sexta-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2014

Eating Better This Earth

" If you want to , and obey , you shall eat the good of the land " . But if you refuse and rebel is , shall die by the sword, thus saith the Lord. " ( Isaiah 1:19-20 ) .

Certain religious leader walking with his disciple when the disciple asked him, "Teacher , when a man must repent ? " With great composure leader replied : " You must be sure that regret on the last day of his life ." " But ... " protested the disciple , " I do not know when will be the last day of my life ." Smiling , the leader concluded : " The answer to this problem is simple - repent now ."

It is very common to hear people say that they have much time to repent of their sins and believe in God . " I have a long life to live ... I will think on this subject later . I need to enjoy my youth and enjoy all the good that the world offers . "

How we fool ourselves into thinking so! The world is treacherous and his deceptive pleasures . The lights shine just for a while and then go off. Dreams turn into nightmares and youth can be greatly missed.

If you really want to enjoy your youth and enjoy life in the best possible way , must have time while delivering their care to one who can give man the abundant and eternal life. If you do not want to take risks and "eat the good of the land " , the best thing to do is open your heart to the Lord Jesus Christ .

Often we procrastinate and stalling to leave the life of sin that involves both . We think that what we are doing is the best for our lives , but in fact we are just eating crumbs instead of the delicacies that the King of kings has placed at our disposal . Sometimes we have time to repent and still enjoy some time of joy and happiness , sometimes we are surprised and we no longer have the opportunity that we thought before dying

As the leader of our graphic said , it is best to seize the day and start living straight away the joy of eternity .