quinta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2013

Loneliness , thankfully over ...

I recently heard a social worker say : " The solitude became one of the biggest problems of our time . We have to do something to combat it . " I can not imagine what it aims to achieve, but I know that no human initiative definitely solve loneliness .

When God created man , He even wanted to fill the heart of man . If , however , people decide to exclude God from your life , it's no wonder they feel lonely , your heart is empty rather than filled with the divine presence .

You do not necessarily have to be alone to feel lonely . Every human heart needs a friend - someone you can trust . We need someone who really knows us and understands us , involving us with care , whatever our problems . Where , however , we can find such a friend? It is impossible to find a human being who will never disappoint us - only Jesus is the perfect friend !

Only He has the answer to your problems . He knows you better than you do . After all , Jesus loves you and cares for you , in a way no one else could. Accept Him as a Friend, and you'll never feel lonely. Incidentally , how could feel alone if your best friend will always be with you ?

These are not theories , but certainty based on experience. It is wonderful to be alone when you are alone with Him can not express this feeling in words . The human companionship is very poor if compared to communion with Jesus. If you are aware of His presence day after day and hour after hour , your heart will be filled with peace and joy unspeakable .

Do you feel lonely? Need someone to love and care for you ? Now accepted Jesus as their Savior and Friend ! Surrender yourself completely to Him and trust Him as their Redeemer . Think how He suffered in your place on the cross and removed once and for all their sins " by the sacrifice of himself " ( Hebrews 9:26 ) .

Now looking to Jesus , trust in Him and perfect sacrifice that accomplished for you on the cross . Then your sins will be forgiven , your life will be saved , renewed and transformed by the Holy Spirit will dwell in you : " ... the blood of Jesus , his Son , purifies us from all sin " ( 1 John 1:7 ) .

Accept Jesus as your Savior now , to be forever your friend , your partner and your guide ! He will end his loneliness . Nobody needs to go alone, because it is possible to have Jesus , the Son of God , as his best and closest friend !