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"Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord." (Hebrews 12:14)

The success of marriage depends largely on this stage called dating. The current standards of society no longer consider this importance, dating is no longer a process of building friendship and commitment, but wraps increasingly intimate and complicated.

The Bible does not discuss about this process in the life of a couple, just because it teaches the children of God to live holiness in eternal commitment, which is marriage. You will not read in the Word how to be a good suitor, or how to be a brilliant girlfriend. But will understand how you can be a God-fearing wife and a priest husband's home. And to live this step before marriage, you will learn to be a respectful young and in love with Christ, and a young woman who cares for the things of God. Finally, you will learn how to live a holy life.

And is holiness in your life with God that allows you to walk a holy dating. The saint dating generates blessing, and a blessing accompanies the holy marriage. This reality is the couple Pr Leonardo and Vanessa Capochim, leaders of Youth Pond, share the church -. Through the ministrations in the services and advice. They decided to let the Holy Spirit teach them to predict in their roles as man and wife. In 40 minutes of conversation in drafting the revised Acts Today, the couple answered several questions about the saint dating and left tips and advice on how you, boyfriend and girlfriend, you can make your holy relationship.

The meaning of dating for man and a Christian woman

The Leonardo (Leo) pastor defines the meaning of dating from a male perspective: "The man is dating for a while to get to know the girl and stay together, enjoying this achievement it is to have the commitment to it." Already under the Optical women, according to Vanessa (this): "It is also the knowledge of the person period, without knowing the body, and a preparation for marriage. At that time both learn to talk to each other, to know some differences and how to deal with them. "Attention young, the dating of you does not mean that the couple explained above, repent while there is time.

The posture of the man and woman interferes directly in the "health" of the relationship. So Leo advises men: "Man should see his girlfriend as his future wife. It is simply not an achievement, but one that he will love and share life. If he sees the dating that way, it works to honor and respect for women, which keeps the healthy relationship "Loading dating before God is Vanessa indication for women". If the woman does not put in your dating presence of the Lord it will not be good, especially to holiness. In addition, she can not see her boyfriend as a child, in whom will have and feel the right of fighting. She must understand that it is a companion. "

What (a) Christian (ã) should know about dating before "embarking" on a

It's amazing how "boarded" often in relationships "stuck" and the result is always that famous sentence: "I swam, swam and died on the beach." This can happen for many reasons, but there is one that many do not violate - that is the lack of understanding of this process called courtship. Leo points out what commonly happens among men: "The Christian has to know that dating is not an escape to a shortage. It will not make up for the loneliness or lack of something. . Dating is already the first phase of marriage, it is a compromise and this is serious "At that addressed a reality that every woman faces, to think of fantasy that will marry a prince:" Knowing that there is no perfect person is fundamental to enter a date. Girls who have followed have it wrong when it happens the first disagreement they already think the man is not of God. So you have to know that there are conflicts in dating, because human beings are flawed. "

That is why dating has spiritual significance for both the man and the woman. Leo dating has to be a spiritual growth stage of man, and his partner is critical in this journey. "The Christian dating is the inverse of the world, man knows the soul (feelings) and the spiritual woman without knowing her body. Thus, both will pray together, meditate on the Word, knowing the ministerial call of two and see the "fit" that there is in God's purposes for the two "this adds:" The search for the Lord unites the couple;. for, as there is the satisfaction of the flesh but of the spirit, the quest will strengthen even, the desires of the flesh will be weakened and the couple will be firm in the Lord's purposes. "

How to live a holy dating

"Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord." (Hebrews 12:14) Men, you want to live a holy dating? So have a holy life, even before getting into a relationship. "If you do not have one single holy life, do not expect to have in dating. For when you find the temptation will be your walk with God that will help you escape. If you already know God and have intimate with him at the time of temptation, the exhaust will be clearer, "adds Leo Capochim.

Women, to have a saint dating respect the limits of man and help them flee the appearance of evil. "Dating in the car under any circumstances. Go out with friends and seek dating in crowded places. Flee not only from evil, but the look of it. Serve the Lord with her boyfriend. Leo and I can count the days we sat to take a moment just us two. Because we were so involved in the work, working for the Lord. This helps you not to fall "concludes Vanessa Capochim.

The result of living a holy dating is entering into a marriage under the blessing of God. "That makes all the difference. Vanessa and I seek everything we say to you. We also seek advice, we were accompanied by the Ministry Valentine Pond, did the Groom Course and have always been involved in church. We always hear that the first year would be honeymoon and the second would be moon gall, but with us has been different. Because we entered the marriage under this blessing, choosing dating in holiness, our first years of marriage have been wonderful - even if there are conflicts, "says Leo.

According to the couple, the lack of self-control and respect for the body and the feelings of (a) partner (a) have been the main causes of many Christian dating are not saints. "We see many boyfriends who destratam her companions, one is always mocking and belittling each other, putting nicknames and always respect exceeding the limit - this is also a lack of holiness. The way the man talks to a woman must be with honor, and romanticism involves small delicacies. If not so, one will end up leaving for physical aggression even in dating, "says Leo. Excessive jealousy is also a decisive factor in the sanctity of marriage. "What brings more conflict and aggression is exacerbated jealousy. The boyfriend can not play ball with friends or even have a moment with them because the woman lacks confidence. And if the woman does not show to have confidence in your partner, it also will not have with her, "adds this.

There are numerous actions that make the holy dating, and they are all in God's Word. But perhaps you need to read something more practical and goal that is a route to their actions. Then, follow the tips of the couple to help you live a holy dating:


Seek God;
Recognize your weaknesses, you are not Superman;
Do not let the dating idle, "an idle mind is the devil's workshop";
Do not exceed the limits, you will not be able to stop;
The blessing for the marriage begins to be won in the holy dating, conquer yours.


Seek God;
Recognize your weaknesses, you are not Wonder Woman;
Do not seek advice or anyone with wicked;
Work with your boyfriend in the Lord's work;
Escape from the appearance of evil and be attentive to escape to temptations.