segunda-feira, 23 de março de 2015


Living life without purpose and well-defined objectives is to live leaving "life takes you"; is to live without knowing where to go, being taken under the circumstances! And be taken according to the circumstances mean they dictate your mood, your courage, your faith, attitude, his praise or worship! When in fact the Christian know live, be happy and grateful for any and regardless of the circumstances you are going through!

I think what makes a person winning is the Focus on your purpose and goal! Of course, it is not only this, but it is one of the main things. I repeat ... unlikely, improbable, that a person can get anywhere (win / win) without having a goal and a purpose!

The Lord is God who acts, does and speaks with purpose. Jesus came, was born, lived, died, rose for a purpose. The great men and women of God in the Bible and beyond lived, suffered, died and even won with / for a purpose.

The initial reflection is simple:

"They want to be and how they win? Discover their secret! Follow in their footsteps! "

This is your challenge! Select (a) man / woman of God, study his life, his behavior, his actions, his words, which he passed; discover your secret! As an example of life, follow in his footsteps, in his virtues!

Today I propose to study, but not very deep, an episode and some of these men of God and learn from them his big secret!

> As I do not have much time and space here to talk and study with you all I would like, encourage you to study the history of Israel's monarchy, especially 1 and 2 Kings and 1 and 2 Chronicles and the Book of the Prophet Jeremiah (See the film can be very interesting as well) to understand why God allowed Judah's captivity in Babylon (our focus here). It is fitting to recall here that, as Egypt is slavery, Babylon is worldly and sinful system that acts in violation of the Holiness and the Will of God. So is this world that "lieth in wickedness" in which wandered waiting to be completely rescued by going to our true "home", the New Jerusalem! (2 Cor 5: 1-4)

* Before entering exactly the topic I would like to contextualize this message with other approaches that surely will touch your heart.

Read DANIEL 1: 1.2


Dwell in the land of Humiliation (Dan 1: 3,4) - There is a time for all things according to Ecclesiastes 3. And in all things there is a purpose behind it, whether they are good or bad (Romans 8:28). It is humiliation of time? Being humiliated? So get off the jump and humbles himself before the Lord, that: "The humbled will be exalted." Whether for correction or probation, we often find ourselves in the humiliation of captivity! Well says the Word of God:

* "Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God so that your time exalt you (1 Peter 5: 6)
* "My son, do not despise the chastening of the Lord, nor enjoes you his rebuke" (Proverbs 3: 1 / Heb 12: 5)
* "You have stricken them, not hurt them; consumed them, and they would not receive correction; hardened their face more than the rock; refused to return "(Jeremiah 5: 3)
* "And tell them, This is the nation that did not listen to the voice of the Lord their God, nor receiveth correction ..."

Despite being the Royal Line and probably will not be "guilty" by captivity, the four young men: Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, suffered among his people such a situation, and more, decided to follow the Lord's counsel in Jer 27: 4 -12 / 29: 4-14.

Dwell in the land of Adversity (Daniel 1: 5) - It is the time of humiliation and hardship that the enemy will want to determine and impose the way How you have to live and what should or should not do. What would you or I in place of these young people?

Daniel has established itself in the PURPOSE to please God!

You keep your purpose or accept the will of the enemy? If it is that you have a purpose!

Dwell in the land of Outrage and Intimidation (Daniel 3: 6; 13-18) - The enemy will always try to look bigger and more powerful than it really is; it will attempt to face, with its limited power, confront and intimidate you!

Taking advantage of moments of weakness and uncertainty, it will require us to deny our faith; when you can not, it will try to persuade us to divide the worship that is due to God alone.

At these times, what would you do? The days will come, according to the word of God, which again the enemy of our souls require such worship!

Again, these young people have signed up for the purpose of worship and Pleasing to God alone!

Dwell in the land of Accusation and Ambush (Daniel 6: 1-10) - The (s) enemy (s) is (are) constantly seeking occasion against us, to: Accusing us and harm us.

When the enemy can not make us deny the Faith or divide the worship that is due to God alone, he will try to destroy the foundations of our communion with God, Prayer! If indeed it is effective in this endeavor, it will be easy to achieve the first two.

That attitude, that courage, selflessness that Daniel! When she learned that it was forbidden to pray, Daniel was ... PRAY! He did not open because of your hand PURPOSE!

In the view of the Enemy, Daniel signed his death warrant, but God from his throne signed the sentence of LIFE! As Isaiah says:

"Even before the day was I am; and there is none that can deliver out of my hands; acting I, who can reverse it? "

Again, what you and I We would do in place of Daniel? What do we do when we have to go in the same circumstances?


Some of the great purposes of Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah were:

Love and Putting God first regardless of the circumstances;

Being together, interceding for each other that unknown and pagan land;

To honor and exalt one another;

To reject any departures from God's Word.

* We learned from them that every time our purpose is to please and put God first, He will always provide the Escape / Deliverance and the supply of our needs (1 Cor 10: 13 / Dn 1: 8, 9/2 : 46-49 / 3: 28-30 / 6:).
* We also learned that God does not relieve us of the Captivity and circumstances of life, before, He comes to us in them, and in them the Lord shows his Grace and Power!