terça-feira, 10 de setembro de 2013


2 Kings 4.6 
"When all the jars were full, she said to one of his sons," Bring me another. " But he said: "I ended." Then the oil stopped flowing. " 

Episode in which Elisha multiplies the widow's oil. 
The situation of widows was difficult. And that was in shortage (to pay the debts would have to give the children as slaves). 

The woman, seeing Elisha made the situation report (the prophet asked what was left - she said she still was left a pot of oil). 

Elisha asks you to go and join all vessels that could, even those neighbors could borrow. Then came into the house and was pouring the oil and filling the containers (oil only stopped when there were no more vessels). 

In the Bible, the olive oil, are symbols of the Holy Spirit anointing. 

We have an analogy: the widow's oil multiplied Elisha is like the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in church life and in the lives of believers. 

God's command to the believer is: "be filled with the Spirit" will be .... you are completely full? ... Filled up on top or even in the middle? ... Or will occur in case your situation be similar to the widow with only a little oil? (This is not God's will for you)! 

When you have a heart full of the Holy Spirit ... 

I attended once a preacher delivering a word about the anointing. He showed that the person, when you have the anointing, has three characteristics: the first is the courage to do the devil stay in place: beneath our feet. The second consequence of the anointing is the love for the one who do not deserve it. And the third feature that the preacher pointed out, was the grace, sympathy. 

If there is little power of God in your life, want to pay attention to the lessons of the text: 

The first lesson is that the oil would be poured without limit. 
There is no limitation to the text liters of oil (no limitation, there is an amount, a portion made). 

Remember Jesus in John 3:34: "God giveth not the Spirit by measure your" with limitation. 

God wants to flood the Central Church Anointing! 

You should leave ...! Some believers act as authentic soldiers from the Fire Department. The smallest flame of the Spirit who see the church lit, rushing just to delete it. The Bible says not to extinguish the fire of the Spirit! 

We also learned that the oil would be miraculously multiplied. 
This is, by the power of God. 
This lesson is also precious: we think that the technique, strategy, method, time, place, can produce anointing outpouring of the Spirit ... 

But it is a miracle of God that man can not handle nor master. Pastor Cesar Castellanos, told the conference that "Today people want to receive the anointing of the Internet, video ... but the anointing is transmitted by direct contact with God and with men of God." 

Another lesson we can draw from this episode is that the oil spill would supernaturally. 
It was incomprehensible to the human mind. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever, by science, man can explain how it multiplies olive oil, breads, fish ... 

When Jesus met with Nicodemus, he said that the action of the Holy Spirit is a mystery. It is only by faith that we can accept the free and sovereign action of the Holy Spirit, filling us to overflowing. 

Another lesson that we realize this episode is that the oil was for all vessels. 
How many vessels exist in that house, how many vessels were available there, which would be filled by the oil multiplied indefinitely. 

We also know from Scripture, as is Joel 2:28, that God would pour out his Spirit upon all. Promise that Peter remembers the day of Pentecost. 

So we can be sure that the Holy Spirit is for every believer. For each vessel, for every servant of God. 

Another aspect we highlight is that the oil was for the whole vessel. 
When the woman was filling the pots, it should fill them completely (could not, nor should lose that opportunity in his power to fill the vase completely). 

We can also say based on the Word of God that his purpose is to fill full of His Holy Spirit. God does not give us a little, or a part. He wants to give us the fullness of His Spirit. 

Notice also that the oil would be spilled as the availability of vessels. 
If the woman had vessels that were already with anything else, it would not be possible to fill them with oil. 

Likewise, while we do not empty ourselves will not be possible for God to fill us with the oil of His Spirit. For God to fill me that I must be empty a few things ... 

Empty of myself ... Vanity ... Every sin (sin is the crack where the anointing leaks)! 

There is also the problem of distractions, jokes and side conversations during worship - that are true "thieves anointing". 

Finally, the oil stopped only when all the vessels were full. 
Likewise, God's purpose today is to just stop pouring his Spirit when all pots are full. 
Acts 3:21 says that this is a time "in which God will restore all things." 

Often we were to think that God decided to focus on giving them a few filling to overflow of His Spirit. But God wants to do this to each of the vessels that make their church. 

The word of God has wonderful promises to the people of God, but the biggest one is the power that God makes available to his church to accomplish the task He has given us. 

The world today requires a church that works in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Sometimes I see the Church as the person who prefers to push the car to put fuel in it. 

The Holy Spirit is the power that moves the Church to carry out their ministry without Him we wear unnecessarily. 

So you want to be a person full of the Holy Spirit? 
Know that the Holy Spirit being poured without limit ... 
Know that the Holy Spirit is poured out by God's power, not by manipulating ... 
Know that the Holy Spirit is poured supernaturally (without having to explain) ... 
Know that the Holy Spirit is poured out on all ... 
Know also that the Holy Spirit is poured to completely fill ... 
Know that the Holy Spirit is poured out upon the thirsty ("empty")....