domingo, 30 de junho de 2013

A miracle for a touch

Mark 5:25-34

- In this text we see a woman who took advantage of an opportunity to touch Jesus. It is wise to take advantage of the opportunities that have

- This woman suffered much and long, but suddenly realizes he has a chance to end their suffering, because Jesus was there. - Where is Jesus miracles happen.

- Read Matthew 18:20. Jesus is now in this meeting. Can we say love?

- A woman was healed because Jesus touched.

- Are you willing to touch Jesus today?

Let's look at six principles in the life of this woman who did receive the miracle of healing.


- She was bleeding - v.25-bled daily for 12 years. Should be weak and could not leave the house.

- But he decided to go out and touch Jesus. Faced the crowd - v.27 - that day had a lot of people around Jesus and this caused him many difficulties. But she was determined to touch Jesus.

- Who wants to touch Jesus can not care about the difficulties, the price to pay - pay them worthwhile - fasting, prayer, Bible reading, etc.. - She felt sorry for herself, waiting for Jesus to be in your home. She was behind him.

- He who spares no effort is what gets God - Read Jeremiah 29:13.

- Search wholeheartedly seek is for real, seek to receive. Do not settle for the situation and seek solution to their problems: marriage, for children, for finance, by multiplying the cell, etc..

- In every search there are obstacles to be overcome - what are yours?

- Worth fighting to topple each?

- To the woman worth even die.


- At the time the law was clear - bleeding woman was alone - Leviticus 15:25-30

- It had been 12 years that your bleeding does not stop, then it was considered unclean and had to be isolated in 3 levels:

- 1 - Family-marriage - if not unmarried married - if married would not have relations with her husband - would not have children - would be broken down by it.

- 2 - Social-because it was considered impure can not touch anything and anyone. She received a touch, a hug for 12 years.

- There was not even touched and touched by anyone. Even so the woman decided to run the risk of being killed because joined the crowd and touched Jesus.

- 3 - Religious - could not go to the temple to worship - Leviticus 12:2-4

- Everyone who wants to be blessed must pay the price to touch Jesus.

- If you want to see your miracle happen, have to touch Jesus into your marriage thrive, improve your finances, your cell to multiply, their children walk in the way of the Lord.

3) - SHE has not complied in BE UNHAPPY

- Humans are adaptable to all - People get used to everything to survive.

- Adapt is good for survival but has the bad side - is used to suffering.

- People become accustomed to poverty, disease, bad marriage, coldness in cults, etc..


- Only with what God did or gave.

Ex: with our color, mother, father, child, marriage - it was given by God must conform. Do not settle for what the devil did or gave

- Read John 10:10. The devil is giving diseases, addictions, poverty, bad marriage - do not settle for that.

- Do as the woman - pay the price to touch Jesus and receive his blessing. Only God is the one who can say that the end has come

- Not accepted that the devil say it's the end. He said it was the end for some people in the Bible.


- To Abraham - his wife was barren, never be a father - He persevered God gave Isaac.

- Moses - when he reached the sea the devil said, "is the end" - he believed and the sea parted.

- Daniel in the lions' den - the devil is said your order - He trusted in God, not the Lions played.

- The three men in the furnace - said it was the end of them but God did not let it burn.

- Jesus on the Cross - the devil said was the end, killed the son of God - Jesus is risen and the beginning of a new race of sons of God began. Hallelujah.


- She received the miracle because it had a simple idea - "If I just touch His clothes I shall be healed."

- Is there something simple we can do to be blessed

- Ex:

- Go to worship with faith will receive his blessing;

- Fasting for a period, etc.. Some can not believe something small to receive from God.

- Do not overlook simple things that the Spirit puts in your heart to do so, and receive his blessing.


- Every Jew wearing cape with blue bar - Nm 15:37-40

- Meaning:

- The cord is to remember the blue sky;

- Pendants - to remember the commandments to do them and not follow the desire of his heart.

- The blessing comes when we remember from heaven, the Lord's commandments and not fulfill the desire of our heart to turn away from God.


- Not worth emotion or mysticism - just the believer is receiving.

- Genuine faith does not let obstacles stop. - Do you have faith to receive from God today? Faith may be small but we must touch Jesus for things to happen.

- Keep the layout of this woman and do something that touches the heart of God today.