segunda-feira, 16 de abril de 2012



INTRODUCTION: Biblical Text: I Kings 19:1-211. Depression is real disease: Many people think that depression is "fresh", but it is not.It's a real psychological disorder that needs to be treated like any other.2. Depression affects the physical, emotional, and spiritual: Elias was exhausted, disappointed and fearful of the future. After intense activity, eroded; wished to be alone and asked to die (I Kings 19:1-4).3. Depression robs deeply to the believer: Elijah was a tremendous instrument of God, yet he was stricken with severe depression.How does God deal with depression? What steps divine to cure depression?
I. FIRST GOD DOES THE PHYSICAL ASPECT OF DEPRESSIVE PERSON - I Kings 19:5-81. Eating right: The depressive need to eat whole wheat bread, brown rice, granola, grains and nuts in abundance (nourishment).2. Water: The depressive need to drink six to eight glasses of water per day (hydrotherapy).3. Rest: Rest (sonoterapia) needs to be daily (circadian), eight hours of sleep, and weekly (cercaceptano). God blessed and sanctified the Sabbath for rest, for the P53 gene is only restored on the seventh day.4. Exercise: The angel of God called Elijah walked. Experts confirm that the best exercise is walking.
II. SECOND PLACE IN GOD DOES THE PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECT OF DEPRESSIVE - I Kings 19:9-10, 13-141. God deals with this aspect only when depressed completes the four points above the physical aspect.2. Induces depressive God to reflect on life. He asks twice: "What are you doing here?" And waits for the answer spoken (psychotherapy).3. God knows we need to talk the depressed and feel useful, or realize that it's time to give in, hang the boot, or a death wish.
III. THIRD PLACE IN GOD DOES THE SPIRITUAL ASPECT OF WHO HAS DEPRESSION - I Kings 19:11-12, 15-211. The depression must correctly understand who God is:a. God is not a great and strong wind (energy).b. God is not a destructive power - an earthquake.c. God is not vindictive and executioner - a fire of anger.d. God is patient and merciful - still, small voice.2. The depressive need to accept God's major challenges:a. Preparing people to occupy high positions.b. Prepare someone to fulfill the mission of God.3. The depression must submit himself entirely to God:a. God says "Go" - The imperative of God requires a response.b. God heals when depression takes attitude - "Elijah departed thence."
CONCLUSION:1. Currently depression is incompletely treated by professionals, so there is no cure completely:a. Doctors treat only the physical aspect, even with powerful drugs and chemicals.b. Psychologists treat only the emotional aspect, psychiatrists trying to treat the physical and emotional, but forget the spiritual.c. Modern pastors and spiritual leaders address only the spiritual aspect, believe that depression has demons and need to expel them.2. Currently depression is increasing significantly due to the increasing number of activities, so there is a physical, emotional and spiritual as it did with Elijah. God knows the disease and know how to treat it. Adopt all the steps and see the power of healing!3. Now we learn from God that depression must be treated fairly, and complete step by step, starting with the physical aspect, through emotional and spiritual aspect in concluding - in that order!
APPEAL:1. Eat right.2. Drink plenty of water.3. Rest moderately.4. Work out continuously.5. Think about the life and existence.6. Know God better.7. Keep the challenging mission that God gave you.8. Submit himself entirely to God's will.