sábado, 5 de outubro de 2013

Deep Roots

And now , as you trusted Christ as Savior , trust Him also for the problems of every day , living in vital union with Him Let the roots of you go deeper in Him and Him extract nutrition . Take care to continue to grow in the Lord , and become strong and vigorous in the truth. Col. 2:6 and 7 ( The Living Bible ) .

A tree absorbs water and nutrition through its roots . Through innumerable filaments and apophyses , each branch root system increases the absorbing surface . These tiny roots are covered by a sort of "skin " specially designated by the Creator to absorb the vital elements dissolved in water , as well as a blotter absorbs ink .

Some trees do not just take soil moisture and nutrients for their growth , but also keep for future use . A tree on the island of Madagascar, develops lumps resembling a sausage to serve as reservoirs , retaining water to the tree during the dry season .

Although not pass a bush , the heath sends its taproot at a depth of 30 meters ! On the other hand, a giant cactus can send its root page to only one meter, but supplementing it with a root system that spreads horizontally to some 27 meters all directions. Both systems look for moisture and nutrients . It is estimated that a single tuft of grass Kentucky bid in its development phase over 80,000 small roots, which bind a million root hairs .

It is only through its root system for a plant can absorb the essential elements necessary for life and growth . The same is true in the Christian life . Received spiritual life of Christ when we are born again . That is justification. But do not stop there. Grow in Christ . This is sanctification . This process results in a transformation of character that continues for the duration of life.

The growth in the spiritual life is not something that we carry out for ourselves . It is obtained by the living Christ in us ( see John 15:4-7 ) . Christ works in us to will and to do of His good pleasure.

Waiting Orientation Alto

To you who dwell in Heaven , I lift my eyes ! As the eyes of servants are fastened at the hands of their masters , and the eyes of the servant into the hand of her mistress , so our eyes are fixed on the Lord , our God . Psalm 123:1 and 2 .

Many years ago , in the southern United States , a woman born in the city and his cousin were traveling in a carriage from the field in the middle of dense forest, when night fell . There was no moon , only a few stars . Before long , it was impossible to see the road . A resident of the city was a little scared thinking they were lost , but her cousin the interior did not seem a bit worried. She stopped the horse stepped on the floor , walked around a little bit there and returned , saying he had found the road . Back to the wagon , the journey continued .

As they went , the inhabitant of the city observed by weak starlight, that his companion , instead of looking at the ground , looking up .

- Why are you looking up , and the road is down here ?

- Because only then will I know where the path - explained the press . - The trees were cut to make way for the road. On a night like this , it is impossible to see the road , but looking up I can know where to go to see the sky the clearing of trees .

This also happens on the road of life . As we proceed , there are occasions when the evidence and perplexities around us , making the darkness so dense and impenetrable as a forest on a moonless night . It is at such times that many are lost , but this need not happen!

When everything around us is dark and threatening , let us not forget that up there is no light . Consolemo us with the fact that for God " darkness and light are the same thing ." Psalm 139:12 . He sees when we can not see anything. Even when the sun is shining and everything looks clear and bright , it is always wise to look to heaven , where God rules , because no road is safe if not He our guide .

Are You Safe in the Hands of God

As for me, I trust in You, Lord . I said : Thou art my God. Your hands are in my days . Psalm 31:14 and 15 .

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City , is one of the masterpieces of the famous French sculptor Auguste Rodin . As we approached it, seems just a big rough block of white marble. But when we got close , appears to emerge from a large stone , beautiful hand carved and well . One gets the impression that hand springs from inside the marble - a print feature that Rodin liked to give some of his works .

If we approach further , we see that the hand is holding two human figures , the bodies still in the making of a man and a woman . If we look carefully, we see the basis of the work is the following inscription : " The Hand of God . " When I saw those words , they reminded me of the Old Testament text that says, " Look to the rock from which you were cut and to the quarry from which you were dug . " Isa . 51:1 .

In Psalm 74:11 , Asaph addresses God with the complaint : " Why retrais thy hand, even thy right hand? " - As if until that moment God had protected , but now, for some inexplicable reason , has "pulled the rug " under their feet . It's like Asaph , almost flippantly , was saying : " Come , Lord . Do not let me go through it . Do something ! "

All of us have probably felt well in any occasion . The urgency of the moment seems to demand that God do something at once . We need to remember to look for that which is eternal , beyond time ( see II Corinthians 4:18) , without forgetting that nothing can separate us from the love of God ( see Rom . 8:39) .

Every human being owes its existence and happiness to a loving Creator , a faithful heavenly Father who holds all in the palm of His hand . When trials and troubles oppress us , we tend to lose sight of this fact. As in the case of the " Hand of God " by Rodin , we can not clearly discern His presence, distance, although he " is not far from each one of us ." Acts 17:27 .