sábado, 17 de janeiro de 2015

Faithful to Death

And they won ... [Satan] because of the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and even in the face of death, not love their lives. Revelation. 12:11.

The dedication to a cause, especially in the face of death, is a rarity these days. There are, however, notable exceptions. During World War II, appeared in English newspapers an ad asking for volunteers messengers to the people responsible for the bomb alarms. It read: ". Boys of 16 and up, as messengers to report to the head of the anti-aircraft alarm."

Derrick Belfall of only 14, he felt called to do something for their country ravaged by war and offered his services. Was refused because of his age. Not giving up, he performed repeatedly until finally was accepted. Was asked to carry messages to the charge of anti-aircraft alarm in various parts of the city. It was his custom, after returning from a "mission," said respectfully: ". Derrick Belfall reporting; delivered the message"

One day when returning from one of his commitments, went through a building that had recently been demolished by a bomb. Rescuers worked frantically to remove the debris.

Derrick heard a child crying and offered help. They accepted.

Went down to the basement and, having found the child, took it to the members of the rescue team would put out of danger. Before he could even put yourself safe, a wall collapsed sandwiching it hopelessly. When asked if he wanted to send a last message to someone, he replied, "Say simply: '. Derrick Belfall reporting; delivered the message"'

By participating in the war against evil, we also introduce ourselves as volunteers to serve a cause - and people of all ages are welcomed; no one is rejected for being too young or too old. Large number of volunteers before we have won the victory over Satan, the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.