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Tithing originated before Israel exists, before alliances exist before Levites there before laws existirem.O Levites tithe has nothing to do with law before after dízimos.O tithe has nothing to do with old or new aliânça.O tithe has nothing to do with the Levites or Israel, but rather because the pure crystalline truth is that the laws, alliances, the Israelites, the Levites who is born and bred to have relations with the tithe .

The laws, the covenants, the Israelites, the Levites, Moses, Aaron, etc. came to give more logistics, maintenance, creation of barns, cameras, cash to help tithe payers and suppliers as the weights and measures in food tithes that all days were slaughtered, washed, boiled, grilled, baked, broken and shared between themselves tithe volunteers, Levites, pilgrims, orphans,

. widows and needy of food, visiting and respect the mercy, love, and justice in God's House (Unfortunately many pastors do not know understand or understand the verse of Hebrews 7: 5,9).

All the people who come to visit churches, before starting to give faith or believe in the fallacy of the shepherds, before the tears and be moved by the music, "before hearing and to leave enchanted by the biblical words and music by Snake lovely "should ask the pastors if they really studied and understood about tithes and offerings, about Jesus and the word of God, etc. (Unfortunately many pastors and churches know nothing of Hebrews 7: 5,9 Hebrews 4: 9 Isaiah 66: 22,23 Matthew 7: 22-23 2ªPedro 2: 2-3 Revelation 12:17 Revelation 14:12) .These Bible verses can facilitate or help you to summarize all of them from the Bible, so that your faith never be exploited financeiramente.Nunca allow pastors or church or are able to explore your faith financially or economically.

Be aware that many churches hire and has many "artístas of faith," that many have publicly said they were paid for by the shepherds to say that you had been rich, and have much prosperity if you go to attend these igrejas.Portanto look only attend churches honest and honest and sincere pastors in explaining the word of God.

Many churchgoers are already "spiritually blind" because work and receive wages, but they are now saying that everything was the church that made in their lives, as if they had more dignity of being happy by working himself to them gives sustenance to eles.Até retirees who live and receive their own retirement have already embarked on this fanaticism, "that stuck canoe."

Note: When visiting a church, exercise your own right to know the word of God, to find out if their pastors teach the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and find out how they understand and interpret these passages: Hebrews 7 : 5.9 Hebrews 4: 9 Isaiah 66: 22,23 Matthew 7: 22-23 2ªPedro 2: 2-3 Revelation 12:17 Revelation 14: 12.Se they know less than you, and do not know as much as you know, it will be only you realize if you can feel a little safer to visit them when well quiser.A choice is yours.

Unfortunately many pastors show that beginners should develop and learn gradually as a child, taking leitinho Mom, all right, but the problem is that they themselves already taking goat and donkey milk, still without knowing the word of God, and without noticing understand or understand the verse of Hebrews 7: 5.9, among many others that exist in the Bible, etc.

Regarding Hebrews 7: 5.9 The vast majority of churches and evangelical pastors make a mess to explain a biblical verse as simples.A most churches and their pastors do not want to understand that the fact that a Levitical law was created just for give right to the Levites to have authority or free access to go take or collect tithes of his fellow Israelites, was abolished at the cross, in no way means that the tithe was abolished, because the tithe started by a melquisedequiano priesthood before there Levites before there Israelites, before there Levitical priests, before there laws to the Levites collect dízimos.Isso proves that the priesthood of Melchizedek imparted tithes and distributed food to all the poor in need of food, without discrimination, without prejudice, and without any social exclusion, not to mention that the first tithe mentioned in the Bible were not Levites or Israel, were Babylonian, pilgrims, Chaldeans, etc.

"The law requires priests the Levites who receive the tithes of the people, of their brethren, although these are descendants of Abraham" .HEBREUS 7: 5

- There is no biblical verse stating that tithing became law, that's a lie preached by most pastores.Até because this claim does not hold in the other books of the Bible, especially the New Testament books.

- The fact that a law required only the Levitical priests to collect tithe does not mean that all the tithe were Levites.

- The fact that it was given a labor law only to the Levitical priests, does not mean that this law was given to all non-Levites tithe.

- This was a labor law because when the Levitical priests completed 50 years, they they retired from their services as priests.

- All the sons of Jacob including Levi, had legal and familiar natural right to own the lands of his father Jacob or Israel (israel lands or Jacob, were divided for each son of Jacob, including Levi)..

- Because they were chosen to minister in the temple, the Levites lost their land to his other brothers, so God commanded the Levites to work collecting food only from farms of his fellow Israelites children of his own father Jacob.

- All the Levites had orders or commands to collect tithes (Hebrews 7: 9) of their own land his fellow Israelites, to feed themselves and all their family, women,

children, mothers in law, widows, old people, etc.

- When the Levites completed 50 years, they were retired from their jobs as sacerdotes.Daí had barns in the temples of God to the days of the apostles, to feed orphans, widows, poor, and needy of food in general, including the Levites.

Social inclusion is very characteristic of Jesus priesthood of the ministry, such as Melchizedek, both born in Salem or later Jerusalém.Quando call still life before his death on the cross, Jesus reconciled the world, without discrimination or prejudice , attracting all to Him, uniting Samaritans, Girgazeus, jebuzeus, Pharisees, Amorites, etc.

- Since ancient times even when there were Levites, had also this social inclusion, proving to eat and distribute tithes in your own home with the orphans in need of food, widows, etc. was never "sin" and never will be "sin" .

- Even when there was already Levites, the tithe tithes could eat in your own home, with social inclusion, including the Levites own, sentadinhos with orphans, widows, poor and needy of alimento.COISA LINDA! SERIOUS THING! That's the way! YES OR NÃoooooo ???? Deuteronomy 14: 27-29

"But not forsake the Levite that is within thy gates, because he has no part nor inheritance contigo.Ao after three years you shall bring out all the tithe of thine increase the same year, and lay it up within thy gates;

And the Levite, (because no part nor inheritance with thee), and ABROAD, AND THE ORPHANS, AND THE WIDOW, which are within thy gates, shall come and eat and shall be filled with; that the Lord thy God may bless thee in all the work of your hand which you do. "

- At that time there already existed and Levite law Levites and priests existed Levites, because Aaron was already Levitical priest, and also existed temple given by the Levites.

- Exodus 25: 8 "And let them make me a sanctuary; that I may dwell among them."

- Tithing never came because of no lei.O tithe was never law and never will be lei.O what actually happened, it was a commandment or labor law given by God, to the priests the Levites collect tithe paw themselves on farms of their own family members (brothers) .This command of social inclusion to give right of the Levites take tithes or receive food to feed on "tithes of their families brothers" Israeli ".This type of service was abolished because of Abraham was restricted to the Levitical priesthood (Levi) .Daí you should ask: Why the tenth gathering of command to Levitical priests was abolished?

- ANSWERS: The Bible itself gives many answers on this fact:

1st -. For changing the priesthood, necessarily also makes changing the law (Hebrews 7:12) 2:12 .Tiago law of voluntariness is for the faithful have free will to give without any charge or obligation, call now "law of liberality" is for the priests opened the chambers and barns for her faithful enjoyment of their rights to food tithes, but this is a fact to be dealt with later.

2nd Currently all Christians living under the priesthood of Jesus, in the sanctuary, according to Melquisedeque.Nenhum order another priesthood should be raised nor the veil was torn from top to bottom can be rebuilt.

3rd Jesus reconciled the world, the enmity between Samaritans, Levites, Sadducees, etc.

4th Tithing exist even if there were no law or commandment, because the tithe seeks power to all the faithful, pilgrims and needy of food, without discrimination and without prejudice.

ALL GOD'S HOMES, OR WHEN GOD CHURCH HAD CAMERAS AND BARNS, TABLES, CUTLERY, CHAIRS, GRIDS FOR FAITHFUL BAKING BREAD AND MEAT, COOKING FOOD, ETC (currently eat and to distribute tithes in the house of God, it would be much faster and easy to do because there are, stoves and grills to both electrical and gas, etc.).

5th The Bible never ever said "tithing became law" .This is a claim or gross misinterpretation no biblical basis.

6th Never any pilgrim or poor son of Abraham (not Levite) was arrested for failing to or paid tithing, because if he had not tithe, he would not stay with fome.Ele would have their food needs met tithes.


1. Of all the tithes collected, to strip "the holy of the tithe or tithe of the tithes" to the pastores.Por example if tithing were cattle (animals) the tithe himself carried the animal to the courtyard of the copper altar temple where there he took the knife and felled the animal, and a copper bowl poured the blood of the animal for the copper altar basis so as to burn the animal's blood to avoid contamination with blood, bacteria, etc. Hence the tithe imparted the animal and washed the part of the animal, he gave the thigh and the animal's chest as "payment", "saint of the tithe" or "tithes of the Tithes" for priests or pastors, for the services that they make to the work Deus.Números of 18: 21.28 Nehemiah 10:38

Note: Before there Levites before there temples, there was no services or works in the temple, but there was already tithes that were eaten anywhere, at the foot of the hill, in their own tithe, with the orphans,

pilgrims Abraham's children, widows, etc.

Suddenly comes the first Levita (Levi, was one of the sons of Jacob or Israel, where was born the Levites) and the Levites Moses and his brother Aaron, built the first temple, tabernacle or temple Deus.O first Levite Priest Aaron was the prophet Moses's brother, who was also a Levite.

When the prophet Moses had a vision on the hill, he saw a sanctuary in céu.Deus asked to make a copy of the sanctuary, and Moses then built the first temple of God, not by tithes (food)

but through offers, gold, silver, precious stones, wood,

embroidered curtains hand, animal leather fabrics, etc.

Nowadays some say the tithe is used to build temples, etc., but this claim has no biblical basis, because there is no temple in the Bible of God in the Bible, was ever built through tithing and no order was given by God to build temples or churches through tithes, because all the temples of God have always been built through deals.

Many Christians most studied this subject confirm that this idea of building the temple through tithing is an ideology to take at once, all rights biblically own tithe payers have to eat the tithe own and share it also with its own family in need of food,

pilgrims, orphans, widows, etc.

2. The Levites received tithes from two origins:

- Of his own son brethren of their father Jacob, who was later called Israel.

- And of those who were not Levites, like the Chaldeans, Babylonians as Abraham, Eshcol, Aner, we ate tithe, it is written of Abraham even Levi, who received tithes paid tithes through loot, etc.

NOTE: These spoils in the case of Lot and Abraham were cattle spoils of animals in general, because both Abraham and Lot, they were big ranchers and cattlemen had many lands, now they have not had their lands stolen, they had only their looted wealth.

- The Levites have been given orders given by God to only arrecadarem tithing that JACOB'S CHILDREN ISRAELI or who are their relatives and brothers family heirs) .Números 18:26

3. Pastors try to confuse and hinder the understanding of students and researchers on the topic "tithe of the tithes." (Nehemiah 10:38) .Some pastors undermine saying "tithe of the tithes" means "trízimo", the word "trízimo" they invented to confuse the faithful.

There are many pastors who undermine saying the word "tithe of the tithes" means 20%, which is the same as giving tithes two at once, etc.Infelizmente thousands of evangelical Christians and applaud and support these idiocies.

4. In the Christian era, there was still temples and synagogues who collected tithes in food properly kept and imparted diariamente.Atos 4:34 James 1:27

5. Tithing has two purposes: GIVE THEM AND GET THEM ONLY IN FOOD 1/10 to the treasure house / treasury (Malachi 3:10) and 9/10 for the needy

6. God never gave permission and freedom to the priests or pastors to use or take advantage of the full tithes as they do today

7. The Levites are only heirs of tithing brought by JACOB'S CHILDREN (ISRAELI) -their relatives and co-heirs brothers sons of Jacob.

8. Tell the Levites: When ye tithe of the Sons of Israel, which I have given you from them for your inheritance, their ofertem 1/10 to Senhor.Números 18:26

9. Give only a part of all received tithes of israelitas.Desses tithes (separate tenth of the tithe) to the treasury / House tesouro.Números 18:28

10. Give a part of all received tithes of israelitas.Desses tithes (separate tenth of the tithe) to the priest / pastor Arão.Números 18:28

11. Give a contribution of all the tithes received from israelitas.Desses tithes (take the tithe of the tithes) for the priest Arão.Números 18:28

12. JACOB, obtained the name of Israel, and had his son Levi (Levite tribe) The tithes of their fellow Israelites part of the paternal inheritance Levite.

13. Just as the priests, Levites and singers porters, is entitled to the tithe of the tithes, the shepherds also have just the same right

14. Numbers 18:26 The Levites (pastors, singers, porters, etc.) is entitled to the tithe of the tithes, but is not entitled to inherit 90% restante.Josué 13:33

15. Numbers 18:26 The altar of the Levites (pastors, etc.) is entitled to the tithe of the tithes, but has no right to inheritance (possession) of 90% restantes.Josué 13:33

16. Numbers 18:26 Of the total tithe, the Levites (pastors, porters) only have heritage to tithe of the tithes, but has no inheritance to 90% restante.Josué 13:33

17. Of the 100% of the total collected tithes, pastors only entitled to 10% .The rest belongs only to orphans Levites pilgrims, Numbers 18:26 Joshua 13:33

18. Of the 100% of the total collected tithes, pastors only entitled to 10% .The remaining 90% belongs only to orphans, viuvas.Josué 13:33 Numbers 18:26

19. Tithing tithes are stored in the lower chamber within the temple and are the treasury to pay pastors, singers, porters and despezas.

20. Of the collected tithes, pastors only entitled only to tithe of the tithes, as heritage; on the other hand has no inheritance to the remaining 90%.

21. Hebrews 7: 9 Levi received tithes and gave the tithe of the tithes (the porters, singers) in the person of Abraham, who received 1 and gave exemplo.Genesis 14: 18,20

22. The Levites as a tribe of Jacob (Israel) has family law, tithes of the Israelites and gave the priest, only a tenth of dízimos.Números 18:26

23. You will say to the Levites: When ye tithe of the Israelites, I have given you as an inheritance, you shall give them the tithes of dízimos.Números 18:26

24. He had made it a same chamber of food for the singers and the porters, and the offering (tithe of the tithes) for SACERDOTES.Neemias 13: 5

25. He had her food chamber to the Levites (POOR) singers and the porters, and the offering (tithe of the tithes) for sacerdotes.Neemias 13: 5

26. You will bring a contribution of all the tithes tithes recebidos.Desses you (take the tithe of the tithes) to the priest Arão.Números 18:28

27. The poor (Levites) receive alimentos.Os baskets priests the Levites divided 1/10% (Tithes of the Tithes) for the expenses of igreja.Neemias 10:38

28. The Levites priests worked in shifts in the temple and lived in his own home with his family working as ranchers and farmers.

29. There was law for the priests arrecadarem tithe of the Israelites, to avoid fraud between Israelis and relatives who all also give tithe

30. The poor faithful receive baskets alimentos.Os priests take 1/10 of tithes for pastors, singers and gatekeepers of igreja.Neemias 10:38

31. The poor (Levites) receive alimentos.Os baskets priests the Levites take tithes of the tithes (for despezas) to the House of tesouro.Neemias 10:38

32. The poor (the Levi / Levites tribe) receive (tithe = food) .The PRIESTS take the tithe of the tithes to the house of tesouro.Neemias 10:38 Malachi 3:10

33. The poor (the Levi / Levites tribe) received (tithe = food) The Levites (Priests) take the tithe of the tithes to the house of tesouro.Neemias 10:38

34. The priest shall be with the Levites (widows, orphans, destitute) when these poor receive tithes. (To monitor the services and prevent fraud) Nehemiah 10:38

35. Logically, the pastors of the Levites no descendants or Israeli tribe, can not call itself "Servants of the Most High God," and is not entitled to tithe of the tithes

36. There were two cameras: The 1st kept the tithe of the tithes to the priests levitas.A 2nd guarded the other part of the tithe to feed the needy

37. Numbers 18:26 The Levites who worked at the altar (pastors, etc.) is entitled to the tithe of the tithes, but has no right of inheritance to 90% restantes.Josué 13:33

The tithe of the tithes is what God has determined to pay the priests the Levites for the services at the altar Numbers 18: 21.28 Nehemiah 10: 38, now why then current pastors take 100% of the tithes to them?

Hebrews 7: 15-16 "And even more evident: for that after the similitude of Melchisedec there ariseth another priest, 16 which was not done according to the law of a carnal commandment, but after the power of an endless life".


As human beings the Levitical priests were imperfect and therefore could not make perfect bidders, nor could they make perfect those who wanted to reach God.The proof is that many Levitical priests who were anointed, sanctified, even with all that they still had impure thoughts, and always committed sins as anyone, because all the Levitical priests were sons of mortal and fallible individuals, who also sinned, they aged and morriam.O that all wanted to teach?

- This lesson teaches that sin really makes the separation barrier in "cult release" tre the sinner and God.

- This lesson teaches that even if you are anointed, blessed, baptized, received healings and miracles, etc but if you do not keep the commandments and the laws of God, you will be raising and high wall that separates you or separate you from you come to God, to find that the Deus.Por "sacagás" seeks to deceive the abolishing Christians

destroying or stepping on the commandments of the Decalogue, so that the sinner himself raise this wall separating or out to see the light and the way that is Jesus, which prevents him from having full freedom of having the presence or seek the presence God for you, so many people create and build many churches that became worship instrument.

Many churches now considered more important than the laws and commandments of Deus.Frequenta it became more important to obey the laws and commandments of God.

Every day increases the number of people who ignore the commandments and laws of God, but who mistakenly think that their sins will be forgiven if they are to their churches attend church services every day, if they sing beautiful songs, if they raise their hands to ask for blessings, or if they make long exciting prayers, if they hear words of encouragement, words "powerful", or if they attend church services classified as "if they attend power of cults", "if they attend prayer meetings" "if they attend demon expulsismo cults", etc.

In fact all ministries or priesthoods not obey the commandments and laws of God, that is not discipularem individuals faithful and obedient to God, sure that priesthood is considered "old, old fashioned and cachectic" as the priesthood of the Levites was considered because not perfect or develop to anyone, nor can become perfect to any bidder, even if the offeror has shed thousands of generous offerings on the altar.


Hebrews 7: 8,23 "And here receive tithes men who die; but there he receiveth them, of whom it is witnessed that vive.E actually have been made priests in large numbers, since death prevented them from continuing "

Melchizedek had no genealogy, because he did not have neither father nor mother mortais.Os parents of Melchizedek do not exist, so he is a priest forever, just as Jesus was mortal as man, He never transgressed the laws of man, nor He ever transgressed the commandments of God and the laws Deus.Abraão was a kind of Christian disciple who obey and keep the commandments, statutes and laws of God (these commandments and laws saved by Abraham, were not Levitical laws or israel laws, or laws written with the finger of Moses did not exist Levites or Israel, or Moses) .Abraão was follower of the principles of Melchizedek.

Abraham was a type of Christian disciple, as Melchizedek was a type of cristo.Em Genesis 26: 5 reveals that Abraham obeyed my word and kept my commandments, my statutes, my statutes and my leis.Todos Christians should know that once Jesus revealed who your true eternal parents:

Matthew 12:50 says: For whoever does the will of my Father who is in heaven is my brother and sister and mother. Mark 3:35 For whosoever shall do the will of God is my brother, sister and mãe.Lucas 8:21 And he said to them, My mother and my brothers are those who hear the word of God and observe it. According to the eternal priesthood Melquisedequiano, which is the same priesthood of Jesus, all who keep the true laws and true commandments of God, out of love and obedience to God, receive eternal life will be eternal and will live with Jesus forever .

All Christians, evangelicals and religious should know that attend church, believe in miracles, expect blessings is one thing, now obey the commandments of God is outra.Uma thing is attending, sing, receive miracles, expect miracles, and have blessings, but another thing is to love God and kept all his commandments.



"NOT ALL THAT TELL ME: 'Lord, Lord' will enter the kingdom of heaven, BUT HE DOING MY FATHER'S WILL THAT IS IN HEAVEN" Matthew 7: 21-23. (If you do not understand, no problem we will continue to read, possibly because by the end of the reading you will understand more clearly, but relax, sleep well, take a drink and then resume reading from the beginning).

NOTE: If you failed or was unable to understand this text, reread once, or show this text to your brethren church, teachers, friends, Christians, evangelicals, family, etc.