terça-feira, 6 de agosto de 2013


MC 5:14 b-20

We were created by God to fulfill five purposes: worship, evangelize, disciple, and serve communion. In this series on evangelism already share about the "Call to Evangelization" (Mark 1:16-20), the "Message of Evangelization" (Mark 2:1-12) and the "Strategy of Evangelization" (Mk 3:13-19 , 6:7-13).

According Mk 5:1-14 Gerasene a man of Greek origin, was freed by Jesus. The reactions of people to this great miracle was curiosity (v. 14b), fear (v. 15) and opposition (v. 16-17). The contrasts between their situation before (v. 2-5), and after Jesus (v. 15) are intense: trapped by a legion of demons - free by the power of Jesus; bewildered - sat, naked - dress; unbalanced - perfect judgment , uncontrollable - docile, solitary - relatable; social scum - change agent. Entranced with these profound transformations established exclusively by Jesus, wanted to stay forever beside Him (v. 18) but, to his surprise, was prevented because Jesus had for him a great project: use it in the evangelization of his family (see 19). Luther said that "the family is the source of misery and prosperity of all peoples" - doom prevails when the devil's power, prosperity prevails when the power of Jesus. Evangelization is not a program but a passion of the heart that is expressed in a redemptive action that has as its primary focus the family.

GEOGRAPHIC FOCUS IS THE HOUSE OF EVANGELISM: "go to your house" (v. 19). Do not just listen to "Come" of Jesus - invitation to salvation (Matt. 11:28), it is necessary to also hear the "go" - calling for the mission (Mk 16:15). The first border is home to the mission. The Gerasene, according to Luke 8:27, "not dwelt in any house" because the devil had stolen your highest good and priority: the house, which has now been fully restored in Christ Jesus. Also, after giving us the certainty of the heavenly home (John 14:1-6), He calls us back to our home in a walk that necessarily entail: humility - we need to evaluate honestly the place that the house occupies in our life, priority - the redefinition of the agenda from the centralization of the house; agility - this turn is a project for today and not for tomorrow.

FOCUS OF PERSONAL EVANGELISM IS A FAMILY: "... to thine "(v. 19). Do not just be present in the home, it is necessary to have a presence of quality! Evangelization begins not with preaching begins with relationship. Therefore, we need to take measures that will optimize our domestic relationships as the radical reduction of the time spent on TV and the internet, the restoration of fellowship around the table, prioritizing dialogue, finally, prioritizing quality time!

FOCUS OF EVANGELISM IS VERBAL NOTICE: "... tell them all that the Lord hath done "(v. 19). And relate not just be in the house, it is necessary to proclaim the Gospel! This ad has at least three dimensions: witness - advertise "everything" is to witness (Acts 1:8) = report what Jesus did for us - the content of the message goes through the narrative of our personal experience with Jesus; Christocentric - we need to announce the "the Lord has made" - the focus of the testimony should be centered on the Lordship of Jesus about the story; humble - the testimony must show the "compassion of Jesus," thus giving glory to the witness and not the witness (John 3:30) .

The conclusive question is: HOW CAN TODAY EXPERIENCE OF FAMILY FOCUS Evangelization? With at least three positions: conviction (v. 20 "then it was") - prioritize the evangelization of our family should be a core principle in our lives; obedience (v. 20, "and began to proclaim" ...) - the evangelization family is not done with good intentions but with quick actions involving presence, proclamation and persuasion; strategy (v. 20 ... in Decapolis all that Jesus had done for him) - "Decapolis" was ten cities of Greek influence in the region; Lucas says he announced "all over town" (8:39) - his action inspires us to pursue the vision of scatter in the city by family units, multiply strategically targeting salvation and mission of Jesus.