together even through cloudy periods without sun.

Summer has its downside too. As the sun is too hot if we are not careful we will lose and burned for days on the beach or the joyful day. We account for ointments and painkillers. So is the wedding in the summer. If we are not careful we will talk what need not end up with the party and the days become cloudy instead of enjoying the heat. So before you get the summer we need to ask God in Christ Jesus you go in shaping and showing us what needs to be restored and changed, so that when summer comes we can rejoice and say: come our day of joy we celebrate.

Ecclesiastes is a very interesting topic that fits well in marriage and says: "Everything has its own time, and a time to every purpose under heaven. A time to be born, and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot what is planted [...] time to love and a time to hate; wartime and peacetime. a time to weep, and a time to laugh, a time to mourn, and a time to dance; [...] "(Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8)


The Four Seasons: Autumn [2nd part)

Autumn is the time of the yellowing trees, indicating the passage of a warm climate to another milder. The temperature drops enough, the rains come in March to close the summer and fall takes place.

In this period the winds begin tearing down flowers and fruits, the time will be cooler and somewhat less beautiful. The leaves are falling through the air, floating, wandering through the wind and then fall in places where they will be trampled and will return to dust.

Your morning breezes will call in a day with their joys and sorrows as well as marriage. Who looks far may even want to be there, but the couple knows it's not an easy time, it's time to change, adjustments. There are hours of loneliness, cold and the leaves were leaving the discovery tree, its twigs. As the wind is disoriented marriage is temporary disorientation.

With the fall of the leaves and return them to the ground they become fertilizer, or to feed back the ground. So it goes in marriage, lost and leaves beautiful they return as fertilizer for a fresh start. A new food that is good for the couple and the family. Other leaves will come, beautiful, colorful and cover this time of drought. Other stories will arise in our lives, let the shame of nakedness temporary back and live our love strong new. It is the beginning of the period. It's the time of RENEWAL wedding.

This is where we let our emotions out, since the leaves have fallen. Arises between the couple silent awareness that things are not well, bother with the situation, but it is a time that has to pass, will be softened with time and love that surrounds them in difficult times.

There may be uncertainty as to which direction to take at this stage, we do not want to go through it, but you need to grow and find new paths and roads more enjoyable. What we can not overlook is the stage, stop fighting and go straight to the WINTER. The time gap needs to undergo this new growth comes where there are colors, smells, the two were reunited.

Watch your life together at this stage, is where we need to change where it is necessary to adjust, since we are exposed to weather and Bare covering errors and emotional pain. It's time to review concepts, attitudes and see the light even with cold winds and disorienting. Winter will come new day will be born full of hopes for a better future. So goes the marriage, phase, many hopes and joys, difficulties and always God blessing us and giving us new strength.


The Four Seasons of Marriage: Winter [part 3]

To reach the spring is necessary to pass by the intense cold of winter. "

Winter came, with it comes the cold tasty, where more pull over one another. Agarradinhos sleep in order to heat up. It is a period of hot foods, fizzy passions. Dating longer, less discussion because of the weather. Other need of heat from the body asks the other. The family seems much more united. We left home less, we interact more.
In many homes this stage is not good unfortunately. Couples isolate in your cold world. Let your heart freeze and do not see a way to keep warm unless in your loneliness and watch tv. It is a time where the bitterness arise if they try to talk seems more a chore than a dialogue.

What else takes a couple to face the winter is erroneously stiffness with each other. The lack of willingness to understand each situation and look only for yourself instead of looking for the couple. We all couples have problems, fights, arguments. But it is our choice wins them.

The bad winter in some marriages can happen soon after the honeymoon, honey, or some can last a lifetime. The cold can freeze a wedding and it does not grow, do not develop. The couple can then remain forever in the cold emotions or change the station.
How to shrink in the cold and into our little world in particular, we can let the negative emotions of a whole year to dominate us and take us to the end without getting the joy of spring. But this may be different if you wish. You can spend the cold emotions to what we talked about at the beginning, for the pleasure of being alone together and enjoy the chill snuggle under a nice blanket.

The attitude you will take in winter depends on the couple, as no one has to evaluate and provide feedback. You two are those who choose to go through this stage and remain there for the rest of the wedding. For various reasons can freeze in the winter, do not let other delicious seasons come and make a difference. Some want to hold another not to live other emotions, others by anger, hatred and jealousy. But not worth it, what matters is to live the two emotions of each season, knowing that all of them can live in beautiful, delicious and bad times together, but that we can all be more than conquerors in Christ Jesus.

If we let love can cover crowds of pain caused in winter. We can heal without booting the cones that bring blood back. Let love invade the cold season and the cold of our hearts close together and let's enjoy this good time for dating, eat and rejoice with the family.


The Four Seasons of Marriage: Spring [Part 4)

Once the wind is gone, the flowers fell, were down to earth and filled their feet of new nutrients reaches SPRING. New flowers appear in places where before there was only stems, trunks. Trees reappear as new in the landscape. New life enters day inside. The days are getting longer, the nights smaller, so we can enjoy the smells of flowers, leaves and love that will always be reborn.

The time spent reflections, the uncertainties were, is the beginning, is the new grass in the garden, new flowers in the corner of the wall. The streets seem more cheerful, people with colorful clothes, smile more easily, the heart seems to skip about willingness to review someone I love.

It is time for new alliances, new strengths and new loves in the air, not necessarily with another person, but to discover our new wedding flowers, new shoots and new life. When we got married we swore love in sickness, health, joy and pain. We can only experience this reality when we went through all phases of wedding seasons.

We can always go back to the spring of our marriages, just let things take their course without despair and precipitation. The seasons come and go each bringing their strengths and difficulties. In the spring we have intense feelings, living will and full of great joy, we are always smiling, it seems that everything fell into place in its proper place. The changes come as a gift of flowers. Can drop a few drops of water, or drizzle, but it always has been bringing new lives, no abundant waters.

Colourful butterflies seem to appear out of nowhere, but they also appear to have become so beautiful and colorful. So is marriage, becomes if we let God act every day situations and bringing the best and most enjoyable. Getting married is easy, good, beautiful, married but living is a personal choice and the couple. Living in Spring is beautiful, but it is necessary to pass it. Spring invites us to come out of the cocoon, strolling hand in hand.

The main function of the spring wedding is to nurture the couple, fill them with the firm hopes to walk in the steps that follow. The care should be taken in the spring is with outbursts that may arise between us, moments of joy can cause confusion for lack of observation. Are irritations that arise without heed. Like the thistles that also hope to get the spring born to the garden and the plants disrupt dear. If you do not withdraw takes care of everything and leave our flowers ugly and lifeless.

In most enjoy to send flowers, fruit and lingering spring that came together to marriage, each flower bud that is born is new hope that comes up in our relationship.