segunda-feira, 23 de setembro de 2013

What is the sanctity of the elected.

This application brings us to a question : If we are to be like God in holiness , that holiness is ? On two things: our adequacy in relation to the nature of God and our subjection to his will .

Our holiness consists in our fitness for the nature of God . For the saints are partakers of the divine nature , which does not mean to be a partaker of his essence , but his image ( 2 Peter 1:4) . Herein is the holiness of the saints , when they are the living image of God . They carry the image of the divine humility in Christ , in his mercy , his heavenliness ; your appreciation of heavenly values ​​, their willingness for God and love what God loves and hate what he hates .

Our holiness consists also in our subjection to the will of God . Just as the nature of God 's standard of holiness , and His will is the rule of holiness . Our holiness is raised when we do His will (Acts 13:22 ) and when we endure his will (Micah 7:9) , that is , when he knowingly inflicts upon us , willingly , we suffer . Our great perspective should be to resemble God in holiness. Our holiness should be treated as the holiness of God as well as His holiness is real , it should be ours too . " Justice and righteousness coming from truth" ( Eph 4:24 ) . There should be an image of holiness , but life, not as the Egyptian temples , embellished , but without purity. Should be like Solomon's temple , golden inside : "All beauty is the daughter of the king inside the palace , and his garment is recamada gold " (Ps. 45.13 ) .

The value of the holiness of the elect

In order to make you resemble God in holiness , would like to consider the value of the holiness of the elect :

1. The dignity that applies to the saints . How illustrious every holy person is . It's like a clean glass in which some of the rays of God's holiness shine . We read that Aaron wore his clothes for glory and beauty ( Ex. 28.2 ) . When you wear clothes embroidered holiness is the glory and beauty. A good Christian is reddish because it was sprinkled with the blood of Christ, and white, because it was adorned with holiness. So how is the diamond for a ring , is holiness to the soul which, as Chrysostom says , " those who oppose it can only admire it ."

2 . The greatness of the purpose of sanctification . It's a great purpose that God runs the world make a person in his likeness in holiness . What are the splashes of the ordinances of justice but dripping on us to make us holy ? What promises to serve only to encourage holiness ? For the Spirit was sent into the world but to anoint us with the holy anointing ? ( Uo 2:20 ) . What are all afflictions but to make us partakers of the holiness of God ? ( Heb 12:10 ) . What are the mercies but to draw us to holiness ? What is the purpose of Christ's death but that his blood could purify us for our lack of holiness ? " The what gave himself for us to redeem us from all iniquity , and purify unto himself a people for His own possession " ( Titus 2:14 ) . Thus , if we are not saints , crucify the great purpose of God in the world .

3 . Holiness attracts the heart of God . Holiness is God's image and he can not do anything but love his image where he sees it. A king loves to see his effigy on a coin . " You love righteousness " (Ps. 45.7 ) . Where justice grows , but in a holy heart ? " Call you shall be My - Delight ... for the LORD delights in you " (Isaiah 62.4 ) . It was his holiness that attracted the love of God to her . " Call you will Holy People " (Isaiah 62.12 ) . God values ​​someone not rich by birth , but by personal holiness .

4 . The holiness distinguishes Christians in the world . Holiness is the only thing that distinguishes us from the wicked . God's people have his seal upon them . " Nevertheless the solid foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his . And more : Apart from the injustice Everyone who confesses the name of the Lord " ( 2 Tim 2:19 ) . The people of God are sealed with a double seal : the election : " The Lord knows those who are his ," and sanctification : " Get away from injustice Everyone who confesses the name of the Lord." How noble is recognized by another person for his silver star , as a virtuous woman is different from a prostitute for her chastity, holiness is well recognized among men . All who are of God have Christ for their captain and holiness is the white color dress ( Heb 2:10 ) .

5 . Holiness is the honor of Christians . Holiness and honor are put together ( Thess 4.4 ) . Dignity walks with sanctification . " To him who loves us and has freed us by His blood for our sins , and hath made us kings and priests to His God and Father " (Revelation 1:5). When we are washed and made ​​holy , then we are kings and priests to God. The saints are called vessels of honor , are called jewels by brightness of His Holiness , the filling with the wine of the Spirit . This makes them earthly angels .

6 . Holiness gives us boldness before God . " If afastares injustice of thy tent ... lift up your face to God " (Job 22:23 , 26) . Lift the face is a symbol of boldness . Nothing can both be ashamed to approach God as sin . A wicked man can raise his hands in prayer , but can not stand his face . When Adam lost its sanctity , lost his confidence , he hid . However , the holy person goes to God as a child goes to his father , his conscience does not reproach the possibility of any sin , so can go boldly to the throne of grace and have mercy to help in time of need ( Heb. 4:16 ) .

7 . Holiness brings peace to Christians . Sin raises a storm in consciousness : Where there is sin , there is turmoil. " To the wicked , saith my God , no peace " (Isaiah 57.21 ) . Justice and peace are put together . Holiness is the root that supports this sweet fruit of peace. Righteousness and peace kiss each other .

8 . Holiness leads the Christian to heaven . It is the road of the King of Heaven " And there will be no good way , a way that will be called the Holy Way " (Isaiah 35.8 ) . Rome was the temple of virtue and honor , and everyone should go through the temple of virtue to reach the temple of honor , so we go to the temple of the holy temple of heaven . The glory begins in virtue. "We called for his own glory and virtue " ( 2 Peter 1:3) . Happiness is nothing more than the essence of holiness, holiness is glory militant , and happiness holiness triumphant .

As the elect should seek holiness

What should we do to resemble God in holiness ? Or how should we seek holiness ?

1. Seeking refuge in Christ . Seek emergency blood of Christ by faith . This is the washing of the soul . The purifications of the law were types and emblems that ( 1 John 1:7 ) . The Word is the mirror that shows our stains and blood of Christ is a fountain to wash them .
2 . Asking for a holy heart . Praying to God asking you a heart saint. " Create in me , O God , a pure heart " (Ps. 51:10 ) . Pour out your heart before God and say, " Lord , my heart is full of leprosy infects everything it touches. Lord , I can not live with such a heart , for I can not honor you , nor die with such a heart , because you will not be able view . Create in me a pure heart , send me your Spirit , refines me and cleanse me , so I can be a proper temple for thee, O holy God dwell " .