quinta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2013

The five stones of David

The giant Goliath tormented all the army of Israel , challenged every day. The sight of the army and King Saul were the giant, they focused on the giant and his forces , and came to a sad conclusion , we can not beat it .

There was a young man anointed of God who did not look the size of the giant, but looked the size of your God and on the size of your God that giant was nothing , he does not need weapons of war to fight him , the said human logic man to face the giant should be a skilled warrior , otherwise there would be no chance , the logic of God said to face the giant man had to depend on God, the logic of man special weapons , sword , shield , armor , in logic of God five pebbles . There is a giant in your life ? He has challenged you ? Has challenged his faith ? You think you can not beat him ? Do not look for him to look to God , " who is this uncircumcised Philistine to defy the army of the living God ."

Five stones you need :

* The stone of prayer - keep a life of constant prayer and you walked in spirit and have a strong spirit against the flesh .

* The Stone of communion - communion with God is marked by the moments that live in his presence , Have a specific time for bible in your daily life , do not end a day without having meditated on the word . God said to Joshua , do not be apart of this book meditate therein day and night , to do everything written in it , so you will be successful. Do not neglect the work of his church , participate, contribute .

* The Stone of Unction - anointing of God all they want , it does not come in a song , in a time of praise before the life of the worshiper is not on the altar. After communion and prayer , the anointing will come upon you , as it came upon David .

* The stone Vision - The believer needs vision, no it does not go anywhere , you see more than the human eye can see , you need to see the giant eyes of faith . It was through these eyes that the adolescent David, saw the victory in your life .

* The rock of faith - the reason says I need to see , faith says I need to believe. Saul says - you can not beat the giant ! David says - who is this uncircumcised to defy the army Of God . Say to yourself I am the army of Jehovah , am the apple of his eye , faith will get victory.

Five stones , not two , not three , five stones and one of them will bring down the giant , fill his bag with them and go to fight.