quinta-feira, 4 de setembro de 2014


Faithful walk not have access to the Universal Temple during the 1st month 

After four years of work that cost £ 680 million, Solomon's Temple, built in the Brás neighborhood, central region of São Paulo, the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, will be inaugurated on 31 only for guests and authorities. 

The area of ​​100 thousand square meters has also date to be open to the faithful --who want to attend services must pay the passage to the charter company contracted by Universal, to the value of £ 45 per person for those who live in capital. 

After the publication of this report, the press office of the Universal Church came into contact with the UOL to clarify that the restriction on "access to the Temple of Solomon is exclusive to the initial opening period, which ends Aug. 22." 

According to the text, the decision to limit access to those who were bus "is the result of cooperation with the Universal municipal administration for the operation of the Temple of Solomon not accentuate local traffic." 

The note ends by saying that "access to the Temple of Solomon is --e always free and universal to all who want será-- his encounter with God." 

On Thursday (24), the dome of the church held a news conference in Santo Amaro, in the south, to explain details about the temple, the largest religious space of the country, four times higher than the National Shrine of Aparecida. 

The site will accommodate an audience of 10 000 people, seated. The room is sumptuous, with Italian marble pink, 10 000 LED bulbs and olive trees imported from Israel. 


For the inauguration of the 31st authorities as President Dilma Rousseff, her predecessor Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Governor Geraldo Alckmin and Mayor Fernando Haddad are expected for the event. 

"We have hundreds of officials. Swing We have no names, but Dilma already anticipated and stated publicly that will be present," said Renato Parente, a journalist who presented the details of the temple. 

Parente said that no person could enter the temple on their own. Whosoever will, will need to hire the charter service done by bus. 

For people from other cities and states the value of the ticket has not yet been estimated by the same bus company, whose name was not revealed. 

"It's a price to be charged by the charter company, is not the church.'s Not a normal bus line, is tourism," Parente said. 

The temple will also have a screen 20 feet long (bigger than the screens of the stadiums of the World Cup) and 60 apartments for guests pastors, besides the official residence of the pastor Macedo, founder of Universal. 

The church also released rules for the use of clothes. Women should avoid using miniskirts and short clothes. 

For men, is forbidden the use of uniform shorts and sporting clubs. Flip flops, tank tops, hats, and sunglasses were also prohibited. 


The authorization for the operation of the site was issued by the City on the 10th, through the certificate guidelines of Traffic Engineering Company (CET), a document that certifies that the entrepreneur has fulfilled counterparts by being a traffic generator polo. 

Among the works that the church had to perform, are the installation of traffic lights at five intersections and the planting of 25 saplings. 

Another consideration was the demotion of five crossings guides. The certificate of completion of work must still be requested. The information is the newspaper "O Estado de S. Paulo".