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Appearance and Content

"And when they passed by in the morning, they saw that the fig tree had dried up from the roots." (Mark 11:20)

Going from Bethany to Jerusalem, Jesus was hungry. Passing through a fig tree covered with very green leaves (appearance), he approached to pick some figs. Seeing, however, the most absolute absence of fruit (content), Jesus "cursed" the fig tree, condemning it to permanent unproductiveness. "The next day, early in the morning, Jesus and the disciples passed by the fig tree and saw that it was dry from the root" (Mark 11:20).

The explanation given by Jesus clearly has nothing to do with the fact that a fig tree dries up, because it has no fruit, which could be looked at naturally in an era that was not of harvest ... But, suddenly, He begins To explain about faith capable of changing things.

But what would be the relationship between a cursed fig tree and the fruitful life of faith that the Lord expects us to have?

Like that fig tree, many of us can impress and convince at first sight. Our "green leaves" give the appearance of life, of life, of robustness, which does not necessarily imply authenticity and especially productivity.

In times of numbers and statistics, we hear from all sides of indexes that speak of church growth. Some estimate that in two decades the majority of the Brazilian population will be evangelical. But is this enough to affirm that the Work of God is truly ingrained and influencing this earth for good? Do we have a church committed to the humble and serene truth of the gospel? Are these crowds present in censuses and surveys united by the bond of love and faith? And will it be that as if they were one heart they give real and authoritative witness of Christ through their own lives? These are vital questions that impel us to deep reflection.

Often we are just church-goers, mouths that mechanically scream their améns and hallelujahs, ignorant hands that carry unread bibles, suits and ties that hide a soul tainted by clandestine sins. Often we are just truth sheet - appearance - but without a single true fruit of sincere commitment to Christ and His Word.

Our vocation, as Christians, is not simply to offer shelter, under the green foliage of our branches. Our full-time vocation is to provide food for a rickety, undernourished world of God. Above all, and above the seasons, the Christian continues his mission of accomplishing the work of Christ, that is, of giving "life with abundance". The eternal is eternal because it is timeless. The quality of our mission is eternal. Therefore, we should never be bound by the limitations of stations, cultures, technologies or theological idioms.

It is true that green leaves are beautiful and give a good impression. But for God, that is not enough. We should not be just figs with leaves. We have to go beyond appearance, we have to have commitment and content - we have to be fig trees with fruits!

Do not Follow Your Heart!

If I do not forgive my friend until I feel desire to forgive ... I will never forgive.

If I am not kind to my neighbor until I feel at my heart to be kind ... I will never be kind.

If I do not pray for the lost until I feel the urge to pray ... I will never pray.

If I do not work hard until I feel desire in my heart to be diligent ... I will never be diligent.

If I do not serve in the church until I feel like serving ... I will never serve.

If I do not approach those who are different from me until I feel in my heart the desire to approach ... I will never approach.

If I am not patient with my children until I feel desire to be patient ... I will never be patient.

We live in a culture that sends us to follow our hearts. The Lord says, "Obey and your heart will follow." The glory of the Gospel is that God gives us power to do what we do not feel like doing. When it comes to following the Lord, feelings will most often follow obedience.

Do not follow your heart. Do not wait until you feel desire or are in order. By the power of the Spirit, obey God and trust that feelings will follow.

Reflections on the Three Temptations of Jesus in the Desert

Base Text: Mt 4: 1-11

I want to expound in a succinct way what the Holy Spirit has shed light on my understanding in this biblical passage known to Christians - which concerns the temptations suffered by Jesus in the wilderness by Satan.

The first point I would like to emphasize is that none of us are exempt from the temptations of satan, after all he is the temptation itself and this was made clear in the text under analysis since he invested with his devices against the very Son of God, Jesus Christ , The Incarnate Word. However, although we are subject to temptations, we have resources given by God to successfully resist it - the Word of God. Jesus gave us a great proof of this, for all his answers are based on the Word of God.

We talk initially about the tempter, now let's talk about how it attacks. We identified in the text that Jesus was fasting and praying for 40 days until he was hungry - here is an important tip - hunger was the point of contact for Satan to come up with his suggestions. Now, this brings light into our heart, so hunger was the great need of Jesus at that moment, so Satan will always try us in some area of ​​our life, where some lack is detected, for example, if someone does not go Well in his financial life, he will present suggestions in this area to "solve" the problem, if in sentimental life in the same way, etc. Highlighting Satan is always prowling around trying to discover our vulnerabilities, our needs and our needs.

Normally when we refer to this happening we usually say the temptation of Jesus, but if we delve deeper into the text, we will see that temptation actually unfolds in three temptations. The first of these is related to hunger, when satan says:

"If you are the son of God, command that these stones become bread." Jesus answered: It is written, 'Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.'

The enemy presents his cunning in the sense of inducing Jesus to error, taking advantage of his vulnerability, his hunger, or if Jesus was hungry it was simple he could turn stones into bread and satiate his need, after all he was hungry.

How often does the enemy seek to potentialize our problems in such a way as to induce us to break the principles established by God in his word. Jesus gives us a great example, we can not place our needs above the word of God. We can not break principles - turning stone into bread is a breaking of principle, after all stone is stone and bread is bread, are totally distinct things in nature. It is precisely this that Satan wants to suggest to us, if you are going through necessity, you can do anything, after all you need it, no problem, God will understand, etc. Most people who commit some moral flaw when confronted often say "ah but I was passing needs, my family needs to eat, my marriage was not going well, everyone does it etc."

The great lesson we can draw from this first temptation is that we should trust God in times of material difficulty, knowing that at the right time He will supply our needs as Jesus did, for in verse 11 of the same chapter it says that the angels themselves From heaven they came and served Jesus, hallelujah. We can never want to negotiate with God, disobeying his principles set forth in his own word. We can never mix things up, the mix is ​​not from God. Let's keep differentiating things: Holy or profane, honest or dishonest, right or wrong! There is no middle ground with regard to spiritual principles established by God himself. If we break it we will surely pay the price and God will not honor us.

Let's reflect on the second temptation.
And he said unto him, If thou art the Son of God, cast thyself down hence; For it is written, That he shall give his angels charge over thee, and shall take thee into their hands, lest thou dash upon a stone. Jesus saith unto him, It is written also, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God. Matthew 4: 6-7

The second temptation is no less gloomy, I say it is even more hellish, because the first temptation was related to breaking principles and moral fall, however, the second is related to life itself, what subtly Satan suggests here is nothing less than Jesus Against his own life, that is to say, suicide! Mercy!

Now, the great balcony of satan was to make Jesus watch his own life, for one who plays himself from the top of a tower obviously can only die. God the Father would have no commitment to save Jesus in that situation, for He would in theory have given cause to the event.

When we voluntarily expose ourselves to a risky situation God has no commitment to honor us, for example if I have to go through a desert and dangerous road because I have no other choice, God will honor me, but if I pass this road knowing his danger And yet I put myself at risk, for no reason, simply trusting in divine protection, God in this case will have no commitment to grant of his deliverance. Whoever does this is tempting the Lord, as wisely answered by Jesus Christ, hallelujah!

Sadly, this temptation continues to be exploited by satan today with a lot of success, after all, not only are people who in extreme moments and despair end up listening to the adversary's suggestions and end their own lives. Unfortunately, suicide remains a commonplace fact in our daily lives. People are induced to the same in the false hope that they will have relief from their pains, their problems, all this suggestion of the adversary. Whoever attacks his life according to the word risks losing eternal salvation, for it is written that the Lord will destroy the one who destroys the temple of the Holy Spirit, so when a person commits suicide he is attacking the temple of the Spirit Holy is your body.

Reflecting on the third and final temptation.

"Again the devil carried him to a very high mountain; And shewed him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them. And he said unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt worship me. Then Jesus said unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. "Matthew 4: 8-10

This text may be the subtlest of temptations. After all, who does not want to be successful in life, honored and recognized. And the word makes it clear that satan also has his glory, we saw how many things he promised to Jesus in exchange for worship, mercy!

Unfortunately, many people have fallen into this third temptation, today we live a very great call for personal achievement, professional success, prosperity etc so that this even becomes the main message of many religious denominations - success and financial achievement!

However, we can not allow ourselves to be carried away by the worldly and satanic appeals of recognition and success above all and at any price. No, God is the only one worthy of worship nothing and no one can take his place.

We should keep in mind that when it comes to worshiping satan the first idea that comes to our understanding are those who make covenants with the evil one in exchange for fame, riches, etc., although this is real, for there are in the world today some Worship and worship openly satan, known as Satanist churches, even with branches in Brazil, mercy!

But worship can take place in a subtle and veiled way, for example, we worship everything that passes having absolute value in our lives, so if money becomes an absolute value, then it also becomes worshiped, if success Becomes a compulsion in the personal life, this happens to be an absolute value and also a target of adoration. Therefore, let us be careful that nothing comes to occupy the place of the Lord in our hearts, after all alone he is worthy to be worshiped, hallelujah!

Finally, extract what is useful for your life in this simple article, remembering that the most effective weapon we have against satan and his temptations is still the Word of God, nothing replaces the Word, however, not a shallow knowledge of the Word , We should study it habitually and with intensity, for satan also knows superficially the word, so much so that he quoted it for Jesus in this episode!

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II Cor 2: 10-11 "And to whomsoever ye shall forgive, I also; For what I have forgiven, if it be that I have forgiven anything, for your sake I have done it in the presence of Christ, that Satan may have no advantage over us; Because we do not ignore their machinations. "

One way to neutralize the action of Satan in our family is through Forgiveness.

Paul tells the Church that if we are not to be overcome by satan, WE MUST FORGIVE.

Beloved brethren in Christ Jesus, he does not need a wide loophole to have legality, a micro cleft is enough.

We men have the responsibility to lead, how can we lead if there is no Forgiveness?

When we fail to forgive, perhaps a little misunderstanding, we are giving legality to the destruction of our families.

I am not saying that he will touch you, for in I John 5: 18 it says, "We know that everyone who is born of God does not sin; But the one who is born of God saves him, and Maligno does not touch him. "(Emphasis added), I am speaking in spiritual battle.

Many face struggles within the family and wonder the reason, many ministrations have been made teaching how to overcome Satan's strategies with prayer and fasting.

But we need together with prayer and fasting, to exercise forgiveness.

Make a reflection, and close the gap left by not having forgiven, for forgiveness brings communion and restoration.

And for God to forgive us too, for we are flawed men, we must release forgiveness.

And so we will neutralize the evil deeds in our families.

God bless you and keep you under Grace.

São Sete Condições para ser cheio do Espirito Santo de Deus...

Todo cristão comprometido com Deus, deseja do fundo do seu coração, ser cheio do Espírito Santo de Deus. Mas para isso, precisamos tomar alguns cuidados. Fazer algumas escolhas. Dar alguns passos em direção a uma vida santa na presença do Senhor.

Efésios 5. 1-17 “SEDE, pois, imitadores de Deus, como filhos amados; e andai em amor, como também Cristo vos amou, e se entregou a si mesmo por nós, em oferta e sacrifício a Deus, em cheiro suave. Mas a prostituição, e toda a impureza ou avareza, nem ainda se nomeie entre vós, como convém a santos; Nem torpezas, nem parvoíces, nem chocarrices, que não convêm; mas antes, ações de graças. Porque bem sabeis isto: que nenhum devasso, ou impuro, ou avarento, o qual é idólatra, tem herança no reino de Cristo e de Deus. Ninguém vos engane com palavras vãs; porque por estas coisas vem a ira de Deus sobre os filhos da desobediência. Portanto, não sejais seus companheiros. Porque noutro tempo éreis trevas, mas agora sois luz no SENHOR; andai como filhos da luz. (Porque o fruto do Espírito está em toda a bondade, e justiça e verdade); Aprovando o que é agradável ao Senhor. E não comuniqueis com as obras infrutuosas das trevas, mas antes condenai-as. Porque o que eles fazem em oculto até dizê-lo é torpe. Mas todas estas coisas se manifestam, sendo condenadas pela luz, porque a luz tudo manifesta. Por isso diz: Desperta, tu que dormes, e levanta-te dentre os mortos, e Cristo te esclarecerá. Portanto, vede prudentemente como andais, não como néscios, mas como sábios, Remindo o tempo; porquanto os dias são maus. Por isso não sejais insensatos, mas entendei qual seja a vontade do Senhor”.

Só existe uma maneira de vencermos os problemas, as dificuldades e as aflições que este mundo nos impõe. É andarmos na presença de Deus. Precisamos estar cheios do Seu Santo Espírito, para podermos tomar decisões sábias e nos desviarmos das astutas ciladas de Satanás em nossas vidas.

Mas para sermos cheios do Espírito Santo de Deus, temos que tomar algumas atitudes…

– Primeiro, para sermos cheios do Espírito Santo de Deus devemos SACRIFICAR OS NOSSOS DESEJOS. A Palavra de Deus nos diz em Ef 5.1 que devemos ser “imitadores de Deus”. O Nosso Deus é um Deus Santo, e para começar a buscar a santidade devemos “sacrificar” os prazeres da CARNE, prazeres DESTE MUNDO. Tudo quanto nos escraviza deve ser retirado de dentro de nós, pois Deus não escraviza ninguém, e se isto esta acontecendo, então não provem de Deus.

– Segundo, para sermos cheios do Espírito Santo de Deus devemos ser PUROS. Infelizmente a cidade de Éfeso estava vivendo em imoralidade e ganância. Paulo exorta que devemos ser puros, qualquer assunto de imoralidade, ganância, cobiça, não pode nem ser assunto de conversa entre nós.

– Terceiro, para sermos cheios do Espírito Santo de Deus devemos dar GRAÇAS EM TUDO. A Palavra de Deus nos diz em 1 Tessalonicenses 5.18 “Em tudo dai graças; porque esta é a vontade de Deus em Cristo Jesus para convosco.” Não importa os fatos e os acontecimentos, o que nos importa é fazer a vontade de Deus. Portanto o que quer que esteja acontecendo em sua vida, dê graças. Não é uma questão de agradecer o sofrimento, mas sim agradecer a Deus, pois Ele sabe todas as coisas, e certamente usará o nosso sofrimento para nosso bem. Para nosso crescimento. Pois a Palavra de Deus afirma que tudo coopera para o bem daqueles que amam o Senhor.

– Quarto, para sermos cheios do Espírito Santo de Deus devemos OBEDECER. A obediência gera em nossos corações a confiança. Como filhos obedientes, “não vos conformeis às concupiscências que antes tínheis na vossa ignorância” (I Pedro 1.14). Precisamos dar atenção ao que o Espírito Santo de Deus nos fala. A Palavra de Deus nos orienta a obedecer para desfrutarmos as bênçãos de Deus em nossas vidas. A obediência não é apenas um passo fundamental na vida do cristão que quer ser cheio do Espírito Santo de Deus, mas também uma confirmação, um testemunho de que a sua vida pertence ao Senhor.

– Quinto, para sermos cheios do Espírito Santo de Deus devemos MUDAR ANTIGAS ATITUDES. Em Ef. 5.8 Quando Paulo fala ‘éreis trevas’, significa dizer que o cristão vivia no pecado e era do diabo. Porém passou a ser Luz. Paulo esta dizendo que ‘agora’ devemos mudar nosso modo de pensar, sentir, e agir, para sermos condizentes com a posição que nós ocupamos em Cristo.

– Sexto, para sermos cheios do Espírito Santo de Deus devemos ter DISCERNIMENTO. Ef.5 11-12 nos diz: “Não vos associeis às obras infrutuosas das trevas, antes, porém, condenai-as; porque as coisas feitas por eles em oculto, até o dizê-las é vergonhoso. Como cristãos, devemos discernir o local, o grupo e as conversas que podemos participar. Se existe comportamento pecaminoso, palavras e atitudes que desagradam a Deus… Afaste-se!

– Sétimo, para sermos cheios do Espírito Santo de Deus devemos SER LUZ. A Palavra de Deus nos diz em Ef. 5.13 – que tudo que se manifesta é luz. A manifestação de luz deve ser constante em nossas vidas, nada deve ser ou estar em oculto… Tudo quanto fizermos deve ser claro… Não podemos deixar dúvidas no nosso caminhar com Jesus… O nosso testemunho de vida deve ser exemplo para os que estão ao nosso redor, sem gerar dúvidas ou envergonhar o evangelho.

Amados, estes são apenas exemplos de como você pode ser cheio do Espírito Santo.

Deus abençoe a sua vida.