domingo, 1 de setembro de 2013

Warriors called and empowered !

There is a concern in the Christian exacerbated with the theological formation of its candidates the leaders ( pastors , evangelists , missionaries , etc. . ) ; Arrives in some cases , do not accept the authority of men who were anointed by the Holy Spirit , therefore, this does not grant the diploma called to exercise some kind of ministry .

It is common knowledge that our Lord Jesus Christ left no established church , as we know it today , so little left specific schools for the training of leaders !

How then came the churches ? The seminars ? The obligation of leading a special school ? The theological training ? And other aspects like ?

Admittedly someone encouraged this idea and the time mandated to bring her to our days as we know it . It is understood , therefore, that the creators of the first churches were ordinary people without any religious training . If some were anointed centuries ago, therefore , new anointings are valid for today . It would therefore be unreasonable to question the validity of " the Lord's anointed " ( pastors , evangelists , missionaries , teachers , etc. . ) Who have no theological training today.

The Apostles who followed Jesus are examples maximum , played various occupations ( fisherman, doctor , collector , etc. . ) , Had no religious training , were not required to study laws and philosophies , however , were chosen to follow the Lord . And showed the world the true love! Were instructed yes , to be holy men , pure and full of faith, to the point of dying if necessary , in defense of his confidence in the Master Jesus , many have experienced this glory .

The Bible shows us that all their great leaders were ordinary people who were called and commissioned to do the work , for example :

Abraham - Son of a pagan family worships . Was called and instructed by God in the solitude of the desert . Became the father of faith .

Moises - Instructed in all Egyptian laws . When found by God , gave up everything and left filled with the Holy Spirit . His works all know !

David - Originally a shepherd . Anointed king , was a man after God's own heart .

Paul - was deeply versed in the Law ; studied at the feet of Gamaliel Master ( Doctor in Jewish law , a Pharisee ) , all received an education that enabled him to also be a teacher of the law (Acts 22.3 ; 23.6,5 ; Phil. 3:5; Galatians 1:14 .) When writing a letter to the people of Corinth , he makes a surprising revelation that literally states that gave up all the knowledge that had deposed him from the art of oratory , removed wisdom, forgot everything! States that all his preaching was done in the midst of great fear and weakness . But in the midst of these words was the power and manifestation of the Spirit of God ! ( 1 Cor 2:1-5 ) .

What was the anointing that Paul had the church ? No !

What he cultivated in his heart , after the call , it was the love of God and this love constrained him to live in holiness complete . Meat and his inclinations , he choked . The result is visible. Used by the Spirit , wrote numerous letters that leads man to give them steps he took . ( Phil. 3:17 )

Would also be a man ( woman) in the giant work of God , the example of Paul ? It is possible, what are willing to pay the price demanded . You must die to the world , for their appeals and " seek first the will of the Eternal for life ." (Matthew 6:33 , Luke 12:31 ) .

Before any major work, the chosen of the Lord are called to holiness , He demands that his servants are holy (Lev. 11:45 ; 20.7 ; Eph. 5.8 , Col. 3:12 and Rom 12:1) , this condition validates to be instruments in His hands . We know that when we used , is the Spirit of God that enables us to do the work . " For the Holy Ghost shall teach you in that very hour what ye ought to say things . " Luke 12:12 ( see more : Acts 16.6,7 , Gal 5:16 ) . It is a fact that the Spirit uses only those who are clean, and seek to live in holiness daily.

Good stress that holiness is not a state of life , is actually a condition ! Before any major work is required to holiness : " Sanctify yourselves , for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you . " (Joshua 3:5) .

If it is your desire to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord , you must start the actual consecration of your life on the altar . Eliminating all desires and acts contrary to the conduct of a man after Jesus. A stay in a wrong act disables the servo to be a winner in the battle against the forces of evil, even if you have an academic background !

The Lord said to Joshua : " ... There are things in your midst convicted , O Israel, unto your enemies will not be able to resist until eliminardes from among you those things condemned . " (Joshua 7:13 ) . It is essential for life to be completely revised , reviewed and all it represents condemnation is removed and thrown into the fire of purification . Breaches of any kind must exist, open channels that can be used by evil to be extinct .

If your desire is to serve God , the first step and sanctification ! Holiness is necessary to:

Preaching : Luke 12:12 ; Worship: Psalm 24.3,4 ; Communion : 2Co 5:15 ; On work: 2 Tim 2:21 ; On Life : 1 Peter 1:16 , Hebrews 12:14 .

Be still prepared to clash against the force of evil . Man when delivery and sanctifies himself completely to the Lord , it is as " lighthouse" , which can be seen from a great distance by the forces of evil , therefore they organize themselves and seek with great fury delete it . The Lord's promise to you is : " Submit yourselves therefore to God Resist the devil and he will flee from you . " ( James 4:7 ) And you will see the victory ! After all : " ... They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength They will soar on wings like eagles , they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint . " (Isaiah 40.31 ) .

If wanting to serve God , your " concern " is not starting with the man with the academic or similar things before , deposit all your desires and wishes in the hands of the Eternal , devote yourself to Him and you will see that love God is very great for everyone, especially those who sanctify their lives on behalf of His will. The Spirit of God will anoint the opportune time to desempenhares the work .