quarta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2014

God , Our Greatest Pleasure

" Delight yourself in the Lord , and he
satisfy the desires of thine heart . "
Psalm 37:4

Read : Psalm 37 : 4

Of all the gifts of God , the best is himself. The blesser is better than their blessings , the donor is better than his gifts . We could have all the blessings , but without the blessings of God would be empty and dissatisfied . God is irreplaceable , indispensable , infinitely necessary. Our soul finds no safe landing another nest. Our heart has no other refuge . Two truths are highlighted .

The first is a clear order : " Delight yourself in the Lord." God is the delight of our lives . It is more necessary than the oxygen we breathe , the water we drink and the bread that nourishes us . God is the supreme good , the donor and the best of donations. We must therefore love him and honor him with our life. Glorifying God is the primary purpose of our existence . The second truth is a sure promise : " ... and he will satisfy the desires of thine heart ." The satisfaction of the heart is the immediate consequence of pleasing to God .

When we honor God, He honors us . When we seek God , he satisfies our heart. The more we glorify God more delight he has in us and we have more pleasure in it . Want God to fulfill the desires of our heart without in pleasing him is to reverse the process and operation in error. God , not us , is the center of all things .

Great God , we know thee cometh my help . There is no one I can turn to, but thee only, my Father ! Restores therefore my luck for your glory .

In the name of Jesus .