sexta-feira, 5 de julho de 2013

Eyes on God!

A young man, after being punished by their parents several times, and reached the conclusion that it could not fix, went to the headmaster and humbly asked:

"Teacher, what must I do to not make those mistakes again? I have tried, but I can not!. "

The master then, wisely, took a cup, filled it with water and handed it to the young man, saying: "Son, walk with that cup around the school, in between all the rooms, up and down all the stairs, between in all corners and alleys, gardens, attic and come back without spilling a single drop of that water. "

"Impossible" - said the young man. "I can not". "If you want, you will get yes" - said the master.

The young man left, slowly, his eyes fixed on the glass. Up and down stairs, in and out of rooms, nooks and alleys, attic, gardens, and returned without having spilled water.

The master looks at him, hitting him in the shoulder affectionately and says: "He saw the girls strolling through the garden in the schedule of classes? Colleagues who invited you for a glass of drink, one puff or one cigarette? ".

"No" - answered the young man. "I had my eyes fixed on the glass."

The teacher smiles and says, "If you lay your eyes on God, as he did with the cup, the force that will both need to overcome temptations and not commit more faults for which has been punished. Look to God and let him be the direction of your life!