domingo, 1 de setembro de 2013

Mission in the borderless world...

Mission is the word warm hearts;'s announcement of the Gospel In a globalized world unfairly ...

Mission is to break down barriers ... Embrace the world, and build human being who lives in the reality of the dream.

Mission ... It is from ... To meet Brother On the strength of the Holy Spirit

Mission is to witness ... serve ... dialogue ... announce ... It is open horizons of life and hope in Drinking fountain, quench the thirst of the wanderer looking for bread, health, hope, faith and love.

Mission is to be and do, is to meet those who are near and those who are far away.

Mission is not tired Floor ... sing ... Dreaming the new life of the people ... And see what is still needed Enchant, dare ... and if need be crying ...

Mission is not losing the charm is shouting from the rooftops What seeds are germinating verb ...

Mission is for those who have the courage ... Who is not afraid to take risks ... Availability ...

Mission is to awaken to the new

Mission has no boundaries because the world is our home.

The owner of the mill, his son and the donkey went to market.

The owner of the mill was riding on the donkey, the people exclaimed:
- Evil man, riding the donkey and makes his son walk.

Then he went down and put the child on the donkey. Hence, people were angry:
- What son laziest, ride on the donkey while the father is already old has to walk.

So father and son rode the donkey, and people said:
- What cruelty to the poor donkey.

Then they came down and started loading the donkey on a stick, but people said:

- Look at the two donkeys carrying another.

Then the three began to walk and people said:
- What idiots! Have a donkey and not ride it!

Let us then we will do the work of God, without regard to what people tell us.

If I had cared about the opinions of others, would never have been a missionary.