sábado, 3 de agosto de 2013

The Recent Testimony

The message of God in a wagon train metro outskirts of Lisbon.

I was traveling by train, going from Alverca do Ribatejo to the center of Lisbon, a wagon looked calmer and saw a person evangelizing, I being a Christian, like the preaching that occur in day-to-day, but I was surprised with what occurred on this day that marked my life very much.

There was a preacher that train insistently announcing the message Salvation through Jesus, you could tell he was coated power of God, but something different was happening here, because this preacher was even reaching the hearts of many people, but one passenger seemed to be pleased with his preaching and threatened clearly before all, warning that if he did not stop preaching, suffer the consequences. He has not stopped talking about God, and this as Wonderful Salvation. Why this insistence was again threatened by this man who had a child in her lap, having spent some stations and continuing threats, the man was no longer threatening to become a major offender. Given all those who were that wagon, it was possible to see clearly - there were many were knowledgeable of the Word of God. There were also people away from Gospel of the Father, and also others who were interested. 
That man however, even with a child in her lap (a boy), rose and gave a slap in the face of the preacher leaving everyone on alert and all sure, because the situation frightened. I found myself like them, but in spirit of prayer that it does not worsen further, even so soon after giving the first slap in the face of the servant of God, offender was preparing to apply a punch with a much larger force and at the time that he was going to do that thing, his son, who until then found itself quietly said: "Father, do not hit him."

Without any explanation hitherto violent man, he fell on his knees before the preacher saying - "I want to know this Jesus whom you are speaking, I accepted him as my Savior. "Not understanding anything, the man
God asked him: - "Did you just slap me in my face and now wants to accept Jesus as your Savior? Why This?. "And the man promptly responded to the amazement and admiration of all: - My son who
asked them not to hit on you ... it was dumb! This is the GOD Impossible, showing His glory through a witness witnessed by his servants, in a subway train around Lisbon in January 2012. It is where we want to have it and blesses us through our faith and Christian conduct and even through the skeptics, shows his power and mercy.

Psalm 90 verse 12 tells us .... Lord, teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
This is the Jesus we believe and we have great joy in preaching His Word, even in adverse situations, for He alone has the words of life Eternal. It is for this reason and do not need any because he is enough, which is why only to serve Him.

While some will mistreat you persecute, God will work through his life, performing miracles wherever you go