segunda-feira, 24 de junho de 2013


1) The Consequences of turning from God - 2 Kings 6.24-31

a) The enemy comes and about our life (24)
- Your life is under siege today, it seems that there is more output for your situation?

b) No more supplies, money, everything is very expensive (25)
- An ass's head = (912 gr x = R $ 28.56 R $ 26,046.72) and a foot of onion brava (57gr x = R $ 28.56 R $ 1,627.92) - (two liters of manure chicken). There is not enough money.

c) In actual reservation was no longer bread or wine (27);

d) They were eating minor children (28, 29);

e) The King did not want to show humiliation before God and people (30)
- Life looks life of deception, pretend that ta okay, let's keep the class! Life just looks - seek God alone in the house!

f) Someone has to be blamed (31)
- When no one sought God, it seems that there were so many problems.

2) What God said that day? 2Ki 6.32-7.2

a) He ordered the captain and then the king was behind the captain.

b) In the presence of the King, not harm, but come see you. (33)

c) Their situation has caused you to question what God can do good in your life?

d) The captain demonstrates unbelief (7.2)
- And you, have doubted that God can do (open the windows - Ml 3.10);

e) Even with all the care that the Lord has done for you, because you have doubted, was incredulous?

3) What can we expect from the Lord? - 2 Kings 7.6-20

a) The lepers expect death, have nothing to lose
- When we have nothing to lose, no security makes more sense
- You will not have lost everything, but is afraid to throw itself into the arms of God?

b) God did a great miracle (5, 6, 7);

c) ate, drank, enriched (8)

d) The news of what God had done was so good he could not stay to themselves (9)
- Is the good news of the gospel of Christ
- You have spoken the word to others?

e) The news was so good that the king hesitates to believe (10,11,12);

f) Again pessimism (13)

g) The people went out and gathered the blessing that day (15,16);

h) The unbeliever saw the blessing, but died without taking possession of it (17)

How to experience the miracle?:

1) Believe God is the same yesterday, today and will be forever (Hebrews 13:8)
2) Be Honest with God and people
3) Do not be unbelieving doubting God's promises.
4) Talk about what God has done in your life to others.
5) Accept by faith - To believe and surrender completely in the arms of God, you will be experiencing the miracle in your life.