sábado, 21 de setembro de 2013

"The LORD is my light and my salvation-whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life-of whom shall I be afraid?" Psalms 27:1

Thought: What problem are you facing today? What difficulties have plagued you, what concern has taken your sleep? What if I told you that you should not worry? Do you know why? Because there is a living God who looks at you all the time! Right now he is watching you. So do not delay! Cry out to the Lord! Tell HIM what you have spent. Do not be afraid! Show your problem the size of your God. Let the Lord take care of your emotional wounds. Let the light of Jesus shine upon your life, illuminating your steps and strengthen you more and more each day. You will soon feel a branch and never fear no evil, for the Lord is with you! The Lord made ​​heaven and earth, created you and me, gave us salvation through his son Jesus, and believe me, the best is yet to come GOD!

Prayer: God, I place before You my problems. By Thy mercy Lord watches over me! In Jesus' name I reject every problem that has afflicted me, and the whole concern, why is the Lord who sustains me by Thy mighty hand. Lord goes before me and brightens my life, because I know with you I have everything I need in Jesus name I pray, Amen