quarta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2014

Revelation 21 . 9-27

vv . 9-11 : John sees the new world and the new Jerusalem in a single grand vision , Ap 21 . 1-2 . It should be remembered that the " old Jerusalem " was also called holy , Ne 11.1 ; Isa 48.2 , 52.1 , 4.5 Mt . The sanctity of old Jerusalem was due to the temple. However , this temple , as Jesus turned into " a den of thieves " (Matthew 21:13 ) . Their leaders became persecutors and murderers of the Son of God (Luke 19:17 ) .

In the year 70 AD Roman troops led by Titus plundered and destroyed the old Jerusalem.

John saw the holy city coming down out of heaven from God . According to the author the letter

to the Hebrews , " is a city which hath foundation , whose builder is God " ( Heb. 11:10 ) .

The description of the new Jerusalem beyond vv . 1-2 also receives the description of v.9 .

Angel is probably the same who appeared to him in Revelation 17.1 . There the angel showed great harlot in all their sins , addictions , shame and impiety . Now , Revelation 21 shows the bride of Christ in all its beauty and purity . Both passages speak of two cities , Apartment 17 , " Great Babylon " and Revelation 21 , " New Jerusalem . " Both cities are city " Gold . " But the difference is that in one the "gold " is false , illusory , full of sins . Gold is the new Jerusalem with eternal glory .

The angel says, "Come ! Show thee the bride , the Lamb's wife . " The terms" bride " and " Wife " indicate that this was the time that the church of Christ here on earth , becomes the " wife " in celestial marriage, eternal and glorious .

All that was shown to John was a divine reality . God showed things divine in human language and human concepts . And what most impressed is that the apostle John saw that the city " has the glory of God . " John sees Christ's church in the " glory of God . " In heaven , " as stone jasper crystal " all is bright, all is crystalline , so that goes beyond all human understanding .

vv . 12-14 : " He had a great , high wall " - the wall that separated definitively the Holy City " the lake of fire and brimstone. " Keeps saying it had " twelve gates ... they were three gates on the east, three years north, south three sounds , and three west . " Those who are in town come from all over the world , and all are well kept .

Make reparation for the number 12 ports . There were twelve tribes . Each door with the name of a tribe . This means that cities are represented by the people of God of the OT " The wall of the city had twelve foundations, and on them were the twelve names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb . " Just as they were in the holy city of the ancient covenant people , were also of the new covenant . The apostles are called " apostles of the Lamb , " that because the city is the city of the Lamb (Rev. 21.9,22,23,27 ; 22.1,3 ) .

vv . 15-21 : The angel was speaking with John Maybe you explaining the details , especially because it would measure the city . The us is only disclosed the measurement result . This result is of great importance . The measure is based on the symbolic number of God's people , the number 12 . The new Jerusalem is the eternal and glorious abode of God's people from both guilds.

In modern measures 12,000 stadia equals 2.220 Km whole area equals 2.220 x 2.220 = 4.928.400 square miles of surface. This measure , as explained by the year 's man . These measures are not important . Important is the symbolism of numbers . The 12 multiplied by itself and that two equals 144 which multiplied by one thousand results in 144,000 . That means that extent inhabit all the children of God in its entirety.

vv . 18-20 : Here John recounts the beauty of Jerusalem . Like its inhabitants are holy , cleansed from all sins by the blood of the Lamb , so your eternal home is indescribable beauty and purity .

vv . 21-23 : Pearls are symbols of holiness and purity . Nobody , except the elect can enter the gates .

The Apostle John knew the old Jerusalem . Possibly in Ephesus heard about his destruction. Now , 20 years later, right before your eyes is the new Jerusalem in all its beauty and holiness. Search the vision to see the temple , but " I saw no temple . " Angel explains to him saying that " ... its temple is the Lord , the Almighty and the Lamb . " In heaven we do not need sanctuary, because the very God will be there face to face .

vv . 24-27 : Here is the glorious and final fulfillment of the prophecy of the prophet Isaiah 60:1-2 .

The doors of heaven need not be closed , therefore none but the elect will therein .

Recall once again on the need for , here on earth , we should always be ready for the coming of the Lord . Amen !