quarta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2016


II Cor 2: 10-11 "And to whomsoever ye shall forgive, I also; For what I have forgiven, if it be that I have forgiven anything, for your sake I have done it in the presence of Christ, that Satan may have no advantage over us; Because we do not ignore their machinations. "

One way to neutralize the action of Satan in our family is through Forgiveness.

Paul tells the Church that if we are not to be overcome by satan, WE MUST FORGIVE.

Beloved brethren in Christ Jesus, he does not need a wide loophole to have legality, a micro cleft is enough.

We men have the responsibility to lead, how can we lead if there is no Forgiveness?

When we fail to forgive, perhaps a little misunderstanding, we are giving legality to the destruction of our families.

I am not saying that he will touch you, for in I John 5: 18 it says, "We know that everyone who is born of God does not sin; But the one who is born of God saves him, and Maligno does not touch him. "(Emphasis added), I am speaking in spiritual battle.

Many face struggles within the family and wonder the reason, many ministrations have been made teaching how to overcome Satan's strategies with prayer and fasting.

But we need together with prayer and fasting, to exercise forgiveness.

Make a reflection, and close the gap left by not having forgiven, for forgiveness brings communion and restoration.

And for God to forgive us too, for we are flawed men, we must release forgiveness.

And so we will neutralize the evil deeds in our families.

God bless you and keep you under Grace.