sábado, 5 de outubro de 2013

My Testimony by Pastor Valni Borges .

My faith and my obedience to the living God .

This is my son , for more than five years ago, God used a Missionary to tell me that if I did not accept what he had for me in his work , he would take what he loved most , the Lord is One was what he loved most and love is the son that He gave me .

03 days after my son at the age of over 01 years and 02 months , had learned the Floor , was a very smart child , that night was arranging the deposit of tools with my father when my son came and gave me a hug and tasty , he did the same with his grandfather . and left the depot to stay with her grandmother , however for more than 40 minutes he was without appearing which are not surprised because he might be playing indoors. More derrepentemente his grandmother called asking if my son David was with us . That's when I ran to the pool house , the pool had more than 02 years that was not clean , was an ancient pool of 50 million liters of water, which was covered in green slime on top and the bottom was so green you could not see nothing , however my son was shirtless and only cuequinha orange. derrepentemente was when I saw the cuequinha in the middle of the pool was in a state of panic but managed pucha my son dead and bloated out, it is well over whitey was whiter and bulging veins .
I remember crying out to God and cried because my son and not me .

My father started doing cardiac massage to try to resuscitate him , that lasted over 20 minutes long and the ambulance did not arrive . was when I took her in my arms crying and screaming that the Lord told me to do your will , you have accepted the stairs for me , and I promise not to hike and all I have to speak I speak is from largest to smallest .
More so angry with the whole situation I talked more Makes Life without sequelae My son and I do your will .
My son started crying and moaning , the ambulance arrived on time and when we got to the hospital doctor had both along ever seen in my life and after them had a lot of nurses .
Today my son is almost 9 years is a very intelligent child , studying the 4th year of primary , is a small swimmer Professional for his age and uses the main tools of communication and entertainment that we adults use and is a little servant of the Lord praying and singing .

Today I fulfill my promise to the Lord and have visited 03 countries , countless cities , some people of various ethnicities am the ninth state visited Brazil from the Amazon to the Pampas Gauchos , several lives transformed , through the will of the living God , God has his ways to show his will and his love for us . My God is a God of love and justice also , wherever they send me I'll be there , to anybody that he send me to it and I will make their home there .
We as servants of the Lord we must let go of what we hold prisoners in this world and complicated descomplique - in and follow the Lord's will .
Miracle comes with Obedience Today not stop even if you are just walking in , for who would not leave Father , Mother and children follow me can not do good work , because it requires dedication.

After all that has happened in my life , through the hand of the Lord I have witnessed in my life through the powerful act of the Lord , which pleased me most is when someone receives the Lord Jesus as the only and sufficient Savior , when a paralytic raises or even when the impossible happens to man , because that's where God is presented in its entirety in our Meiou and know the living God is something that every human being should do because it is the only way to enteder themselves own .

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