sexta-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2014

The Right Medicine

The story is the story of a man who wakes up in the morning with a terrible stomach ache. Drugged with sleep , he gets up the search for a remedy . In the darkness of the kitchen cabinet , his hand finds a bottle and he drinks a lot of liquid relief . By putting the bottle back in the cupboard , he makes a startling discovery - what he thought to be remedy was in fact a bottle of cleaner !

Desperate , he calls to 24 hour pharmacy and explains the whole situation . " I'm not stupid , I really believed I was drinking a remedy . What do I do ? "

" Let me understand , " says the pharmacist. " You thought I was drinking the medicine? "

" Yes , " the man said again , " I thought it was actually the bottle of medicine."

" So, all right , " replies the pharmacist.

" All right ? " The man says , shocked . " I will not die from drinking cleaner ? "

" No, nothing like that , " the pharmacist console on a very calm voice. " If you really believe with all my heart I was doing the right thing , then you'll be fine . "

Nobody would respect the advice of the pharmacist. However , there are many who make this same mistake in their spiritual lives . Moved by the pain of life or a guilty conscience , seeking a church . Groping in darkness swallow anything that comes to hand. Many believe they have found the right remedy, until they feel better . When asking why the " educated " people the answer is always " just have faith with all your heart , and everything will be alright . "

For all succeed, we need more than one faith - we need the right medicine ! Sin is the worst disease that man has , and the right medicine is given only in the gospel ( Romans 1:16 , 6:23) . Do not swallow anything from " pharmaceutical " liars . Look for the good Doctor who came to call sinners to the switch to save (Luke 5:31-32 ) .