sexta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2013


( Matthew 9:37-38 ) - then toldhis disciples, The harvest truly is great , but the laborers few . pray therefore the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.

Today in Brazil and worldwide, we see through newspapers and various communications media the desperate act of evil forces against humanity , men women young teenagers and even children, are brought to the terrible world of crime, prostitution , drugs , and many other barbarities offered by the devil .

People completely blind eyes sealed spiritually , people oppressed chained and imprisoned by
sin plaguing the nation . 

whereas the soul cries for help . There is an outcry , a cry for peace.

" Pray therefore the Lord of the harvest to send workers . " Are you available ?

God wants to send you and me.

Mission requires us vision, love for souls , and disposition, we need to look to the world with the biblical perspective , and

know that Jesus died for us for us of the right to life eternal . we must love sinners , because God so loved the world that he gave his only Son to die for us . we must have to win souls . how many souls

you've already won this year for christ ? already prayed to the Lord for a soul to It ? Could you ask God
with tears , cry with groans , feeling the pain of those who are suffering perishing without Christ? Does
you are able to call on God for their city ​​? God gives - me or I are Matthew die! God give me souls or take the

My ! You have the vision of God ? you have love for souls ? you have provision , God calls you and wants to use you . Many people who have not been reached by the gospel , live tormented without peace and hope, while we are accommodated waiting for someone to go in , always have something more urgent and more important to do , sometimes a trip a tour or other activities, and not reserve time for God . while we
still, the world is evil , millions people are being taken to eternal abyss . The Apostle Paul in 1cor 9-22 says, became - all things to all , for any and all save mode a few. You have done something to save some ?

We are able to hear the cry of those that are falling into hell , or those who are walking in the same direction ,
walk in the dark over you , the light the world and the salt of the earth, we take light hope and peace to these people

Jesus cristo.façamos something, something concrete to change this situation . god is awakening the church , as well as God raised up prophets , men and women in difficult times times moral and spiritual crisis throughout history Bible , God wants to raise here today people to evangelize , heal and restore free.

A wonderful example is the vision of Prophet Isaiah , In times of moral crisis and spiritual God raises the prophet Isaiah to announce message of truth . Isaiah has a real encounter with God . Isaiah sees glory of God the throne of the Almighty his majesty , holiness and true character of God . The prophet acknowledges that needs to change , open your spiritual eyes , recognizes its smallness its fragility , and asks God's mercy. an angel is sent God touches the lips of the Prophet Isaiah with a coal and cleanse your sin ,

God chose you , and will purify you , God will send the angel with a live coal from touch the altar, and go thy lips , and I will take you where he wants you var .

The voice of the Lord cries ardently as thunder like a trumpet , after showing the scenery , the countryside , the nation's lack of people, and the act of the devil in the lives of people. God shows his glory throne, his power and his majesty question to you : WHO SHIP , AND

WHO 'S GO FOR U.S. ? we can respond as the prophet Isaiah ? LORD HERE I AM , SEND ME ME.

The nation cries out for help , the nature cries for help . If the church is shut out stones will cry out . God tells us .

Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature .