segunda-feira, 1 de julho de 2013

Gihon Spring, an analogy about resting in God.

Find out about the operation of the Gihon Spring, was encouraging. I had never stopped to meditate on it, because, was studying about Siloam, I came across Gihon, also known as "Source of virgins": "The gate of the fountain, along the wall of the nursery of Siloam, at the foot of the garden king, even to the stairs that go down to the city of David "Nehemiah 3:15.

A detail, hidden in a report on the restoration of the gates of Jerusalem, was also able to restore my spirits. A source quoted in verse supplied water to another, called Siloam, where water still runs constantly, pure and various places of Jerusalem, the Kidron Valley, east of the city of Siloam Village Area.

Gihon is also the name of one of the rivers that passed in the Garden of Eden, as Genesis 2:13 "And the name of the second river is Gihon." Lost the original reference that Gihon. The Jews, however, gave the same name and the pure waters that spring constant source considered vital for the entire region. In Gihon, drank the army of King David, ace water source bathed the garden of the king's palace, full of flowers and orchards.

Behold the Blessed Detail: Gihon is powered by a tunnel cut out of a rock, is the source rock. Gihon means watercourses ee this flood, gave rise to many sources, among which Siloam (rest) So The Rock is Jesus that purifies and supplies the human soul. With Christ, we are like a watered garden, "In that day there will be a vineyard of wine, sing it. I the Lord do keep, and water it every moment, so that no one will do damage, night and day keep. Isaiah 27:2-3

Receive the life of Christ in us, in allegory, is like drinking from Gihon, which never dries, which springs from the Rock and gives rest to the weary, keeping life and purity.

Gihon is a memorial not to let ourselves be overcome by fatigue and anxiety of everyday life, but be renewed in strength and faith, resting in God always, through the valleys and mountains in all these places, the waters that spring from the rock remain watering soil, giving life and beauty to Jerusalem.

Jerusalem born many lessons for the Christian life, and Gihon born this beautiful metaphor that is in perfect accord with Scripture tells us: Psalm 71:3 I beseech thee that thou mayest be my rock of refuge, to which I can always go .


God bless you.