segunda-feira, 2 de setembro de 2013

Who is Jesus to you ?

Your life is a reflection of the vision you have of Jesus . His conduct matches the way you see it. If your eyes he is weak , helpless , limited defeated, their attitudes and actions will be guided by the weakness , impotence , limitations and defeat .

If you have a vision of Jesus Christ is a big, powerful, victorious, his life reflects his greatness and his power . You are also a winner !

" Who do men say that I am? " Asked Jesus to the disciples . (Mark 8:27)

" ... One of the prophets ," they replied.

This view is that Judaism had to Jesus. He is just another prophet. The use of the indefinite article " a " and translates the vision they had of him, and did not know who he was or what he was proposing to do here .

This is the same view that Muslims have about you . One of the prophets of Allah , but less than Muhammad.

For Hinduism , the religion of most Indians , Jesus is just someone who sacrificed to achieve an ideal, reached for inner peace .

In Buddhism , Jesus is someone who attained nirvana - a state of complete absence of pain , level of peace , wholeness , wisdom and perpetual stillness .

Spiritualism , in turn , considers Jesus a spirit that is embodied , disembodied and is there. For the spirit , Jesus is a high spirit , evolved like so many others : Alan Kardec , Chico Xavier , Ze Arigo , Dr. Fritz . For him , Jesus is not God or Savior . Only someone who has reached the highest degree of perfection .

In Catholicism remains Jesus nailed to the cross . Once a year is taken away and lying in a casket during the Holy Week . On Friday make their symbolic burial , and the Monday after the Sunday of the Resurrection , there is Christ back to the cross . To them Jesus is dead .
The motto of the global Catholic Church is :

" All for Jesus , nothing without Mary."

Anyone can tarnish the name of Jesus , mocking him near a Catholic , and he even takes notice. But you can not say a close call against Maria .

Why? Because in Catholicism Mary is stronger than Jesus. Jesus is dead . This is the vision that people have of him . They see Jesus not as God .

Because Jesus did not perform miracles in certain places and groups ? Why not see it as God as Lord .

The world insists on presenting a dead Christ . However , Jesus exposed the perspective of religion has nothing to do with the one described in Scripture , and especially in view that the apostle John had

The vision that John had of Jesus was a Christ crucified , depressed , face bleeding from the thorns , the pierced side , back wounds , hands and feet pierced , pained expression . Until the day I saw him on the island of Patmos as he really is .

No producer today reproduced a film as described in Revelation 1:10-18 .

Anyone who has seen Jesus played with breast girt with a golden girdle ? A picture of him with white hair and fiery eyes ?

When a theater group mounts a play about the life of Jesus, who chooses physical type for the lead role ? A skinny guy with frail , very frail .

" But whom say ye that I am? " Is the question that Jesus addresses us (Mark 8:29) .

In other words , who am I to you ? As you seen me ?