terça-feira, 6 de agosto de 2013

What is quality ...

Do you realize how the quality is present everywhere? And you know when he appeared to concern about the quality issue?
In fact, the quality issue is not, in any way, something new. Rather, dates back to the early twentieth century. At that time, they were the artisans themselves who controlled the quality of its products. The passage of time and increased production, however, gave rise to the figure of the equipment inspector and quality control departments. Blunted thus an elite that controlled the actions of the workers so that the product had quality control required by the customer ...
Today, products and services are shown far more complex and sophisticated - the competitiveness grows day after day, the level of demand from customers and enhances quality becomes the main differentiating factor at all. This implies, of course, the new and greater challenges to be faced by workers in the face of more rigorous control of the quality of products and services.

- But what is the real meaning of quality?

Good quality standard represents something well made, well-designed, well-designed, well-designed, well-organized, well-managed, that meets specifications, satisfying thus producers, service providers and customers. Quality, then, is the totality of characteristics of "someone" or something, which gives it the ability to meet the explicit needs (formally expressed in contracts, projects, brochures, advertising material, etc. .. They deal with objective questions), or implicit (which relate to expectations or desires of customers, and therefore can not be predetermined or formalized in any document ...).

- So you ask: Where I want to go with this theme?

And I reply:

I'm trying to show that there is a correlation with the things of God in our lives. All who believe in the sovereignty of the Creator has as main purpose to behave and give testimony of his life in conjunction with the Word of God, which is undoubtedly alive and active at any point in our life ... If everything God created is perfect - He is perfection, then we as His creatures have to have at least a compromise to accomplish His desires, satisfy your desire, transmit YOU joy in our work and actions. Demonstrate the quality standard, something well, well conceived, well designed, well organized, etc. .. The things of God are made and idealized with "order and decency," because He is the quality, It is our standard ... Everything that is done well done, gives a result, we obtain profit and nothing is lost ... Lives will find the way of Jesus and salvation will be incontinent because there is quality in this life, in this way, this goal and this salvation. Note that I have not spoken of love, for being a quality implicit and not be registered in any document, but in our actions, not only our neighbor, but in everything we do. The Word of God tells us: Where to plant your feet and hands touching, the territory will be declared holy, therefore, worthy of Him who created us.
Paul tells us we are blameless ...
Praised, exalted, adored, praised, exalted is always the Lord our God ...!

God bless your heart ...!!