quarta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2013


Philippians 3:10

Arriving at this time of year , I think is extremely valuable thinking on this subject . Because it is already November , soon is New Year again and maybe you Could not change anything was planned When only Began in January .

So , at this point , the question many ask is: " Why can not I change ? " People are saying , " I want to change my life , but I know I have the strength to change . "

You see the calendar change , see the seasons change , see change the clock digits , but can not see the life change ...

This is the dilemma - there is a desire to change , but it's missing something 's missing strength is lacking the power , the power generator of change .

Why the best-selling books in the country are self -help . People want to discover the power generates changes and read books like " Thirty days to a new me " or " I shall Win " ; titles as well ...

The View magazine , a few years ago , Reported in Brazil , the publication of these books grew by over 700 % and people aged 20 , 30 and 40 are the most seek these books .

The message is: " Be positive . Kill your old habits . " But have a question : where to get the power to change ?

Perhaps you've read these books , attended lectures , watched DVDs , but somehow nothing seems to work for you .

The main reason is That All play abroad , the outside of the person ...

It's like some television programs are promising : change people's lives by changing Their hairstyle ... Their changing clothes ... program has to change one's house , to enable a person 's life will change ... Also

The proposal is good and something really changes , but it is a temporary change ... hard hard while the iron on the hair ... or painting on the wall or the money in your pocket ...

There is only one power capable of creating lasting change - and it is the power of God , who first touches the inside , the person 's heart ! That's where the real change begins!

So I bring a good news for you : There is a supernatural power , revealed in the Bible , Which is the power you need to have a changed life .

See this verse : "All I want is to know Christ and feel in me the power of his resurrection . " know Christ ... and feel the POWER OF HIS RESURRECTION !

Elsewhere in the Bible , Ephesians 1:19-20 , it is written about this power Caused the resurrection of Christ . The text says , " and how great is his power at work in us who believe in him . This power working in us is the same- powerful force he [ God ] When used resurrected Christ and made ​​him sit at his right hand in the heavenly world . "

The word "power " in this verse reminds the word dynamite , Which is a chemical explosive . With the use of dynamite is plucked from the mountain path , the building comes to the floor , quarry gravel turns .

God is speaking : " I want to bring the power of dynamite to his life , the power can change everything . " The Same Power raised Jesus , after he was killed three days , is the power that is at your disposal to turn the weakness of its life force .

Understand this today : only God can change your life !

... here 's what the Bible teaches about the power of God can change your life , first:


We read in Ephesians 1:19 : "how great the power that works in us , who believe in him . "

The Bible says the power of God works in the lives of Those who believe in Him . If you trust God with all your heart , then His power will be available to you - the power of God works in people who believe in Him . This is wonderful !

Think about it : the fact more powerful ever happened in history is the resurrection of Jesus Christ by the power of God . And this power is it is available to all who believe!

And Paul wrote: "All I want is to know Christ in me and feel the power of his resurrection . "

No matter the size of your sin or weight that is on Their shoulders today ... the power of God changes everything and is available for you too ... You want to trust God ?

second ... the Bible teaches the power generator change:


Everyone suffers failures in life , commits sins , guard bitter memories ... and says: " Ah , if I had not done that " or " I failed , I'll pay for it the rest of my life . "

God says the you not need to walk around with a burden of guilt on the back and with old wounds the heart . Is not a question of Denying the past ... but you also do not need to carry the weight for life .

See what we read in the Bible in Colossians 2:13-14 , from the very end of v.13 : "God has forgiven all our sins and canceled the account of our debt , with its Supplements Regulations That We were Obliged to obey . He ended with this account , nailing it to the cross . "

God has forgiven all your sins and canceled each record debt ... God did this by Allowing Christ , His Son holy and just be killed on the cross .

If you've missed a lot or a little , Jesus knows ... He knows his past ... but the main thing is this : Jesus came to cancel all Their sins .

The person who gets up crucifying , who says , " I was wrong and I have to pay for it the rest of my life , " need to understand one thing : Jesus did not come to condemn ... He came to save! cam ... clear your record !

In the book of Jeremiah is written ( 31.34 ) God says: " For I will forgive sin Their Their wickedness and will remember . "

When Jesus died , one of the last words he spoke on the cross was: "It is finished" ( John 19:30) .

Que in the language Jesus spoke , He said in Greek , " tetelestai " Which means " paid in full " .

At the team tax receipts , made ​​on papyrus , When They were settled , had the word written on Them . The Researchers found receipts taxes to the Greek word written on Them : " tetelestai " Which means "settled " .

There is a great relief When You have a debt , and then comes the time stamp "paid " on the promissory note ?

That is what Jesus did on the cross . He completely paid for every sin you committed . Jesus did it for love . God did it for love !

This is a fact : Jesus on the cross canceled everything , all his past !

See what the Bible says in Romans 8:1 : " Now there is no condemnation For Those who are united with Christ Jesus. " Jesus was crucified for you if you to not get crucified !

How long do you think an account has already paid Which ? I forget every bill was paid . At home , When It Comes to water bill , the light bill , phone and other bills , Tania and I, since we got married , Usually we leave these accounts in a wooden box behind the kitchen door , Which are Also hanging keys ... I am giving the details because if you go there , you might want to take some pay during the week ... well as the bills arrive and They stay there every time we open and close the door we must remember them ... but , you know , from the team They are paid , I ' m not worried about Them - because They are paid !

Also God paid the account of his sins , the account of Their debt to him , and now God says , "never again remember Their iniquities " ... because They are paid !

Hallelujah ! Trust in the power of God !

third ... the Bible teaches the power generator of change ....


We all have problems and struggles . Only here at the very end of the street is equality are the only people who have no problems ... who went over there , the cemetery , stopped having problems .

But the issue is not having problems - the biggest question is how you deal with problems . In a game of words , say the Following : The problem is not the problem ... the biggest problem is how you deal with the problem . How do you deal with your Difficulties ? Try to solve it yourself ? Alone you can not .

But if you put your life in the hands of God , trusting in the power express Jesus to the resurrection , there is no problem in life that go unsolved .

You need to focus your mind on God ... We have focused on walking problem : where practical will , will see the problem ... walk , work , eat , lie and not take his eyes off the problem ... so stressed !

Should you not do this because it will get anxious and anxiety creates ulcers , diabetes , panic attack and even the dreaded heart attack . Do not walk focused on the problem .

Ever heard the story of stay- at - home hunting the mouse with the broom ? mouse that ... Which is sprawled , looking for the broom ? rats ... 's not waste time looking for the broom , They are focused on exit !

That's what you Should do: the power of God brings victory to his fights ! The Bible says: " Who shall separate us from the love of Christ ? Shall tribulation , or distress , or persecution , or famine , or nakedness , or peril , or sword ? " And the answer comes in verse 37 : " ... in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us . " Romans 8:37

The Bible says with God you become super winner with crushing victory over every fight!

You need to put the focus of your life in God because the matter the situation , the power God gives you victory !

and ... the fourth lesson the Bible teaches about the power generator change , is ....


We read in 2 Corinthians 5:17, "if anyone is in Christ is a new creation ; finished up what was old , and now that's new . "

See this : When you give your life to Jesus for Him to direct and bless , this is the starting point , is the starting point for change . You is not been the same- person , because it starts a new life . The Bible calls this being " born again . "

Being born again means starting again . Not turn the page ... is receiving new life and only the power of God does that !

Have you been born again ? Already gave his life completely to Jesus bless and drive ?

This is just the beginning , the starting point ... because if you want life changed , permanently , you will obey God and the power of the Holy Spirit will help you .

The apostle Paul taught what should be done When he said: "All I want is to know Christ and feel in me the power of his resurrection . " Your part is to know Christ by doing this , you will experience the resurrection power - the power creates life- changing !

What do you want it changed in your life ? ... some habit , some weakness , some character flaw ?

You are going through a situation that never changes ? If you allow it , God will use the power of the resurrection , and  power will create change in your life .

You want God to bless you ? Whatever the power of God produces a permanent change in your life ? because ... the opportunity is before you : right now , decides to deliver all that is yours to God !

Conclusion :

Beloved , God's power:

Is AVAILABLE to you ... it will cancel your PAST ... WIN will bring Their struggles and will give you a permanent CHANGE !

But , only one thing can stop you from changing life starting tonight ... only one thing you will Prevent from Becoming the person God wants you to be : is the attitude of postponing the decision .

The person who says : "One of these days I will take life more seriously ... Someday I want to be baptized and join the church ... One of these days I will give my life to Jesus and bless driving one ... of these days ... " but day never comes !

Do not be afraid , to not be shy , 's not just stand there!

I want to tell the story of Bahia Eliemary Silva da Silveira , very quickly : Eliemary is one of many people , even many who experienced the power generator of change . This woman was not happy , Despite having Achieved excellent job , fame and even money ... was dependent appetite suppressant, was trapped in addiction , drugs took up to ten per day , and Suffered from an ovarian cyst . If someone was in need of a life change , Eliemary person was  ... because , 14 years ago , in 1995 , she made ​​a decision for Jesus and after experiencing the power generator of change she moved , made ​​this statement : " I have not changed only religion Also changed character and life . " Became Eliemary up another woman ... maybe you know by the stage name Mara Wonder . Hallelujah Praise the Lord !

If you want your life changed , the starting point is to surrender everything to Jesus now .

Do not wait another moment! Open your heart to the love of Jesus right now and let the power of God to transform your life!