quarta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2014

whited sepulchres

The latest news is that the Federal Police investigates eighty deputies for embezzling funds from the Ministry of Health The gang has been operating for several years . The amount of the shortfall would be around £ 110 million . The number of those involved , only this scandal is almost twenty percent of the House . If we add the forty involved in " monthly allowance " , the percentage is close to 30 % .

We're not talking about common criminals , anonymous thieves , fraudsters Welfare, chicken thieves . We are referring to men earning over one hundred minimum wages , if considered and many additional benefits . The action of these gangs is facilitated because its members are part of the dome , are at the center of decisions , have immunity ; are excellent connoisseurs of the various processes of release of funds , government procedures , the bins of the administrative machine , and so can practice the satiety known influence peddling , and locupletarem , unmolested .

As a Brazilian citizen I have the right to express without partisan connotation , my outrage and disgust such crimes against the public treasury . Not only outrage but discouragement. The history of punishment shows that very few men in white-collar prison suffer punishment. It also shows us that the insignificant number who had their assets seized and / or returned the booty .

Thankfully it's very big prison created by God for the devil and his angels , and thieves of public money . Hell can not be small to fit so many miserable sinners , miserable robbers , parliamentarians should be miserable example of administrative morality , should be beyond reproach to them that young people espelhassem .

Seeing them in the hall or on the stump , in suit and tie clean with its well- starched collars and white as wool, and hair care ; impostada and sometimes trembling voice , correct pronouns in treatment " your excellency " and " your lordship "not less careful in applying grammatical rules . Seeing them so simple and credulous populace thinks it is right before a holy . The angelic image deepens when you see sitting in the first row of houses of worship in wedding ceremonies or for the repose of souls .

" Woe to you , scribes and Pharisees , hypocrites ! For ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward , but are within full of dead bones and all uncleanness. So you also outwardly appear righteous unto men , but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity " (Matt. 23.27-28 ) - emphasis added .

On the outside , friendliness , smiles and cleaning ; inside, dirt, lie, greed , theft , injustice , moral decay , promiscuity , sordidness .

This is the context , moreover, the sample, the tip of the iceberg immersed in the ocean of national corruption.